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Letter from the Directors
Programs and Events
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     MBA Fellows Program
     Visiting Executives and Academics
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Dear Stakeholder,

The Center for Digital Strategies focuses on enabling business strategy through digital strategies that harness a company's unique competencies and drive competitive advantage. We are excited to report our progress this year in achieving this mission within all three of our key constituencies: business academics, corporate executives, and MBA students.

The center's research momentum continued this year, with five grants awarded totaling over $1.5M. The grants included efforts to study information risk in professional service industries funded by National Institute of Standards and the Department of Homeland Security; an examination of information and trust in humanitarian relief funded by Save the Children; and a study to examine the business rationale for information security funded by the Department of Homeland Security. The center also received funding to launch an executive education program for security professionals.

Our corporate roundtable series enjoyed growing participation from Fortune 500 firms. Executives from 3M, AT Kearney, Bechtel, BT, Canadian Pacific Railway, Cargill, Ceská sporitelna, Cisco Systems, DHL, DISA, Eastman Chemical, Eaton, Egon Zehnder, Erste Bank, GM, Hasbro, Henkel, IBM, ING, JPMorgan Chase, Ogilvy & Mather, Škoda Auto, Sysco, and Time Warner Cable, along with academics from Tuck, Georgia Tech, Michigan, and MIT, participated in this series of three roundtables, which included our first roundtable held in Europe. This provided a platform and impetus for the forming of a European chapter which we announced earlier in June that includes a number of major global companies based in Europe.

Internally, our Tech@Tuck MBA events brought leading technology executives from different industries together to discuss the business opportunities and challenges in managing consumer data. As with all Tech@Tuck events, we also exposed our students to a wide range of state-of-the-art technology. Additionally, we developed two new cases that impacted the MBA core curriculum and executive education, and are proud to announce that our case series has been named the "Vincent L. LaCorte Case Series" as a result of a generous gift from Blair LaCorte, center executive fellow and Tuck alum. We're also pleased that we were able to launch a well-received newsletter for alums of our MBA Fellows program.

This year yielded a number of publications and media mentions in high impact venues including Business Week, CIO Magazine, The Conference Board Review, Financial Times, Scientific American, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and U.S. News & World Report . To our podcast series, Radio Tuck, we added 17 interviews (available on iTunes and through a number of RSS feed directories), including interviews with executives from BMW, Facebook, Microsoft, Pepsi, Starwood, Time Warner Cable, Vanguard Group, and Yahoo!

We invite you to read our Annual Report below to get the details on events, people, and publications, and learn more about the center's ongoing accomplishments.


M. Eric Johnson Hans Brechbühl
Director Executive Director

Corporate Roundtables
This year, the center organized three corporate roundtables for the Thought Leadership Roundtable on Digital Strategies (TLRDS) series. Each TLRDS roundtable consisted of 15-20 CIOs and functional VPs from Fortune 500 companies and 2-3 senior academics engaged in a day-long moderated roundtable discussion. Together they shared perspectives on a specific business issue, wrestled with concerns common across sectors, and worked to identify digital strategies that create and sustain competitive advantage. Event summaries and/or content overviews (and much more) are available for each roundtable at the links below:

Conducting Business in Emerging Markets
     September 26, 2006, Prague, Czech Republic
The Agile and Resilient Enterprise
     February 27, 2007, Sea Island, GA
Web 2.0 and the Corporation
     June 19, 2007, Palisades, NY

Tech@Tuck is a center-sponsored series of annual events for the Tuck and greater Dartmouth community that highlight digital technologies and their personal or business implications. This series features panels comprised of executives debating topics of interest to students and faculty, as well as hands-on demonstrations of the latest associated gadgets and devices. This year the center held two events around the topic of managing consumer data. Content overviews and other event-related materials to this year's Tech@Tuck events are available at the links below:

Managing Consumer Data: Improving Service and Protecting Privacy
     January 10, 2007, Hanover, NH
Where's Your Personal Data? The Use and Abuse of Consumer Information
     January 17, 2007, Hanover, NH

In addition to hosting these two events, we also worked with the Hopkins Center to bring "SUPER VISION"—a theatrical production that explores the relationship between electronic information, security, and identity—to Dartmouth.

Academic Seminars and Conferences
The center promotes research and discussion related to technological innovation and organizational learning. This year, the center brought in one additional speaker to the Technology, Innovation, and Learning (TIL) seminar series. This series brings together faculty and visiting academics whose expertise cross multiple areas—economics, operations, strategy, engineering, marketing, and organizations. Content overview and related materials are available for this event at the link below:

Making Waves: Market Incentives and Organizational Capabilities
     October 20, 2006, Hanover, NH

Program Grants
Over the course of the last year, the center received and/or did work on the funding for the following programs:

"Business Education for the Security Professional: Building the Security to Business
     Bridge." Department of Homeland Security, $120,825.
"Tech@Tuck: Managing Consumer Data" Dartmouth Centers Forum, $6,500.

Academic Publications
The center and its affiliated faculty and fellows have made a material contribution to the publication of the following academic papers or publications this year:

Jett, Q., D. Pyke, and M. Johnson. "Minority Business Enterprises Mastering the
     Supply Chain.
" MEDWeek Conference Paper. October 2006.
Johnson, M. Eric and Scott Dynes. "Inadvertent Disclosure: Information Leaks in the
     Extended Enterprise
," Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on the Economics of
     Information Security,
Carnegie Mellon University, June 2007.
Kopalle, Praveen K., Donald R. Lehmann, and John U. Farley. “Customer Expectations,
     Satisfaction, and Culture: The Effects of Belief in Karma in India,” Journal of Marketing
Under review.
Kopalle, Praveen K., Scott A. Neslin, Baohong Sun, Yacheng Sun, and Vanitha Swaminathan.
     “A Dynamic Structural Model of the Impact of Loyalty Programs on Customer Behavior,”
      Marketing Science. Under review.

Executive Publications
The center and its faculty or fellows wrote or edited the following articles published for the executive audience in the past year:

Johnson, M. Eric. "Ready for the Digital Future?" Supply Chain Management Review.
     July/August 2006.
"Conducting Business in Emerging Markets." Thought Leadership Roundtable
October 2006.
Johnson, M. Eric. "A Broader Context for Information Security." Financial Times.
     September 16, 2006.
"The Agile and Resilient Enterprise." Thought Leadership Roundtable
March 2007.
Johnson, M. Eric. ""Put People Before Processes." April 1, 2007.
White, Charles H. "Developing Railroad Security" April 2007.
White, Charles H. "America's Rail Danger." The Baltimore Sun. April 19, 2007.

The center has developed the following cases for the Vincent L. LaCorte Case Series:

"Burger King: Branding in the Digital Media Environment"
     by Andrew Schneller T'06 and John Marshall, 2007.
"Strengthening the Distribution Channel at Steinway & Sons"
     by Robert Batt T'06 and M. Eric Johnson, 2007.

Research Fellows Program
The center welcomes the opportunity to work with researchers from an industry, consulting, or appropriate government setting on areas of mutual interest.

Quintus Jett was appointed as a senior research fellow and project manager at the center this year. Quintus is leading research projects on how digital technologies offer new ways of designing organizations and making decisions.

Among the center's other research fellows this year were: Scott Dynes (information security and security investments); Laura Rock Kopczak (trust and collaboration); Charles H. White, Jr. (transportation security); and Robert Bruce (telecommunications). Their latest publications can be found under "Academic Publications" and "Executive Publications" in this report.

Research Projects
The center cooperates with and sometimes provides funding to affiliated researchers for research on topics of direct interest to the center. This year the center continued its participation in four projects:

Identification and Management of Information Security Risks in Supply Chains
     with the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P)
Enhancing Trust through Information Sharing in the Extended Enterprise (EnTISE)
     with the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P)
Electronic Collaboration Study with the University of St. Gallen

Research Grants
Over the course of the last year, the center received and/or did work on the funding for the following research projects:

"Information Risk in the Professional Services." NIST, $128,500 for 2nd-year MBA
     and 3rd-year PhD student.
"Information and Trust in Humanitarian Supply Chains." Save The Children, $2500.
"Information Risk in Data-Oriented Enterprises" Department of Homeland Security,
"Business Rationale for Information Security."Department of Homeland Security,

MBA Fellows Program
The center offers this program for second-year students interested in digital technology and its broad impact on business today. Fellows have unique networking opportunities with the center's visitors including executives visiting a number of technology related classes; gain a greater understanding of the issues of digital strategies by working with center faculty and events; and are able to do independent research or write a case in an area of interest to the student. This year's fellows participated in the following ways:

Supreet Ahluwalia T'07, Radio Tuck interviewer
David Charles T'07, Radio Tuck interviewer
Benjamin Farmer T'07, independent project
Michael Guido T'07, Radio Tuck interviewer, Tech@Tuck organizer
Allan Hui T'07, Radio Tuck interviewer, Tech@Tuck organizer, independent project
Prashanth Kamath T'07, Radio Tuck interviewer, Tech@Tuck organizer
Patrick Redmond T'07, Radio Tuck interviewer, Tech@Tuck organizer, independent project

Visiting Executives and Academics
As part of its efforts to enrich the MBA program, the center invites and hosts executives and academics in conjunction with the professors teaching center-affiliated courses, or for other events at Tuck. This year we hosted 14 visitors for a variety of classes and events:

Anke Audenaert
     VP, Content Optimization, Yahoo!
     January 10, 2007, Tech@Tuck panelist
Katherine Bryant
     VP, Consumer Advocacy, ChoicePoint
     January 17, 2007, Fireside Chat speaker
John Garing
     CIO, and Director of Strategic Planning and Information,
     Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
     March 12, 2007, center visitor
Rebecca Gillan T'75
     VP, Global Market Research & Guest Satisfaction,
     Starwood Hotels
     January 10, 2007, Tech@Tuck visitor
Craig Goldberg
     Chief Privacy Officer, Time Warner Cable
     January 10, 2007, Tech@Tuck panelist
Steve Hafner D'91
     Co-founder and CEO,
     January 10, 2007, Tech@Tuck info sessions
Chris Kelly
     VP, Corporate Development and Chief Privacy Officer,
     January 10, 2007, Tech@Tuck panelist
Blair LaCorte T'90
     Executive Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Savi Technology
     November 2, 2006, Supply Chain Management class speaker
Bill Pond, T'98
     Web Site Development Manager, LL Bean
     September 21, 2006, Supply Chain Management class speaker
Shawn Roman
     Partner, Accenture Health & Life Sciences
     November 8, 2006, Supply Chain Management class speaker
Robert Ellis Smith
     Publisher, Privacy Journal
     January 17, 2007, Fireside Chat speaker
Bobbie Stempfley
     Deputy CIO and Vice Director Strategic Planning and Information,
     Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
     March 12, 2007, center visitor
Bruce Stevens
     President, Steinway & Sons
     October 19, 2006, Supply Chain Management class speaker
Amy Weinberg
     VP, Customer Insight, Starwood Hotels
     January 10, 2007, Tech@Tuck panelist

Radio Tuck
Radio Tuck is an original interview series sponsored by the center and focused on the impact of digital technologies on the corporation of today. Interviews are available on our website as podcasts. The RSS feed for Radio Tuck continues to climb in hits. It has also been added to a number of business and education-related RSS directories, including iTunes, Open Culture (, and Yahoo! The number of distinct hosts picking up the feed has increased from 573 in September to 1151 in May.

The interviews are regularly featured on the Tuck homepage and weekly media updates. The url for our site is:

This was another record year for Radio Tuck. With the help of our MBA fellows, we produced the following interviews—to listen to an interview, click on its title:

Anke Audenaert, VP, Content Optimization, Yahoo!
     "Yahoo! and You"
Nichol Bradford, Global Director of Strategic Growth, Vivendi Games
     "The Future of Games"
Jack Brennan D'76, Chairman and CEO, Vanguard Group
     "Innovating at Vanguard"
Katherine Bryant, VP, Consumer Advocacy, ChoicePoint
     "Consumer Advocacy at ChoicePoint"
Peter Cullen, Chief Privacy Strategist, Microsoft
     "Microsoft's Privacy Strategy"
Sandy Cutler T'75, Chairman and CEO, Eaton Corporation
     "Eaton, IT on the Offense"
Steve Fuller, EVP, Marketing, L.L. Bean
     "Bean Looks for Best Fit"
Rebecca Gillan T'75, VP, Global Market Research and Guest Satisfaction, Starwood Hotels
     "Customer Insight at Starwood"
Steve Hafner D'91, Co-founder and CEO,
     "Have Kayak, Will Travel"
Mike Hess, Global Research Director, OMD
     "Research Makes a Difference"
Dawn Hudson D'79, President and CEO, Pepsi-Cola North America
     "IT and the Pepsi Challenge"
Chris Kelly, VP, Corporate Development and Chief Privacy Officer, Facebook
     "Getting Personal with Facebook"
Stefan Kramer, Inhouse Consulting, BMW Group
     "Driving Strategy through Organizational Alignment"
Sanjay Sarma, Chief Scientist, OAT Systems
     "The Possibilities of RFID"
Adrian Sosa T'02, Director, Marketing Intelligence, CVS
     "Marketing Intelligence at CVS"
Bruce Stevens, President, Steinway & Sons
     "Improving the Steinway System"
Joe Uva, President and CEO, OMD Worldwide
     "Marketing's New Landscape"

Presentations and Event Participation
The center has presented at or attended the following events this year:

The Security Standard
     M. Eric Johnson, steering committee
     September 6-7, 2006, Boston, MA
"Empirical Research: Obstacles and Solutions"
     The Workshop on the Economics of Securing the Information Infrastructure
     Scott Dynes, panelist
     October 23-24, 2006, Washington, DC
"The Changing Role of the Information Technology Organization"
     Value Chain Forum 2006, CIO Session
     Hans Brechbuhl, presenter
     November 9-10, 2006, University of St. Gallen, Friedrichshafen, Germany
"Information Security & IT Risk Management in the Real World: Results from Field Studies"
     DIMACS Workshop on Information Security Economics
     Scott Dynes, presenter
     January 18-19, 2007, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ
RSA Conference 2007
     Scott Dynes, attendee
     February 5-9, 2007, San Francisco, CA
"Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security: Are Economic Incentives Adequate?"
     First Annual IFIP WG 11.10 International Conference on Critical Infrastructure Protection
     Scott Dynes, presenter.
     March 18-21, 2007, Hanover, NH
"Intro to the Center for Digital Strategies"
     Educational Consultants' Conference
     Hans Brechbuhl, presenter
     April 22-25, 2007, Lebanon, NH
"Why File-Sharing Networks Are Dangerous"
     FS ISAC conference
     M. Eric Johnson, presenter
     May 15, 2007, St. Pete Beach, FL
"The Security Risks of Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing Networks"
     Financial Information Systems and Cybersecurity: A Public Policy Perspective
     M. Eric Johnson, presenter
     May 23, 2007, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
"Inadvertent Disclosure: Information Leaks in the Extended Enterprise"
     WEIS Conference 2007
     M. Eric Johnson and Scott Dynes, presenters
     June 7, 2007, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Participants in Center Events
The center has engaged over 40 senior Fortune 500 executives and top academics in a substantive way at its roundtables this year (# of roundtables engaged in):

Paul A. Argenti
     Professor of Corporate Communication, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College
Lou Aversano
     Managing Director, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide
Maria Azua
     VP, Technology and Innovation, DE, CIO Office, IBM Corporation
Bill Blausey
     VP and CIO, Eaton Corporation
Frank Boncimino
     Senior VP and CIO, Time Warner Cable
Brad Boston
     (Formerly) Senior VP and CIO, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Allen Borak
     VP, Business Information and Technology Services, Canadian Pacific Railway
Michael Bradshaw
     Director, Supply Chain Transformation, IBM Corporation
Blair Christie
     VP, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Twila Day
     VP and CIO, SYSCO Corporation
Jackie Daya
     Group Executive, Global Operations, Hasbro, Inc.
Nancy DeLapp (2)
     VP, Global I/T Infrastructure Center of Excellence, IBM
William Dewey
     Director, A.T. Kearney
Jerry Ericksen
     CIO and Staff VP, Information Technology Applications, 3M
Anton Fricko
     European Market Development Director, Emerging Technologies Group, IBM
John Gallant
     Editorial Director and President, Network World
John J. Garing
     CIO and Director of Strategic Planning and Information, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
Wim Geurden
     Chief Architect, Retail Financial Services IT, JPMorgan Chase
Rita J. Heise
     Corporate VP, Information Technology and CIO, Cargill, Incorporated
Mark Hillman
     IT Director, Global Supply Chain and B2C Operations, General Motors Corporation
Peter Hinzmann
     Group CIO (Corporate), Henkel
Petr Hlavácek
     CIO, Ceská sporitelna, a.s.
Toby Hoden
     Chief Marketing Officer, U.S. Financial Services, ING
John Holzem
     Assistant VP, Information Technology, SYSCO Corporation
Jon Iwata
     Senior VP, Communications, IBM
Rick Jacobs
     VP, Supply Chain Management, Eaton Corporation
Rebecca Jacoby
     Senior VP and CIO, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Herbert Juranek
     Executive Director of Group Organization & IT, Erste Bank Group
Bram Klaeijsen
     Executive VP Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Cargill
Andy Lawlor
     Lecturer of Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Director, Global MBA Projects: Business School
     and The William Davidson Institute, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
Yvon Le Roux
     VP Public Sector, European Markets, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Lauren LoFrisco
     Group VP, Marketing, Time Warner Cable
Dave Margulius (3)
     Analyst and Consultant, Enterprise Insight
John Marshall
     Adjunct Associate Professor of Marketing and Technology Management, Tuck School of Business,
     Dartmouth College
Saby Mitra
     Associate Professor, Information Technology Management, College of Management, Georgia
     Institute of Technology
Paul Montgomery
     VP, Communications and Public Affairs, Eastman Chemical Company
Georg Novak
     Regional CIO CEE (Central Eastern Europe), Henkel
Alexander Pilar
     ITSC Prague Director, DHL Information Services (Europe) s.r.o.
Thor Geir Ramleth (2)
     Senior VP and CIO, Bechtel Group, Inc.
JP Rangaswami
     President and CIO, BT Global Services
Atefeh Riazi
     Senior Partner and CIO, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide
Ed Richardson
     Senior VP and Corporate Manager of Engineering, Bechtel Group, Inc.
Doug Schwinn (2)
     Senior VP and CIO, Hasbro Incorporated
Yossi Sheffi
     Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Professor of Engineering Systems, Director,
     MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Erik A. Slingerland
     Partner, Egon Zehnder International
Keith Sturgill
     VP and CIO, Eastman Chemical Company
Henk Suelmann
     Finance Director NCR, Hasbro Northern Europe
Martin Taege
     Chief Information Officer, Škoda Auto
Steven Van Wyk (2)
     CIO, U.S. Financial Services, ING

Executive Fellows
This was our third year working with our executive fellows. We welcome the opportunity to be affiliated with the following thoughtful executives who share common interests and are engaged with the work of the center:

Adam Golodner, Director, Global Security and Technology Policy, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Sam Kinney, Founder, General Partner, Firehole Partners, L.P.
Blair LaCorte, Operating Partner, Texas Pacific Group
John Marshall, Partner, Bridgespan Group

Media Mentions
The center's leadership has been quoted or the center (or its events) mentioned in a number of articles in the public media over the course of the past year:

"Microsoft's Gates to Move Out of Daily Role." Dow Jones News Service, June 15, 2006.
"CIOs Use Board Membership to Advance Careers." (CIO Decisions), July 20, 2006.
"Ready for the Digital Future?" Supply Chain Management Review , July/August 2006.
"At HP, a Scandal That's Good for Investors." U.S. News & World Report, September 12, 2006.
"The HP Way? Hardly." U.S. News & World Report, September 17, 2006.
"House Committee Awaits HP Documents Related to Scandal." USA Today, September 18, 2006.
"HP CEO Faces Gantlet at Hearings," USA Today, September 28, 2006.
"Elmo's Tickled Red." LA Times, October 22, 2006.
"PS3 Supply Woes: Which Console Wins?" Sci-Tech , November 15, 2006.
"Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo Poised for Battle." The Sydney Morning Herald , November 17, 2006.
"Is That Cool or What?" Valley News, November 19, 2006.
"PS3 Puts Shopping into the Danger Zone." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette , November 20, 2006.
"Battle to Make 'Hot Toy,'" The Washington Times, December 17, 2006.
"... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Data." NHPR, January 9, 2007.
"Data and Privacy Experts Say Transparency Is Key." Exduco, January 27, 2007.
"Tuck Hosts Ethics Talk on the Use and Abuse of Consumer Data." Exduco, January 31, 2007.
"Over There: What U.S. Executives Need to Understand about Doing Business in Europe." The
     Conference Board Review
, January/February 2007.
"Shock, Awe and a Touch of Humor." Privacy Journal February 2007
"Company Digital Devices." Financial Times, February 12, 2007.
"Ein Name der verbindet. (A Name That Connects.)" Handelsblatt, February 17, 2007.
"If the Mirror Could Talk (It Can)." The New York Times, March 18, 2007.
"Put People Before Processes.", April 1, 2007.
"Same Factory, Different Brands." NPR: Morning Edition, April 5, 2007.
"Gentilly Gets Going." The Times-Picayune, April 27, 2007
"Reading between the Lines of the Gentilly Project." The Times-Picayune, May 5, 2007.
"Beware P2P Networks with a Tunnel to Confidential Data." Information Week, May 15, 2007.
"Recruiting and Grooming Future CIOs." CIO Strategy Center, May 22, 2007.
"Sharing MP3s May Mean Sharing Far More than Just Music." Business Week, June 6, 2007.
"Sharing MP3s May Mean Sharing Far More than Just Music." International Herald-Tribune, June 7, 2007.
"Tuck Launches European Chapter of Roundtable on Digital Strategies." Exduco, June 9, 2007.
"Your Secrets in 'Digital Wind'." Wall Street Journal, June 9, 2007.
"Tuck Study Shows Risks of Information Leaks in the U.S. Banking Sector." Exduco, June 10, 2007.
"Download Music, Share Bank Account Info for Free on P2P Networks." Computerworld, June 12, 2007.
"Personal Data on 17,000 Pfizer Employees Exposed; P2P App Blamed." Computerworld, June 12, 2007. "Pfizer Falls Victim to P2P Hack." Dark Reading, June 12, 2007.
"RC2’s Train Wreck." New York Times, June 19, 2007.

Dartmouth/Tuck and Alumni Publicity
The center and its events have also been mentioned in several Tuck or Dartmouth publications. The center has been featured in the publications noted below:

"Eaton, IT and Organizational Change," Tuck Times. November 10, 2006.
"Organizing for Security?" ISTS Quarterly, Summer/Fall 2006.
"Tech@Tuck 2007," Dartmouth Vox. January 8, 2007. p. 8.
"Invasive Technology Heads Tech at Tuck," The Dartmouth. January 11, 2007.
"Consumer Data Use Requires Responsibility and Transparency." ISTS Quarterly, Winter 2007.
"Busy Year for Center for Digital Strategies at Tuck," Tuck Times, February 23, 2007.
"LaCorte Case Series," Tuck Today. Spring 2007. p. 30.
"A Stepping-Stone Approach," Tuck Today. Spring 2007. p. 33.
"Building the Business-to-Security Bridge." ISTS Quarterly, Spring 2007.

Press Releases and Other Publicity
The center has coordinated with the PR office for press releases (unless indicated otherwise) on its major events this year. The following is a list of press releases this year:

"CIOs say global companies must devote distinct resources to emerging markets."
     Tuck School Press Release, October 12, 2006.
"Tuck case series examines technology's role in business strategy." Tuck School Press
     Release, October 23, 2006.
"Tuck picks top tech toys for 2006." Tuck School Press Release, November 16, 2006.
"Tech@Tuck panelists: be responsible and transparent." Tuck School Press Release,
     January 16, 2007.
"Tuck hosts ethics talk on the use and abuse of consumer data." Tuck School Press Release,
     Release, January 25, 2007.
"Tuck roundtable brings together top IT execs to discuss agility and resiliency in the enterprise."
     Tuck School Press Release, February 19, 2007.
"Tuck roundtable examines agility and resiliency in the enterprise."
     Tuck School Press Release, April 13, 2007.
"Tuck center to study how firms can improve information security."
     Tuck School Press Release, April 26, 2007.
"Tuck study shows risks of information leaks in the U.S. banking sector."
     Tuck School Press Release, June 4, 2007.
"Tuck roundtable brings together top IT execs to discuss Web 2.0."
     Tuck School Press Release, June 5, 2007.
"Tuck launches European chapter of roundtable on digital strategies."
     Tuck School Press Release, June 6, 2007.

The center has developed new HTML newsletters for its respective constituencies. For all of our contacts, in addition to our established annual holiday e-card in the winter, we will send out another newsletter in the summer. For our current and former MBA Fellows, we will produce two Alumni Fellows newsletters, one issued in the spring and one in the fall.

Below are two charts noting the response to our very first Alumni Fellows newsletter, which was sent out in late May. For each chart below, click on the image to enlarge.

This report shows the high open rate, within two weeks of the newsletter's initial release, indicating a clean and responsive subscriber list:

Click to enlarge

This report looks more closely at the number opens within that initial two weeks:

Click to enlarge

Website Development
The center's increased activity and media hits have translated to more frequent updates of the center's main website. In addition to new sortable tables for Executive and Academic Publications, we also have a sortable table for Corporate Events. The Research Highlights section has been reorganized and expanded to spotlight such center research themes as information security, technology and trust, and humanitarian response. The site has been averaging more than 2,400 requests for pages per week since the beginning of this academic year. This is an increase of 22% from last year's numbers. The url for our main site is: The url for Radio Tuck RSS feed is

Below are charts noting the increased traffic trend. For each chart below, click on the image to enlarge.

This chart shows the number of requests for the RSS feed by month, suggesting an increasingly high adoption and/or refresh rate of the feed:

Click to enlarge

This chart shows the number of distinct hosts served for the RSS feed, reflecting more accurately the number of subscribers to the feed:

Click to enlarge

This chart compares the number of distinct hosts served for the main CDS website, between this year and last year:

Click to enlarge