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Dear Stakeholder,

The Center for Digital Strategies focuses on enabling business strategy through digital strategies that harness a company's unique competencies. We are excited to report our progress this year in achieving this mission within all three of our key constituencies: corporate executives, MBA students, and research academics.

With funding from the World Bank, the Carnegie Bosch Institute, and the Merchant Risk Council we launched new research initiatives on supply chain losses in the retail sector and the impact of information security in the extended enterprise. We also hosted our first academic research conference entitled "Technology, Globalization and Policy at a Crossroads." This event brought the world's best scholars on supply chain information technology to the Upper Valley to discuss the integration challenges of global enterprises. The ideas exchanged throughout the conference generated many high-impact articles that we plan to assemble over the upcoming year into a special issue of an academic journal.

Our corporate roundtable series enjoyed growing influence and deep participation from our core group of Fortune 500 firms. Executives from Cargill, Cisco, Eastman Chemical, Eaton, GM, Hasbro, HP, IBM, Sysco, and Whirlpool along with academics from Tuck, Harvard, Wharton, and Emory participated in this series of three summits. With articles in the Financial Times, Network World, and CIO, the impact of this group of thought leaders is clearly expanding.

Internally, our Tech@Tuck MBA event brought leading technology executives from different industries together to debate the trade-offs between offering personalization services and respecting consumers' privacy. This year, as part of Tech@Tuck, we hosted an additional panel addressing personalization services and privacy in the health care sector. As with all Tech@Tuck events, we also put a wide range of state-of-the-art technology into the hands of our students. Additionally, we developed several new cases that impacted both the MBA core curriculum and electives like Ethics in Action. We also introduced a new research seminar series entitled "Technology, Innovation, and Learning."

Finally, this year yielded a number of publications and media mentions in high impact venues. We also became a regular contributor to's new "Higher Learning" column. In its many publications, the center continued to explore and promote the idea of digital strategies - the use of technology-enabled processes to harness an organization's unique competencies, support its business strategy, and drive competitive advantage. We invite to you to read our Annual Report below to get the details on events, people and publications, and learn more about the center's exciting accomplishments.


M. Eric Johnson Hans Brechbühl
Director Executive Director

Corporate Roundtables
This year, the center organized three corporate roundtables for the Thought Leadership Summit on Digital Strategies (TLSDS) series, a series co-founded by the center and Cisco Systems. Each TLSDS roundtable consists of 15-20 CIOs and functional VPs from Fortune 500 companies and 2-3 senior academics engaged in a day-long moderated roundtable discussion. Together they share perspectives on a specific business issue, wrestle with concerns common across sectors, and work to identify digital strategies that create and sustain competitive advantage. Event summaries and/or content overviews (and much more) are available for each event at the links below. The center held the following three roundtables this year:

Managing the Organizational Impact of Global Operations
     October 4, 2004, Santa Barbara, CA
Gaining Competitive Advantage through Human Resources Management
     March 1, 2005, Orlando, FL
Fueling Business Strategy through IT/Finance Alignment
     June 7, 2005, New York, NY

Tech@Tuck is a center-sponsored series of annual events for the Tuck and greater Dartmouth community that highlight digital technologies and their personal or business implications. Each event in the series features a panel comprised of executives debating topics of interest to students and faculty, as well as hands-on demonstrations of the latest associated gadgets and devices. An event summary and content overview are available at the link below.

Next Generation Services: Personalization and Privacy (Tech@Tuck)
     February 16, 2005, Hanover, NH

Academic Seminars and Conferences
The center promotes research and discussion related to technological innovation and organizational learning. This year, the center co-sponsored a new seminar series with the Dean's Office entitled Technology, Innovation, and Learning (TIL). This series brings together faculty and visiting academics whose expertise cross multiple areas - economics, operations, strategy, engineering, marketing, and organizations. Content overviews are available for each event at the links below:

Selfish Designs: What Computer Designs Need from the Economy
     and How They Get It

     October 19, 2004, Hanover, NH
Understanding Volatility of R&D Performance: When Does Success
     Breed Failure?

     December 7, 2004, Hanover, NH

In addition to hosting the seminar series, the center hosted its first academic conference, the Supply Chain Thought Leaders Roundtable, last summer. This conference looked at corporate supply chain issues and their increasing interaction with technology, policy and global trends. Content from the conference is available at the links below:

Technology, Globalization and Policy at a Crossroads
     July 28-30, 2004, Woodstock, VT

Academic Publications
The center and its affiliated faculty and fellows have made a material contribution to the publication of the following academic papers or publications this year. The center also added to its own series of working papers:

Gloor, P., R. Laubacher, Y. Zhao, & S. Dynes. "Temporal Visualization and
     Analysis of Social Networks." North American Association for Computational
     Social and Organizational Science (NAACSOS) Conference 2004,
     Pittsburgh, PA, June 27-29, 2004.
Arora, Ashish, M. Eric Johnson, Karthik Kannan, & Rahul Telang. "Economics of
     Policies for Information Security." I3P Concept Paper,,
     Summer 2004.
Peteraf, Margaret A. & Mark Shanley. "Deploying, Leveraging, and Accessing
     Resources Within and Across Firm Boundaries: Introduction to the Special
     Issue." Managerial and Decision Economics, 25, Sept-Nov, 291-298 (2004).
Peteraf, Margaret A. & Mark Shanley. "Vertical Group Formation: A Social
     Process Perspective." Managerial and Decision Economics, 25, Sept-Nov,
     473-488 (2004).
Gloor, Peter & Yan Zhao. "TeCFlow - A Temporal Communication Flow
     Visualizer for Social Networks Analysis." ACM CSCW Workshop on Social
     Networks. ACM CSCW Conference, Chicago, Nov. 6. 2004.
Helfat, Constance E. "Inter-temporal Economies of Scope, Organizational
     Modularity, and the Dynamics of Diversification." Strategic Management
     Journal. 2004. vol. 25.
Lenox, M. & A. King. "Prospects for Developing Absorptive Capacity Through
     Internal Information Provision." Strategic Management Journal. 2004. 25(4),
Gloor, Peter. "Borrowing from Computer Music to Describe Temporal Aspects
     of Social Networks." Abstract for Sunbelt 2005, Redondo Beach, Los
     Angeles, Feb 16-20, 2005.
Anthony, Denise and M. Eric Johnson. "Digital Dorm Research Ideas on Trust,
     Teams, and Collaboration." ISTS White Paper. April 2005.
Dynes, Scott, Hans Brechbühl & M. Eric Johnson. "Information Security in the
     Extended Enterprise: Some Initial Results from a Field Study of an Industrial
" CDS Working Paper Series 05-1. Summer 2005.
Terlaak, A. & A. King. "The Effect of Certification with the ISO 9000 Quality
     Management Standard: A Signaling Approach." Accepted for publication
     in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.
King, A., M. Lenox, & A. Terlaak. "The Strategic Use of Decentralized Institutions:
     Exploring Certification with the ISO 14001 Management Standard." Accepted
     for publication in the Academy of Management Journal.
Pyke, David F., Jiri Chod & Nils Rudi. "The Value of Postponement: Market
     Drivers and Input Commonality." Under review for publication as a Tuck
     Working Paper.

Management Articles
The center and its faculty or fellows wrote or had the following articles published for the executive audience in the past year:

Pyke, David F. & M. Eric. Johnson. "Real-Time Profit Optimization: Coordinating
     Demand and Supply Chain Management."
     Achieving Supply Chain Excellence through Technology. Volume 6, 2004.
Dynes, Scott. "Information Security and Privacy: At Odds with Speed and Collaboration?"
     Thought Leadership Summit Publication. July 2004.
Johnson, M. Eric. "IT Security in the Extended Enterprise."
     Financial Times. August 18, 2004. p. 11.
Johnson, M. Eric. "Harnessing the Power of Partnerships."
     Financial Times. October 7, 2004.
"Managing the Organizational Impact of Global Operations"
     Thought Leadership Summit Publication. November 2004.
"Gaining Competitive Advantage through Human Resources Management"
     Thought Leadership Summit Publication. April 2005.

This year, the center was chosen as one of five business schools/research centers to contribute bimonthly articles to Higher Learning, a new academic analysis section on CIO magazine's online publication, The center intends to use these columns to spotlight specific business challenges and the enabling role of technology in creating digital strategies to deal with them. See's Higher Learning, CDS & Tuck archive.

The center has written the following cases for use in the courses listed:

"Can Heroes Be Efficient? Information Technology at the International
     Federation of the Red Cross
     by Laura R. Kopczak and M. Eric Johnson, 2004, taught in
     the Supply Chain Management class on October 13, 2004.
"Biogen-idec: Growing a Customer-Focused Supply Chain"
     by M. Eric Johnson and Julia A. Kidd, T'04, 2004, taught in
     the Ethics in Action class on May 9, 2005.

Research Fellows Program
The center welcomes the opportunity to work with researchers from an industry, consulting or appropriate government setting on areas of mutual interest. The center's Research Fellows this year were:

Scott Borg(writer)
Scott Dynes
Peter Gloor
Laura Rock Kopczak
Charles H. White, Jr.

This year the center welcomed one Visiting Research Fellow from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland:

Malte Geib

The center also occasionally engages talented students from other disciplines who contribute to the center's research projects and expertise. This year the center had one Graduate Research Assistant:

Yan Zhao

Research Projects
The center provides cooperates with and sometimes provides funding to affiliated researchers for research on topics of direct interest to the center. This year the center continued its participation in two projects it helped seed last year, and began work on two new studies:

Electronic Collaboration Study with the University of St. Gallen
Collaborative Knowledge Networks Project with MIT Sloan
Identification and Management of Information Security Risks in Supply Chains
     with the Institute for Security Technology Studies (ISTS)
Securing National Information Infrastructures: A Multinational Perspective
     with the World Bank and TNO-STB
Supply Chain Security with the Merchant Risk Council (MRC)

Research Grant Proposals
Over the course of the last year, the center has submitted the following research grant proposals:

"Securing National Information Infrastructures: A Multinational Perspective,"
     World Bank Proposal - Funded, $50K.
"Supply Chain Distribution Risk Study," Merchant Risk Council (MRC) -
     Funded, $11K.
"Technology, Globalization, and Policy at a Crossroads," Carnegie Bosch
     Institute - Funded, $40K.
"Understanding and Quantifying the Economic Impact of Security Failures and
     Defense Strategies," as part of a consortium including the Univ. of
     Virginia, RAND, George Mason U. and the I3P. NIST/I3P - Under review.

MBA Fellows Program
The center offers this program for second-year students interested in digital technology and its broad impact on business today. Fellows have unique networking opportunities with the center's visitors including executives visiting a number of technology related classes; gain a greater understanding of the issues of digital strategies by working with center faculty and events; and are able to do independent research or write a case in an area of interest to the student. This year's Fellows participated in the following ways:

Pratip Banerji T'05, Tech@Tuck organizer, independent project
Lee Bouyea T'05, Tech@Tuck organizer, independent project
Craig Dixon T'05, Radio Tuck interviewer, independent project
Justin Engelland T'05, independent project
Joseph Newsum T'05, independent project
Theodore Nickolov T'05, Tech@Tuck organizer, independent project
Darren Perry T'05, Tech@Tuck organizer, Radio Tuck interviewer,
     independent project
Nikunj Shah T'05, independent project
Ania Vichniakova T'05, independent project

MBA Fellows Projects
As part of their fellowship, MBA Fellows are required to engage in a project on a topic relevant to the center. Their papers/presentations are available below (more will be added as they are completed):

"Who Will Win the Home Entertainment War?" Pratip Banerji T'05
"Online Music Industry: Apple's iTunes vs. the Fast Followers," Lee Bouyea
"Online Customization," Craig Dixon T'05
"CRM Success: What Drives Business Performance?" Justin Engelland T'05
"Multi-Channel Retail," Joseph Newsum T'05
"The Handheld Gaming Industry: Sony vs. Nintendo," Theodore Nickolov T'05
"Breaking through the Silicon Ceiling: A Study of CIO Compensation,"
     Darren Perry, T'05
"The Video Game Industry: An Industry Analysis, from a VC Perspective,"
     Nik Shah T'05.
"Outsourcing in Central and Eastern Europe," Ania Vichniakova T'05

Visiting Executives and Academics
As part of its efforts to enrich the MBA program, the center invites and hosts executives and academics in conjunction with the professors teaching center-affiliated courses, or for other events at Tuck. This year we hosted over 25 visitors for a variety of classes and events:

Blair LaCorte T'90
     Executive Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Savi Technology
     October 7, 2004
Carliss Y. Baldwin
     Professor, Harvard Business School
     October 19, 2004, TIL seminar speaker
Gary Pisano
     Professor, Harvard Business School
     December 7, 2004, TIL seminar speaker
Francesca Gino
     Post Doctoral Fellow, Harvard Business School
     December 7, 2004, TIL seminar speaker
Brad Smith
     Director, Interactive Marketing, General Mills, Inc.
     January 25, 2005, Marketing in the Network Economy class
David Dougherty
     Executive Vice President, Global Information Management, Convergys
     February 3, 2005, Service Operations class
Ari Schwartz
     Associate Director, Center for Democracy and Technology
     February 16, 2005, Tech@Tuck moderator
Robert Ellis Smith
     Publisher, The Privacy Journal
     February 16, 2005, Tech@ Tuck panelist
Charles Giordano
     Associate Director, CRM Strategy & Privacy, Bell Canada
     February 16, 2005, Tech@Tuck panelist
Larry Ponemon
     Founder, Ponemon Institute
     February 16, 2005, (via teleconference), Tech@ Tuck panelist
Lisa Rosner
     Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, BroadVision
     February 16, 2005, Tech@Tuck panelist
Paul Gardent T'76
     Executive Vice President, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
     February 16, 2005, Tech@Tuck panelist
Hilary Llewellyn-Thomas
     Director, Health Decision Research (HDR) and Research at the Center for Shared
     Decision Making, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
     February 16, 2005, Tech@Tuck panelist
Shawn Roman
     Senior Manager, Health & Life Sciences CRM Practice, Accenture
     February 16, 2005, Tech@Tuck panelist
Christopher M. Chambers
     Major (R), United States Army
     March 7, 2005, Marketing in the Network Economy Class

Presentations and Event Participation
The center has presented at or attended the following events this year:

Sunbelt 2004: "Trying to Correlate Temporal Communication Patterns
     of Online Communities with Innovation"
     Peter Gloor, presenter
     May 14, 2004, Portoroz, Slovenia
Atlanta Competitive Advantage Conference: "The Dynamics of Corporate
     Constance E. Helfat, presenter
     June 2004, Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Prince Bertil Symposium: "The Dynamics of Diversification, Market Entry,
     and Exit"
     Constance E. Helfat, presenter
     June 2004, Institute for International Business,
     Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm, Sweden
NAACSOS 2004: "Temporal Visualization and Analysis of Social Networks"
     Peter Gloor, presenter
     June 28, 2004, Pittsburgh, PA
Supply Chain Thought Leaders Roundtable: "Technology, Globalization and
     Policy at a Crossroads"
     M. Eric Johnson, presenter
     July 28-30, 2004, Woodstock, VT
Supply Chain Thought Leaders Roundtable: "Smart Pricing: Why Aren't
     More Companies Using Smart Pricing to Coordinate Demand and
     David F. Pyke, presenter
     July 28-30, 2004, Woodstock, VT
Academy of Management Annual Meeting: "Dynamic Capabilities and Resource-
     Based Change," "The Dynamics of Corporate Strategy," and "Innovation
     Objectives, Knowledge Sources, and the Benefits of Breadth,"
     Constance E. Helfat, presenter
     August 2004, New Orleans, LA
Heinz School of Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon: "Economics of Policies
     for Information Security,"
     M. Eric Johnson, presenter
     August 2004, Pittsburgh, PA
INSEAD: "Innovation Objectives, Knowledge Sources, and the Benefits of Breadth"
     Constance E. Helfat, presenter
     September 2004
MIT, Sloan School of Management - IP3 Workshop: "Securing the Information
     Infrastructure: Interdependencies, Vulnerabilities and the Economics
     of Information Security,"
     Scott Dynes and M. Eric Johnson, presenters
     September 2004, Cambridge, MA
INFORMS Annual Conference: "Intersection of New Product Development and Supply
     Chain Management Research & Practice" and "Woolworths 'Chips' Away
     at Inventory Shrinkage through RFID Initiative,"
     M. Eric Johnson, presenter
     October 2004, Denver, CO
IBM Research: "Collaborative Innovation Networks"
     Peter Gloor, invited speaker
     October 4, 2004, Cambridge, MA
The Wharton School: "Choosing Whom to Follow: Profitability Expectations and the
     Role of Smaller Organizations Information-Based Adoption Processes"
     Andrew King, presenter
     October 12, 2004, Philadelphia, PA
Future Forward 2004: The New England Technology Summit
     Hans Brechbühl, advisory board and attendee
     October 14-15, 2004, Portsmouth, NH
e-Education on Collaborative Knowledge Networks: "Redesigning the Flow of
     Peter Gloor, seminar chair and Hans Brechbühl, attendee
     October 27, 2004, Basel, Switzerland
ACM CSCW Workshop on Social Networks: "TeCFlow - A Temporal Communication
     Flow Visualizer for Social Networks Analysis"
     Peter Gloor, presenter
     Nov 6, 2004, Chicago, IL
MIT: "Are Market Forces a Reasonable Approach to Promoting Information Security?"
     Scott Dynes, presenter
     December 2004, Cambridge, MA
New England KMCluster: "Collaborative Innovation Networks"
     Peter Gloor, co-organizer
     January 21, 2005, Cambridge, MA
Swiss House for Advanced Research and Education in Boston (SHARE) visit:
     "Introduction to the Center for Digital Strategies"
     M. Eric Johnson and Hans Brechbühl, presenters
     February 4, 2005, Hanover, NH
Sunbelt 2005: "Borrowing from Computer Music to Describe Temporal Aspects of
     Social Networks"
     Peter Gloor, presenter
     February 18, 2005, Redondo Beach, Los Angeles
MIT: "Information Security Realities in Industry: Preliminary Results from a Field
     Scott Dynes, presenter
     March 2005, Cambridge, MA
Braintrust: "Collaborative Innovation Networks"
     Peter Gloor, featured speaker
     March 2, 2005, San Francisco, CA
Conference of the POMS Supply Chain College, University of Chicago: "Global
     Supply Chain Synchronization"
     M. Eric Johnson, presenter
     May 2005, Chicago, IL
2005 Workshop on the Economics of Information Security
     M. Eric Johnson and Scott Dynes, presenters
     June 2005, Cambridge, MA

Participants in Center Events
The center has engaged 42 executives and senior academics in a substantive way at its first two roundtables this year (# of events engaged in):

Maryam Alavi
     The John and Lucy Cook Chair of Information Strategy, Goizueta Business School,
     Emory University
Bruce Anderson
     Senior Partner, IBM Global Services
Susan Billiot
     Associate Vice President, Human Resources, SYSCO Corporation
Brad Boston
     Senior VP and CIO, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Robert Carniaux
     Senior VP, Human Resources, Hasbro Incorporated
Hollie Castro
     VP, Human Resources, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Susan Cook
     VP, Human Resources, Eaton Corporation
Twila Day
     AVP, Technology and Applications, SYSCO Corporation
Craig Ekegren
     VP and Controller/Risk Management & Financial Solutions Cargill, Incorporated
Scott Floeck
     Senior VP and CIO, Staples, Inc.
Robert M. Fulmer
     Distinguished Visiting Professor, Graziadio School of Business and Management,
     Pepperdine University
Hillary Gal
     Managing Director, Head of Technology Control, Citigroup Corporate and
     Investment Bank
John Gallant
     Editorial Director & President, Network World
Edward Granger-Happ
     Chief Technology Officer, Save the Children
Leonard Greenhalgh
     Professor of Management, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College
Jerry Hale
     CIO & VP, Information Services, Eastman Chemical Company
James N. Haymaker
     Corporate VP, Strategy and Business Development, Cargill, Inc.
Rita J. Heise (3)
     Corporate VP, Information Technology and CIO, Cargill, Inc.
Witold Henisz
     Assistant Professor of Management, Wharton School of the
     University of Pennsylvania
Mark Hillman
     IT Director, Global Supply Chain and B2C Operations, General Motors Corporation
Jody Horner
     Vice President, Corporate Diversity in Human Resources, Cargill, Inc.
Edna R. Kinner
     Director, Talent Management, Eastman Chemical Company
Artur Landwehr
     VP, ESG Sales Operations, Hewlett-Packard Company
Paul M. Loftus
     VP, IBM Business Process and Integration Architecture, IBM
John Mahoney
     Executive VP and CAO, Staples, Inc.
Dave Margulius (2)
     Analyst and Consultant, Enterprise Insight
Geoffrey Moore
     Managing Director, TCG Advisors LLC
Andrew Napurano
      Senior VP and CFO, Real Estate Franchise Group, Cendant
Carlos Passi
     VP of Business Transformation, IBM
Betsy Rafael
     VP, Corporate Controller and Principal Accounting Officer,
     Cisco Systems, Inc.
David Rapsas
     Senior VP, IT, Real Estate Franchise Group, Cendant
Ron Ricci
     VP, Corporate Positioning, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Glen Salow
     Executive VP and CIO, American Express
Doug Schwinn (2)
     Senior VP & CIO, Hasbro Incorporated
Jim Shimp
     Lead Director, Global Development, Global IS, Whirlpool Corporation
Robert Sell (2)
     VP and CIO, Eaton Corporation
Esat Sezer
     Corporate VP and CIO, Whirlpool Corporation
Bill Souders
     Senior Director, IT, HR and Employee Services, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Richard Stanger
     Vice President Americas, BTO HR Solutions, IBM
Bob Taccini
     VP, Finance, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Cliff Verron
     Managing Director and Deputy CFO, Citigroup Corporate and
     Investment Bank
David Wessels
     Assistant Professor of Finance, Wharton School of the
     University of Pennsylvania

Executive Fellows
This is our second year working with our executive fellows. We welcome the opportunity to be affiliated with the following thoughtful executives who share common interests and are engaged with the work of the center:

Adam Golodner, Director, Global Security and Technology Policy, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Sam Kinney, Founder, General Partner, Firehole Partners, L.P.
Blair LaCorte, Executive VP, Marketing & Business Development, Savi Technology
John Marshall, Executive VP and Global Director of Strategy, Digitas

Radio Tuck
Radio Tuck is sponsored by the center and conducts original interviews focused an aspect of the impact of digital technologies on the corporation of today. These interviews are broadcast on the web on the center's website. This year the following three interviews were conducted - to listen to the interview, click on its title:

James Thomson, SVP, Corporate Branding, Advertising and
     Top 25 Strategy, Bank of America
     "Branding, IT and the Financial Services Industry"
Glenn Mercer T'81, Director of Automotive Services, McKinsey & Company
     "IT and the Automotive Industry"
Latanya Sweeney, Associate Professor of Computer Science,
     Technology and Policy and Director, Privacy Technology Center,
     School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
     "Privacy and the Digital Home"

Media Hits
The center's leadership has been quoted or the center (or its events) mentioned in a number of articles in the public media over the course of the past year:

"IT Security in the Extended Enterprise." Financial Times, August 18, 2004. p. 11.
"Home Theaters: Now Showing." Valley News, September 12, 2004.
"CIOs Optimistic." Information Week, September 27, 2004.
"Power of Partnerships." Financial Times, October 7, 2004.
"Talking to Wall Street." CIO Magazine, October 15, 2004.
"Security Summit." Network World, November 1, 2004.
"A Travel Guide to Collaboration." CIO Magazine, November 15, 2004.
"Upper Valley Getting Up to Speed." Valley News, November 28, 2004.
"IBM Exit from PC Business Has Been One Long Goodbye." San Francisco
, December 3, 2004.
"IBM Focuses on Services, Outsourcing Units." Forbes Magazine,
     December 3, 2004.
"Running a Global Company Well Poses Major Operational Challenges."
     Knowledge@Wharton, March 22, 2005.

Dartmouth/Tuck and Alumni Publicity
The center and its events have also been mentioned in several Tuck or Dartmouth publications. The center has been featured in the publications noted below:

"Inside Outsourcing." Tuck Today. Summer 2004. pp. 24-26.
"Faculty Opinion: Offshore Outsourcing." Tuck Today. Summer 2004. p. 27.
"Online Optimist." Tuck Today. Summer 2004. p. 32.
"Tunes@Tuck." Tuck Today. Summer 2004. p. 34.
"At the Frontiers of the Networked Enterprise," Tuck Forum. Summer 2004.
"Center for Digital Strategies," Tuck Alumni Newsbytes. Fall 2004/
     Winter 2005.
"Security: The New Quality," Tuck Today. Winter 2005. p. 25.
"Higher Learning," Tuck Today. Winter 2005. p. 36.
"Technology, Privacy Concerns Highlighted at Tuck Conference,"
     The Dartmouth. February 17, 2005.
"Tech@Tuck: Personalization Raises Privacy Concerns," Tuck Times.
     February 25, 2005. p. 5.
"Web personalization? Sign me up!" Tuck Times. February 25, 2005. p. 5.
"CDS Visiting Fellow: Malte Geib," Tuck Times. April 14, 2005. p. 5.

Press Releases and Other Publicity
The center has coordinated with the PR office for press releases (unless indicated otherwise) on its major events this year. The following is a list of press releases this year:

"Tuck and Cisco Gather Top Execs to Discuss Global Operations
     Challenges and Best Practices.
" Tuck School Press Release, September 24, 2004.
"Is the Pursuit of Personalized Products Too Personal?"
     Tuck School Press Release, February 1, 2005.
"Tuck Center Gathers Top Execs to Discuss HR Management as Business
" Tuck School Press Release, February 23, 2005.

Website Development
During this year, the center stepped up the rotation of its content, adding new articles to the homepage more frequently. There is a new section focusing on the new seminar series. We have also added a mailing list form to collect contact information for those interested in receiving regular news from the center. The site has seen a marked increase in traffic, averaging more than 1,400 requests for pages per week since the beginning of this academic year. The url for our site is: