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Letter from the Directors
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     Tech@Tuck and Other Events at Tuck
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     MBA Fellows Program
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Dear Stakeholder,

We are pleased to report that the Center for Digital Strategies continued to build momentum, both externally and internally, in 2003-04 (FY2004). We plan to continue our momentum next year by expanding our external engagement, funding and exposure. This letter highlights our accomplishments over the past year.

The Thought Leadership Summit on Digital Strategies, which the center co-founded in early 2002 with Cisco Systems, enjoyed rich participation in all three roundtables. Fortune 500 executives from 3M, Cargill, Cisco, Citigroup, Colgate-Palmolive, Eaton, Fidelity, GM, Hasbro, IBM, Lowe's, Owens Corning, Staples, Sysco and Whirlpool participated in this thoughtful and pragmatic series for CIOs and their executive business partners. And we held our first summit at Tuck in May of this year, allowing the Tuck community a glimpse into this dynamic forum!

Internally, we feel we have been very successful this year, thanks in part to our excellent MBA Fellows. With the help of the Fellows, we held several unique, high-impact events. First, through an unusual partnership with the Hopkins Center for the Arts, we hosted a fascinating debate on global offshoring, attracting guests from across the Dartmouth campus and attracting media comment from Fortune to the Indian newspaper The Statesman. Second, our Tech@Tuck MBA event brought leading technology executives from the music industry together to debate the industry's changing business model, engaging interested Dartmouth decision-makers in the day as well. As with all Tech@Tuck events, we also put a wide range of state-of-the-art technology into the hands of our students. Finally, as usual, we hosted a technology-focused alumni panel and brought leading technology executives to Tuck (e.g., John Morgridge, Chairman of Cisco Systems and FCC Chairman Michael Powell).

Our successful year yielded a number of publications and media mentions in high impact venues. We invite to you to read our Annual Report below to get the details on events, people and publications, and learn more about the center's exciting accomplishments.


M. Eric Johnson                                        Hans Brechbühl
Director                                                       Executive Director

Thought Leadership Summit on Digital Strategies
The Thought Leadership Summit on Digital Strategies (TLSDS) is an executive roundtable series co-founded by the center and Cisco Systems. Each roundtable consists of 15-20 CIOs and functional VPs from Fortune 500 companies and 2-3 senior academics engaged in a day-long moderated roundtable discussion. The series focuses on the possibilities of networked processes for all aspects of the management of enterprises, approaching digital strategies as a tool to implement and extend sound business practices, not as a replacement for them. Event summaries and/or content overviews (and much more) are available for each event at the links below. The center held the following three roundtables this year:

Enabling a Customer-Focused Organization
     September 9, 2003, South Bend, IN
Elusive Integration: Making the Link between Sales and Operations Planning
     February 17, 2004, Dallas, TX
Information Security and Privacy: At Odds with Speed and Collaboration?
     May 25, 2004, Hanover, NH

Tech@Tuck and Other Events at Tuck
Tech@Tuck is a center-sponsored series of annual events for the Tuck and greater Dartmouth community that highlight digital technologies and their personal or business implications. Each event in the series features a panel comprised of executives debating topics of interest to students and faculty, as well as hands-on demonstrations of the latest associated gadgets and devices. In addition to Tech@Tuck, the center sponsored a number of other public events in the form of both high-profile speakers and panels at Tuck this year. Event summaries and/or content overviews (and much more) are available for each event at the links below. The center held the following events at Tuck this year:

John Morgridge, Chairman, Cisco Systems, Inc.
     January 13, 2004, Hanover, NH
Tunes@Tuck: Fresh Tracks for the Music Industry (Tech@Tuck)
     February 4, 2004, Hanover, NH
Inside Outsourcing: An Evening on Offshore Outsourcing
     April 6, 2004, Hanover, NH
Michael Powell, Chairman, Federal Communications Commission
     April 13, 2004, Hanover, NH

Academic Publications
The center and its people have made a material contribution to the publication of the following academic papers or publications this year. The center also started its own series of working papers:

Gloor, Peter A., Rob Laubacher, Scott B. C. Dynes and Yan Zhao. "Visualization of
     Communication Patterns in Collaborative Innovation Networks.
" CDS Working
     Paper Series 03-1. Spring 2003
Hall, Joseph M., Praveen K. Kopalle and David F. Pyke. "Static and Dynamic Pricing of
     Excess Capacity in a Make-To-Order Environment.
" CDS Working Paper
     Series 03-2. Fall 2003.
Jett, Quintus and Liisa Valikangas. "The Gamble of Open Organizing." CDS Working Paper
     Series 04-1. Winter 2004.
Fleischmann, Moritz, Joseph M. Hall and David F. Pyke. "Smart Pricing."
     Sloan Management Review. Winter 2004.

Management Articles
The center and its faculty or fellows wrote or had the following articles published for the executive audience in the past year:

Johnson, M. Eric. "Digitally Enabled Services Strategies." Achieving Supply Chain
     Excellence Through Technology. Volume 5, 2003.
Borg, Scott. "Enabling a Customer-Focused Organization."
     Thought Leadership Summit Publication. October 2003.
Johnson, M. Eric. "Digitally Enabled Services Strategies." Information Management &
     Consulting, Vol. 18, 2003.
Brechbühl, Hans. "Best Practices for Service Organisations."
     London Business School's Business Strategy Review. Spring 2004.
"Elusive Integration: Making the Link between Sales and Operations Planning."
     Thought Leadership Summit Publication. April 2004.
Johnson, M. Eric. "On Offshore Outsourcing."
     Tuck School of Business Website

The center has written the following cases for use in the courses listed:

"PERI", by Hans Brechbühl (with Yiorgos Bakamitsos), December 2003, taught in Marketing in the
     Networked Economy class on January 7, 2004.
"Woolworths 'Chips' Away at Inventory Shrinkage through RFID Initiative," by Michael
     Gozycki, M. Eric Johnson and Hau Lee, April 2004. To be taught in Supply
     Chain and Information Technology class next fall.

Research Fellows Program
The center welcomes the opportunity to work with researchers from an industry, consulting or appropriate government setting on areas of mutual interest. This year the center appointed one new Research Fellow, Charlie White. The center's Research Fellows this year were:

Scott Borg(writer)
Scott Dynes
Peter Gloor
Laura Rock Kopczak
Charles H. White, Jr.

The center also engages talented students from other disciplines who contribute to the center's research projects and expertise. This year the center had two Graduate Research Assistants:

Gopi Sundaram
Yan Zhao

Research Projects
The center provides cooperates with and sometimes provides funding to affiliated researchers for research on topics of direct interest to the center. This year the center continued its participation in two projects it helped seed last year, and began work on a third area:

Electronic Collaboration Study with the University of St. Gallen
Collaborative Knowledge Networks Project with MIT Sloan
Cybersecurity Research with the Institute for Security Technology Studies

Research Grant Proposals
Over the course of the last year, the center has submitted three research grant proposals to the National Science Foundation entitled:

Center for Trusted Pervasive Networks
Making Cyberteams More Innovative - Analyzing the Performance of Knowledge Networks
Virtual Innovation Networks: Analyzing the Social Structure of Collaborative Innovation Communities

MBA Fellows Program
The center offers this program for second-year students interested in digital technology and its broad impact on business today. Fellows have unique networking opportunities with the center's visitors including executives visiting a number of technology related classes; gain a greater understanding of the issues of digital strategies by working with center faculty and events; and are able to do independent research or write a case in an area of interest to the student. This year's Fellows were an amazing group who participated both organizational and intellectually in the following ways:

Mike Gozycki T'04, Woolworths' case writer, Sales & Operations Planning summit observer/summary
     writer, Radio Tuck interviewer, visitor host
Julio Hartstein T'04, Tech@Tuck organizer, Inside Outsourcing panel summary writer, visitor host
Julia Kidd T'04, Biogen case writer, independent study on pricing, Inside Outsourcing event organizer,
     Radio Tuck interviewer, visitor host
Emily O'Brien T'04, Tech@Tuck organizer, Supply Chain Management auction class organizer, visitor host
Jack Shuttleworth T'04, visitor host
David Sobie T'04, Tech@Tuck organizer, Supply Chain Management auction class organizer, visitor host Brian Wallace T'04, Tech@Tuck organizer

MBA Fellows Projects
To be added.

Visiting Executives
As part of its efforts to enrich the MBA program, the center invites and hosts executives in conjunction with the professors teaching center-affiliated courses, or for other events at Tuck. This year we hosted over 25 visitors for a variety of classes and events:

Bill Pond T'98
     Manager of Site Operations, L.L. Bean
     October 2, 2003, Supply Chain Management and Information Technology Class
     October 4, 2003, Alumni Panel on Security and Privacy
Blair LaCorte T'90
     EVP, Marketing & Business Development, Savi Technology
     October 3, 2003, Supply Chain Management and Information Technology Class
     October 4, 2003, Alumni Panel on Security and Privacy
Kristiana Helmick T'98
     Consumer Marketing Director, Real Simple Magazine
     October 4, 2003, Alumni Panel on Security and Privacy
Charles White Jr. T'68
     Visiting Professor, Logistics and Intermodal Transportation, Merchant Marine Academy
     October 4, 2003, Alumni Panel on Security and Privacy
William Brown T'78
     Project Manager, Exercise & Scenario Development, Institute for Security Technology Studies
     October 4, 2003, Alumni Panel on Security and Privacy
Kevin Holian T'85
     SVP Supply Chain Management, Staples
     October 16, 2003, Supply Chain Management and Information Technology Class
Don Ralph
     SVP Logistics, Staples
     October 16, 2003, Supply Chain Management and Information Technology Class
Kent Parker T'90
     SVP Global Sourcing Services, FreeMarkets
     November 6, 2003, Supply Chain Management and Information Technology Class
Blake Johnson
     Chief Technology Officer & Founder, Vivecon
     November 13, 2003, Supply Chain Management and Information Technology Class
Roger McNamee T'82
     Partner, Integral Capital Partners
     November 20, 2003 (via videoconference), Supply Chain Management and
     Information Technology Class
John Morgridge
     Chairman, Cisco Systems
     January 13, 2004, CEO Speaker Series (partnered w/ CGL)
James Thomson, Ph.D.
     SVP Corporate Branding, Advertising, & Top 25 Strategy and Research, Bank of America
     January 27, 2004, Marketing in the Network Economy class
Jimmy Guterman
     Editor-in-Chief, Gaming Industry News, Ziff Davis Media
     February 4, 2004, Tech@Tuck moderator
Victoria Bassetti
     Vice President, Legal and Public Policy, EMI
     February 4, 2004, Tech@Tuck panelist
Peter Fader
     Professor, Wharton School of Business, Univ. of Penn.
     February 4, 2004 (via videoconference), Tech@ Tuck panelist
Wayne Rosso
     Chief Executive Officer, Optisoft, S.L.
     February 4, 2004, Tech@Tuck panelist
Tim Schaaff D'83
     Vice President of Engineering, Interactive Media Group, Apple Computer
     February 4, 2004, Tech@Tuck panelist
Dave Dougherty
     Executive Vice President, Global Information Management, Convergys Corporation
     February 9, 2004, Management of Service Operations Class
Christopher M. Chambers
     Major (R), United States Army
     February 23, 2004, Marketing in the Network Economy Class
Donna Samulowitz
     VP, Customer Loyalty, Whirlpool Corporation
     February 24, 2004, Marketing in the Network Economy Class
Michael McLean
     Former Executive Editor, Testing and Assessment, McGraw-Hill Higher Education
     March 1, 2004, Marketing in the Network Economy Class
Jack Freker
     President, Customer Management Group, Convergys
     April 6, 2004, Inside Outsourcing panelist
Paul Gaffney
     Executive Vice President, Supply Chain, Staples
     April 6, 2004, Inside Outsourcing panelist
Keith Khan
     Artist/Spectacularist, motiroti
     April 6, 2004, Inside Outsourcing panelist
Sonal Shah
     Associate Director for Economic and Foreign Policy, Center for American Progress
     April 6, 2004, Inside Outsourcing panelist
Michael Powell
     Chairman, FCC
     April 13, 2004, Fireside Chat

Presentations and Event Participation
The center has presented at or attended the following events this year:

Supply Chain Thought Leaders Roundtable: "Supply Chain Risk Management & Security"
     M. Eric Johnson, presenter
     July 28-29, 2003, Santa Fe, NM
Logistics Execution Systems Association: "The Value of Automated Data Capture"
     M. Eric Johnson, presenter
     October 11-12, 2003, Bonita Springs, FL
Alumni Panel: "Security and Privacy: Business Dilemma or Opportunity?"
     M. Eric Johnson, moderator
     October 4, 2003, Hanover, NH
ACM CKIM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management: "Visualization of Communication Patterns in Collaborative Innovation Networks: Analysis of Some W3C Working Groups."
     Peter Gloor, presenter
     Nov 3-8, 2003, New Orleans, LA
New York Times Roundtable on Job Migration
     M. Eric Johnson, panelist
     November 4, 2003, New York, NY
Future Forward: The New England Technology Summit
     Hans Brechbühl, panel moderator
     November 6-7, 2003, Portsmouth, NH
Visit of FCC Chairman to Dartmouth College
     M. Eric Johnson, presenter and Hans Brechbühl, briefer
     April 13-14, 2004, Hanover, NH
POMS Annual Conference: "Supply Chain Visibility and RFID - the Quad and Savi Case"
     M. Eric Johnson, presenter
     May 1-2, 2004, Cancun, Mexico
I3P Consortium Meeting: “Economics of Policies for Information Security”
     M. Eric Johnson, presenter (for proposal with Ashish Arora, Karthik Kannan, Rahul Telang)
     June 18, 2004, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA
International Conference on Chipless Identification Technologies: “Case Studies in RFID”
     M. Eric Johnson, presenter
     June 21-23, 2004, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

Participants in Center Events
The center has engaged over 50 executives and senior academics in a substantive way at its roundtables this year (# of events engaged in):

Denise Anthony
     Assistant Professor of Sociology, Dartmouth College
Paris Arey
     VP, Sales Operations, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Robert Austin
     Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School
David Barclay
     VP, Information Systems, Supply Chain and Merchandizing, Staples, Inc.
Roger D. Blackwell
     Professor of Marketing, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University
Brad Boston (3)
     Senior VP and CIO, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Raymond Burke
     Professor of Business Administration, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
John Cianci
     VP, Global IT Infrastructure, IBM Corporation
Mary Culnan
     Slade Professor of Management & Info. Technology Bentley College
Scott Day
     Global Information Protection Manager, Cargill, Incorporated
William Day
     VP, Supply Chain, Sysco Corporation
Britt Dayton
     VP, Supply Chain Development, Lowe's Companies, Inc.
Kirk Drummond
     VP and CIO, Sysco Corporation
Chris Dunning
     Director of Enterprise Security, Staples Incorporated
Greg Ehlert
     Director, Supply Chain and Business Services, Consumer and Office Business, 3M
Michael Elliott
     Head of IS, Europe, Hasbro Incorporated
Hillary Gal
     Managing Director, Head of Technology Control
     Citigroup Global Corporate and Investment Banking Group
John Gallant
     Editorial Director & President, Network World
Andrew Gottschalk
     Attorney, Cargill, Incorporated
Thomas Greene
     VP, Global IT-Americas, Colgate-Palmolive Company
Rita J. Heise (2)
     Corporate VP, Information Technology and CIO, Cargill, Inc.
Mark Hillman (2)
     IT Director, Global Supply Chain and B2C Operations, General Motors Corporation
Kevin Holian
     Senior VP, Supply Chain Management and Merchandizing Systems, Staples, Inc.
Ray Huber
     VP, IT and e-Business, Cutler-Hammer, Eaton Corporation
Peter A. Johnson
     CIO, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Rich Karlgaard
     Publisher, Forbes
Don Kosanka
     VP of Information Systems, Owens Corning
Ed Kriete
     VP, Marketing Services, Hasbro Incorporated
Tom Lamb
     VP, Customer Marketing, Lowe's Companies, Inc.
Artur Landwehr
     VP, ESG Sales Operations, Hewlett-Packard Company
David Lepow
     Director of Building Materials, Supply Chain Ops, Owens Corning
Michael Mabry
     Senior VP, Distribution, Lowe's Companies, Inc.
Jim MacDonald
     CIO, Fidelity Management and Research
Denis F. Malin
     VP, Corporate Systems, Staples, Inc.
Dave Margulius
     Analyst and Consultant, Enterprise Insight
John Marshall
     Executive VP and Global Director of Strategy, Digitas
Jack Matejka
     Director of IT Security, Eaton Corporation
John Moore
     Director of Extranet and Intranet Security, IBM Corporation
John Mitchell
     VP, Business Solutions, Lowe's Companies, Inc.
Patrick E. Murphy
     Professor of Marketing, Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame
Donald E. Pearson
     VP, Marketing & Business Development, Wilbur Chocolate, Cargill, Inc.
Ivona Piper
     VP, Database Marketing, Staples, Inc.
Ananth Raman
     Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
Ken Rathgeber
     Executive VP & Head of Risk Oversight, Fidelity Management and Research
Meg Ressner
     VP, Customer Supply Chain Operations, Owens Corning
Manny Rivelo
     Senior VP, Worldwide Field Process and Operations, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Peter Ryan
     VP of Marketing and General Manager, U.S. Home Care, Colgate-Palmolive Company
Donna Samulowitz
     Corporate Director, Global Customer Loyalty, Whirlpool Corporation
Tom Sanzone
     CIO & Managing Director, Citigroup Global Corporate and Investment Banking Group
Doug Schwinn
     Senior VP & CIO, Hasbro Incorporated
Robert Sell
     VP and CIO, Eaton Corporation
Esat Sezer (2)
     VP and CIO, Whirlpool Corporation
Reuben Slone
     VP, Supply Chain, Whirlpool Corporation
Kirby Spike
     CIO, Consumer and Office Division, 3M
Steve Stone
     Senior VP & CIO, Lowe's Companies, Inc.
Jenny Verner
     VP, Supply Chain Management, Cargill, Incorporated
Max Ward
     VP of Information Technology, Staples Incorporated

Executive Fellows
This year the center has added a new group of affiliated people. We welcome the opportunity to be affiliated with the following thoughtful executives who share common interests and are engaged with the work of the center:

Adam Golodner, Director, Global Security and Technology Policy, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Sam Kinney, Founder, General Partner, Firehole Partners, L.P.
Blair LaCorte, Executive VP, Marketing & Business Development, Savi Technology
John Marshall, Executive VP and Global Director of Strategy, Digitas

Radio Tuck
Radio Tuck is sponsored by the center and conducts original interviews focused an aspect of the impact of digital technologies on the corporation of today. These interviews are broadcast on the web on the center's website. This year the following eleven interviews were conducted - to listen to the interview, click on its title:

Blair LaCorte T'90, EVP, Marketing and Business Development, Savi Technology
     "Security or Visibility: Which is IT"
Bill Pond T'98, Manager of Site Operations, L.L. Bean
     "L.L. Bean Online Matures: Search & Merchandising Key to E-Commerce"
Kevin Holian T'85, Senior VP, Supply Chain Management, Staples, Inc.
     and Don Ralph, Senior VP, Logistics, Staples, Inc.,
     "Climbing the Supply Chain Summit"

Media Hits
The center's leadership has been quoted or the center (or its events) mentioned in a number of articles in the public media over the course of the past year:

"Lights, Camera…Sales." Newark Star-Ledger, October 26, 2003.
"The Wireless Warehouse: RF Tagging - The Next Step." Profit Magazine, November 2003.
Nominating Panel, Leaders in Internet Business. iQ Magazine, November/December 2003.
"Trick or Treat! Now Start the Shopping Countdown." The Washington Post, November 9, 2003.
"Outsourcing: The Calculus of Migrating Jobs." International Herald Tribune, December 6, 2003.
"Who Wins and Who Loses as Jobs Move Overseas." New York Times, December 7, 2003,
"Measuring Efficiency." Operations and Fulfillment, January 1, 2004.
"Technology & Customer-Centricity: The right IT is key to delighting best customers." RIS News,
     January 2004.
"Groom or Recruit?" CIO Insight, March 1, 2004.
"Cyber Age: Offshoring is Brain-sharing." The Statesman, April 2004.
"Creating a Buzz" The Boston Globe, May 15, 2004.
"All the World's a Stage" Fortune, May 17, 2004.

Dartmouth/Tuck and Alumni Publicity
The center and its events have also been mentioned in several Tuck or Dartmouth publications. The center has been a part of every edition of Alumni Newsbytes that has been sent out to Tuck alumni by the school and additionally has been featured as noted below:

"Tuck/Cisco Though Leadership Summit Continues." Tuck Today. Summer 2003.
"Tech@Tuck." Tuck Today. Summer 2003.
"Johnson Named Full Professor". Tuck Today. Winter 2004.
"The Customer-Centric Approach." Tuck Today. Winter 2004.
"Alumni Panel on Security and Privacy." Tuck Today. Winter 2004.
"Radio Tuck-Stay Connected." Tuck Today. Winter 2004.
"The Talented 2003-04 MBA Fellows." Tuck Today. Winter 2004.
"Tuck Reunion 2003" - Security and Privacy alumni panel mention. Tuck Today. Winter 2004.
"Demo shows off digital novelties." The Dartmouth. February 5, 2004.
"Tuck students, faculty address 'outsourcing'", The Dartmouth. April 1, 2004.
"The entertainment of job outsourcing." VOX of Dartmouth. April 5, 2004.
"What short, strange trips they've been. . .My ride as an MBA Fellow with Center for Digital Strategies."
     by Mike Gozycki. Tuck Times. April 13, 2004.
"Inside Outsourcing." Tuck Newsroom. Spring 2004.

Press Releases and Other Publicity
The center has coordinated with the PR office for press releases (unless indicated otherwise) on its major events this year. All these releases have generally also been featured as highlights on the Tuck website. The following is a list of press releases this year:

"Tuck and Fortune 250 CIOs Address the Customer-Focused Organization." Tuck School Press Release,
     September 10, 2003.
"Cisco Chairman Visits Tuck." Tuck School Press Release, January 5, 2004.
"Tunes@Tuck." Tuck School Press Release, January 27, 2004.
"Supply Chain Integration: Always Important, and Suddenly Sexy Again." Tuck School Press Release,
     February 10, 2004.
"Tuck's Center for Digital Strategies Partners with Dartmouth's Hopkins Center for the Arts
     to Examine Outsourcing in India.
" Tuck School Press Release, March 25, 2004.
"Corporate Outsourcing to South Asia Explored through International Collaborative Theater
" Hopkins Center Press Release, March 25, 2004.
"Tuck and Cisco Gather Top Execs to Discuss Security vs. Speed and Collaboration"
     Tuck School Press Release, May 19, 2004.

Thought Leadership Summit on Digital Strategies Website
The center has had a strong hand in developing all of the content on the Thought Leadership Summit on Digital Strategies website at This website, embedded as a part of Cisco's corporate site, is co-branded with the center's logo, a picture of Tuck, and links to the center's website. It is co-developed with Cisco's Thought Leader Network. The site has content output from every summit, including practically useful overviews of the content, and in some cases executive or academic participant Q&As, and videos featuring participants from the summits. In addition, it contains general information about the summit, the summit philosophy and logistics.

Website Development
During this year, the center added a couple of new sections to the site (Annual Report and Executive Fellows). The redesign we did last year, along with the increased marketing, paid off handsomely as the site has averaged more than 14,000 hits per month since the beginning of this academic year.