William A. Pond Jr. (Bill)
Manager of Site Operations
L.L. Bean
L.L. Bean Online Matures:
Search & Merchandising Key
to E-Commerce
Duration: 11m 12s          Date: October 2003
In our interview with Bill Pond, Manager of L.L. Bean's website, Bill reveals how LL Bean uses the internet to complement its core catalog retail business. He discusses the evolution of the website from its start in 1995 to today, including the massive redesign in June 2003, and the imminent release of a new search engine, and how L.L. Bean prioritizes these types of investments in their online presence. Bill also discusses the challenges of re-balancing the 3 Cs of the Internet heyday in the site today to maintain a competitive edge: Commerce, Content, and Community - lessons he learned from his previous experience at startup Garden.com.(Interview by Brian Wallace T'04)
L.L. Bean
Bill Pond received his MBA from the Tuck School of Business in 1998.
"Security and Privacy: Business Dilemma or Opportunity?" Alumni Panel - October 4, 2003
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