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Letter from the Directors
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     MBA Fellows Program
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Dear Stakeholder,

We are pleased to report that FY2003 has been a strong year of growth for the Center for Digital Strategies. With our focus on enterprise information technology, we have made significant progress in developing a program with high impact. Both internally and externally, our programs and events are gathering momentum and generating excitement.

Our Thought Leadership Summit on Digital Strategies, co-founded with Cisco Systems, met three times this year, focusing on compelling topics that CIOs of the Fortune 500 care deeply about. This year the Summit moved from a west-coast venue to a member-hosted event, meeting on both coasts and the mid-west. Our Tech@Tuck MBA events brought leading technology executives like the CEO of Time Warner Cable to Tuck and put state-of-the-art technology into the hands of our students. And our alumni panels and events took our center learnings to our alumni supporters, giving them a technology home at Tuck.

A clear sign of our impact is the number and quality of people and companies that want to affiliate with the center. Our MBA fellows program attracted some of the best students at Tuck, offering them the chance to impact their peers and themselves. Our new research fellows program attracted three outstanding researchers with strong academic records and a long history of research accomplishments. And our Summit series was populated with path-breaking executives from world-class companies.

Finally, our publications and media mentions speak for themselves. From academic journals (like Sloan Management Review and POMS), to the trade and business press (like InfoWeek and CIO), the center is publishing its findings in high quality outlets that directly target our business and academic constituencies. We invite to you to read our report and learn about the center's exciting accomplishments.


M. Eric Johnson                                        Hans Brechbühl
Director                                                     Executive Director

Thought Leadership Summit on Digital Strategies
The Thought Leadership Summit on Digital Strategies (TLSDS) is an executive roundtable series co-founded by the center and Cisco Systems. Each roundtable consists of 15-20 CIOs and functional VPs from Fortune 300 companies and 2-3 senior academics engaged in a day-long moderated roundtable discussion. The series focuses on the possibilities of networked processes for all aspects of the management of enterprises, approaching digital strategies as a tool to implement and extend sound business practices, not as a replacement for them. The center held the following three roundtables this year:

Channel Management Strategies: Digital Partnering
     August 6, 2002, San Jose, CA
Service and Support: From Cost Reduction to Revenue Generation
     February 11, 2003, Durham, NC
Collaborative Product Generation
     May 13, 2003, Cleveland, OH

Tech@Tuck is a center-sponsored series of half-day events for the Tuck and greater Dartmouth community that highlight digital technologies and their personal or business implications. Each event in the series features a panel comprised of executives debating topics of interest to students and faculty, a career-oriented presentation/discussion, as well as hands-on demonstrations of the latest associated gadgets and devices. The center held two Tech@Tuck days this year:

Digital Video Media and Entertainment
     November 7, 2002, Hanover, NH
Mobile Interactivity: Why Should Business Managers and Consumers Care?
     April 24, 2003, Hanover, NH

Research Fellows Program
The center welcomes the opportunity to work with researchers from an industry, consulting or appropriate government setting on areas of mutual interest. This year the center appointed its first Research Fellows:

Scott Borg(writer)
Scott Dynes
Peter Gloor
Laura Rock Kopczak

The center also engages talented students from other disciplines who contribute to the center's research projects and expertise. This year the center had two Graduate Research Assistants:

Gopi Sundaram
Yan Zhao

Research Projects
The center provides funding to affiliated researchers for research on topics of direct interest to the center. This year the center provided seed or partial funding to two projects:

Electronic Collaboration Study with the University of St. Gallen
Collaborative Knowledge Networks Project with MIT Sloan

Academic Publications
The center and its people have made a material contribution to the publication of the following academic papers or publications this year:

M. Eric Johnson and Seungjin Whang (Editors).
     "Special Issue on E-Business and Supply Chain Management."
     Production and Operations Management.
Winter 2002
Johnson, M. Eric, and Seungjin Whang. "E-Business and Supply Chain Management:
     An Overview and Framework."
Production and Operations Management. Winter 2002
Kopczak, Laura Rock, and M. Eric Johnson. "The Supply Chain Management Effect"
Sloan Management Review. Spring 2003.

Management Articles
The center and its faculty or fellows have written the following articles for the executive audience in the past year:

Johnson, M. Eric. "Product Design Collaboration: Capturing Lost Supply Chain Value in
     the Apparel Industry."
Achieving Supply Chain Excellence Through Technology.
     Volume 4, 2002.
Brechbühl, Hans."Culture and the 'Internet Bubble'." Tout l'emploi.
     Switzerland, July 3, 2002.
Brechbühl, Hans. "Linking Demand Chain and Supply." Le Nouvel Hebdo.
     France, July 5, 2002.
Borg, Scott. "Channel Management Strategies: Digital Partnering."
     Thought Leadership Summit Publication. September 2002.
Brechbühl, Hans. "Migrating Asia's Manufacturing."
     Le Nouvel Hebdo. France, September 27, 2002.
Pyke, David F. and M. Eric Johnson. "Sourcing Strategy and Supplier Relationships:
     Alliances vs. eProcurement."
Forthcoming in
     The Practice of Supply Chain Management, Kluwer Publishers.
Brechbühl, Hans. "Comment les firmes asiatiques pourront rester en tête
     du peloton mondial."
Tout l'emploi and Tout l'immobilier. France, February 12, 2003.
Borg, Scott. "Service and Support: From Cost Reduction to Revenue Generation."
     Thought Leadership Summit Publication. March 2003.
Brechbühl, Hans. "Best Practices for Service Organizations."
     Cisco Systems' Thought Leadership Newsletter. March 2003.

The center has written the following cases for use in the courses listed:

McGraw-Hill: GradeSummit, by Yiorgos Bakamitsos and Evelyn Hsia T'02 (with Hans
      Brechbühl), January 2003, taught in Marketing in the Networked Economy
      class on February 11, 2003.
Victoria's Secret, by Kathy Biro and Ted Durbin T'02, May 2002, taught in E-Business
      Transformation class on May 14, 2002. Revised by Julia Soukhareva T'02,
      Hans Brechbühl and M. Eric Johnson -- work in progress.

MBA Fellows Program
The center offers this program for second-year students interested in digital technology and its broad impact on business today. Fellows have unique networking opportunities with the center's visitors including executives visiting a number of technology related classes; gain a greater understanding of the issues of digital strategies by working with center faculty and events; and are able to do independent research or write a paid case in an area of interest to the student. This year's Fellows were:

Christopher S. Blaydon, visitor host, Tech@Tuck organizer
Asheesh B. Gupta, visitor host, Tech@Tuck organizer, independent study
Justin K. Kreter (Radio Tuck Fellow), Radio Tuck editor and interviewer, visitor host,
     Resource Fair representative, Future Forward attendee
David N. Poggi, visitor host, Thought Leadership Summit observer, research case writer,
     independent study
Joseph L. Roxe, visitor host, Tech@Tuck organizer, independent study
Philip A. Wingard, visitor host, Tech@Tuck organizer
Alvaro H. Zumaeta, Tech@Tuck organizer, Resource Fair representative

On an exceptional basis, the center will select outstanding 1st year MBA students to serve as First Year Associates. This is not a formal process, as "associate status" is only offered when there is an outstanding contribution. This year the center chose two exceptional students:

Emily L. O'Brien T'04
David M. Sobie T'04

Visiting Executives
As part of its efforts to enrich the MBA program, the center invites and hosts executives in conjunction with the professors teaching center-affiliated courses, or for other events at Tuck. This year we hosted twenty-plus visitors for a variety of classes and events:

Gail Goodman T'87
     CEO, Roving Software
     September 27, 2002, Alumni Panel on Digital Strategies
John Marshall T'92
     Executive Vice President, Digitas
     September 27, 2002, Alumni Panel on Digital Strategies
Nathan Pieri T'92
     Vice President, Product Management, Celarix
     September 27, 2002, Alumni Panel on Digital Strategies
Sam Kinney Jr. T'90
     Founder & President, Right Hand Manager Software, LLC
     October 8, 2002, Supply Chain Mgmt and Information Technology class
Smoke Wallin
     October 23, 2002, Supply Chain Mgmt and Information Technology class
Kevin Holian T'85
     Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management, Staples, Inc.
     October 24, 2002, Supply Chain Mgmt and Information Technology class
Don Ralph, Senior Vice President of Logistics, Staples, Inc.
     October 24, 2002, Supply Chain Mgmt and Information Technology class
Vladimir Preysman
     Founder & CEO, Datasweep, Inc.
     November 7, 2002, Supply Chain Mgmt and Information Technology class
Blair LaCorte T'90
     Executive Vice President, Marketing & Business Dev., Savi Technology
     November 14, 2002, Supply Chain Mgmt and Information Technology class
Ed Glassmeyer T'68
     General Partner, Oak Investment Partners
     November 7, 2002, Tech@Tuck Host
Glenn Britt D'71, T'72
     Chairman & CEO, Time Warner Cable
     November 7, 2002, Industry and Competitive Analysis class,
     Tech@Tuck panelist
Lisa Sanders D'81
     Executive Director of Ops, Sony Pictures Imageworks
     November 7, 2002, Tech@Tuck panelist
Jim Sanduski
     Vice President, Marketing - Visual Display Products Group,
     Samsung Electronics America
     November 7, 2002, Tech@Tuck panelist
Seth Skolnik D'89
     SVP, Business Development, Paramount Digital
     November 7, 2002, Tech@Tuck panelist
Peter Gloor
     Former Practice Leader, E-Business Europe, Deloitte Consulting
     January 21, 2003, Marketing in the Networked Economy class
Brad Smith
     Manager, Internet Advertising & Branding, General Mills
     January 28, 2003, Marketing in the Networked Economy class
Dave Dougherty
     Chief Development Officer, Convergys Corp
     February 6, 2003, Management of Service Operations class
Audrey Campbell
     National Media Relations Specialist, Convergys Corp
     February 6, 2003, Management of Service Operations class
Michael McLean
     Executive Editor, Testing & Assessment, McGraw-Hill
     February 11, 2003, Marketing in the Networked Economy class
Chris Chambers
     Major, U.S. Army
     February 18, 2003, Marketing in the Networked Economy class
Jim DeBelina
     Director of Enterprise Solutions, Global Software Group, Motorola
     April 24, 2003, Tech@Tuck panelist and demo
Joe Gensheimer
     Chief Operating Officer, Cometa Networks, Inc.
     April 24, 2003, Tech@Tuck panelist
Bob Maher
     Director of Strategy Planning, Mobile Device Marketing Group, Microsoft
     April 24, 2003, Tech@Tuck panelist and demo
Jim Slaby D'83
     Senior Industry Analyst, Forrester Research
     April 24, 2003, Tech@Tuck panelist
Stephen Wellman
     Editor, FierceWireless
     April 24, 2003, Tech@Tuck moderator

Field Study Project
This year the center brought to Tuck a practical project for a corporate partner that was executed under the center’s guidance as a part of Tuck’s Field Study in International Business program. Under the guidance of Hans Brechbühl, the center’s executive director, a team of six Tuck MBAs (including two of the center’s MBA Fellows) completed a collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment project for Whirlpool Polska in Poland, advising them on the steps they should consider taking collaboratively with their trade partners to increase product availability, lower inventories, and better utilize IT to enable the process.

Presentations and Event Participation
The center has presented at or attended the following events this year:

Alumni Panel on Digital Strategies
     Tuck School, Hanover, NH
     September 27, 2002 (Hans Brechbühl - moderator, Eric Johnson - panelist)
Future Forward: The New England Technology Summit
     The Berkshires, MA
     September 28, 2002 (Hans Brechbühl, Scott Borg and Justin Kreter - attendees)
Cisco European Trusted Advisors Club Meeting
     Amsterdam, The Netherlands
     October 2, 2002 (Hans Brechbühl - attendee)
eBusiness Research Center Directors' Annual Meeting
     Pittsburgh, PA
     November 22, 2002 (Eric Johnson - presenter)
Savi Advisory Board Meeting
     Savi, Alexandria, VA
     March 1, 2003 (Hans Brechbühl - participant)
Alumni Dinner
     Tuck School, New York, NY
     March 10, 2003 (Eric Johnson - presenter)
MBA Advisory Board Meeting
     Tuck School, Hanover, NH
     March 14, 2003 (Hans Brechbühl - presenter)
Value Chain Conference
     University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
     May 19 + 20, 2003 (Hans Brechbühl - participant and speaker)

Participants in Center Events
The center has engaged the following executives and senior academics in a substantive way at its events away from Tuck this year (# of events engaged in):

Siisi Adu-Gyamfi
     Vice President, Marketing, Eaton Corporation
Sara L. Beckman
     Senior Lecturer, Walter A. Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley
Susane Berger
     Vice President, Customer & Partner Sales Operations,
     Global Sales Organization, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Craig Black
      Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Eaton Corporation
Brad Boston (3)
     Senior Vice President and CIO, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Surinder Brar
     Senior Director of Worldwide Channels, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Donald H. Bullock (3)
     Vice President, Information Technologies and CIO, Eaton Corporation
Randy Burdick
      ESG Group Information Officer, Vice President, IT, Hewlett Packard
R. David Butler (2)
     Corporate Vice President & CIO, Whirlpool Corporation
Richard Chase
     Justin Dart Professor of Operations Management,
     Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California
David D'Angelo
      Vice President. Global Product Sourcing, Staples
David P. Drew (2)
     Vice President, Information Technology and CIO, 3M
Wim Elfrink
     Senior Vice President, Customer Advocacy, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Gary L. Frazier
      Richard & Jarda Hurd Professor of Distribution Management,
     Marshall School of Business, Univ. of Southern California
Frances X. Frei
     Assistant Professor, Technology and Operations Management,
     Harvard Business School
Rita J. Heise (2)
     Corporate Vice President, Information Technology and CIO, Cargill, Inc.
Rob Heithoff
     Vice President, Meat Solutions, Sales and Marketing, Cargill, Inc.
Mark Hillman (3)
     Director of Process & Integration Supply Chain, General Motors Corporation
Kevin Holian
      Senior VP Supply Chain Mgmt & Merchandising Systems, Staples
Rich Karlgaard (2)
     Publisher, Forbes
Vish Krishnan
     Associate Professor, Center for Customer Insight Management
     McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin
Hank Marcy
      Vice President, Technology, Whirlpool Corporation
John Marshall T'92
      Executive Vice President & Global Leader, Strategy & Analysis, Digitas LLC
Jeanne McCaherty
      Vice President & Global Director, Food Tech. Dev. Ctr., Cargill, Inc.
John Mitchell
     Vice President, Business Solutions, Lowe's Companies, Inc.
Paul Mountford
     Vice President, Worldwide Channels, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Narakesari Narayandas
     Chair of the Business Marketing Strategy Program, and Associate Professor,
     Harvard Business School
John Pohl
      Division Vice President, Industrial Services and Solutions Division, 3M
Randy Pond
      Senior VP, Worldwide Mfg Ops & Logistics, Cisco, Inc.
Ron Ricci
      Vice President, Market Positioning, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Alan Shaw (2)
     Vice President, Customer Relationship Management,
     North American Region, Whirlpool Corporation
Eric Sowder
      Senior Vice President, Logistics, Lowe's Companies, Inc.
Gil Urban
     Lead Director, Global eEnabled Organization Services, Whirlpool Corporation
Thomas E. Whiddon
      Executive Vice President, Logistics and Technology, Lowe's Companies, Inc.

Radio Tuck
Radio Tuck is sponsored by the center and conducts original interviews focused an aspect of the impact of digital technologies on the corporation of today. These interviews are broadcast on the web on the center's website. This year the following eleven interviews were conducted - to listen to the interview, click on its title:

John T. Marshall T'92, Executive VP & Global Leader, Strategy and Analysis, Digitas
     "Contextual Marketing: The Real Business of the Internet"
Abbie Lundberg, Editor-in-Chief, CIO Magazine
     "Digital Technologies: Shaping the Future of Business"
Lisa Sanders D'81, Executive Director of Operations, Sony Pictures Imageworks
Seth Skolnik D'89, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Paramount Digital
     "Digital Video Media and Entertainment"
Tom Jeffery, Vice President of MIS, K-B Toys &
     "Bricks and Clicks"
Michael McLean, Executive Editor, Testing & Assessment, McGraw-Hill
     "Digital Technologies in the Publishing Industry"
Chris Chambers, Major, U.S. Army
     "Military Marketing"
Peter Gloor, Partner and European Practice Leader E-Business
     "Collaborative Knowledge Networks"
Dave Dougherty, Chief Development Office, Convergys Corp
     "Outsourcing Business Processes"
Brad Smith, Manager of Internet Branding and Advertising, General Mills
     "Internet Advertising"
Joe Gensheimer, COO, Cometa Networks Inc.
     "Wi-Fi in Business"
Jim Slaby D'83, Senior Industry Analyst, Forrester Research

Media Hits
The center's leadership has been quoted or the center (or its events) mentioned in a number of articles in the public media over the course of the past year:

"Tech-Savy Board Members Give Companies Street Credibility."
     InfoWeek October 7, 2002.
"Good Stuff Cheap: The Vendors" CIO Magazine October 15, 2002.
"ebAY plays Toy Industry Barometer." The Washington Post November 23, 2002.
"Powered by...Spam?: A new Phenomenon?"
The Washington Post
     December 21, 2002.
"Tuck School hosts summit on digital strategies."
     Connecticut Valley Spectator February 6, 2003.
"Fortune 500 CIOs Address Services as a Business Strategy." February 10, 2003.
"It's not child's play" - Toy Fair key link for buyers and sellers in a $20 billion industry
     The Star Ledger, February 21, 2003.
"Supply Chain Risk: Deal With It"
     Harvard Management Update March 15, 2003.
"Q&A with Dartmouth College's Eric Johnson: Service and Support."
     Cisco Systems' Thought Leadership Newsletter. March 2003.
"Governing from the Inside Out"
     Profit Magazine, April 24, 2003

Dartmouth/Tuck and Alumni Publicity
The center and its events have also been mentioned in several Tuck or Dartmouth publications. The center has been a part of every edition of Alumni Newsbytes that has been sent out to Tuck alumni by the school and additionally has been featured as noted below:

"Tuck and Cisco Host Joint Summit." Tuck Today.
     Summer 2002.
"Handhelds of the Future" - photo caption from May 2002 Tech@Tuck. Tuck Today.
     Summer 2002.
"Johnson named Director of Center for Digital Strategies, VOX of Dartmouth.
     July 2002.
"Johnson Appointed New Director of Center for Digital Strategies." Tuck Today.
     Winter 2003.
"Center for Digital Strategies and Cisco Leadership Summit Series." Tuck Today.
     Winter 2003.
"Tuck's 30th Anniversary Reunions Held in September" -Digital Strategies alumni panel
     mention. Tuck Today. Winter 2003.
"Cisco Job Networking." by Dave Poggi. Tuck Times. Hanover,
     April 4, 2003.
"Revenue-Generating Service Ventures Explored at Summit"
     Tuck Executive Education eUpdate, April 2003.
"Tech@Tuck Highlights Mobile Technology"
     Dartmouth "News & Events" webpage, April 2003
     Tuck Executive Education eUpdate, June 2003.

Press Releases and Other Publicity
The center has coordinated with the PR office for press releases on its major events this year. All these releases have also been featured as highlights on the Tuck website home page. The following is a list of press releases to date this year, along with a one-page inside cover on the center in an academic journal:

"Tuck and Cisco Co-Host Second Summit on Digital Strategies." July 30, 2002.
"Tech@Tuck: What's New in the Digital Media and Entertainment Industry?"
     October 29, 2002.
"Fortune 500 CIOs Address Services as Business Strategy." February 3, 2003.
"Forging a learning community of scholars and executives."Inside cover
     of CDS sponsored issue of Production and Operations Management. Winter 2003.
"Tech@Tuck Highlights Mobile Technology." April 18, 2003.
"Tuck and Cisco Co-Host Summit on Collaborative Product Generation." April 30, 2003.

Thought Leadership Summit on Digital Strategies Website
The center has had a strong hand in developing all of the content on the Thought Leadership Summit on Digital Strategies website at This website, embedded as a part of Cisco's corporate site, is co-branded with the center's logo, a picture of Tuck, and links to the center's website. It is co-developed with Cisco's Thought Leader Network. The site has content output from every summit, including the overview's, executive and academic participant Q&As, and videos featuring participants from the summits. In addition, it contains general information about the summit, the summit philosophy and logistics.

Website Development
During this year, the center completely redesigned its website to give it a new look, moving from a primarily brochure-ware approach to a site with few levels, featuring content right on the home page and throughout the site much more prominently.

Student Resource Information Sheeet
Visiting Executives Information Sheet
Press Kit