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Christopher S Blaydon T'03
Special Interest: Internet Strategy, eLearning
Summer Employer: TheMarkets.com
Summer Position: Summer Associate
Previous Employer: ZEFER Corporation
Title: Business Strategy Associate
College: Colorado State University
Major: History

Asheesh B. Gupta T'03
Special Interest: Digital Transformation
Summer Employer: Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Summer Position: Internal Consultant
Previous Employer: COELA Inc.
Title: Founder and Consultant
College: Carnegie Mellon University
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Justin K. Kreter T'03 (RadioTuck Fellow)
Special Interest: Internet Strategy, eLearning, Marketing
Summer Employer: Tyler, Simms & St. Sauveur
Summer Position: Healthcare Consultant
Previous Employer: Kreg Information Systems
Title: WinCMA Product Manager
College: Hamilton College
Major: Economics

David N. Poggi T'03
Special Interest: Customer Relationship Management Technologies
Summer Employer: Wheelabrator Technologies
Summer Position: Financial Analyst Intern
Previous Employer: Pegasystems, Inc.
Title: Project Manager
College: Cornell University
Major: Operations Research & Industrial Engineering

Joseph L. Roxe T'03
Special Interest: Web Services and Software Globalization
Summer Employer: Granite Systems
Summer Position: Marketing Intern
Previous Employer: Microsoft Corporation
Title: Development Lead
College: Princeton University
Major: Computer Science

Philip A. Wingard T'03
Special Interest: Application of Information Technologies
Summer Employer: Lakes Region Conservation Trust
Summer Position: Business Consultant
Previous Employer: Glosten Associates, Inc.
Title: IT Department Head and Senior Electrical Engineer
College: University of Washington
Major: Electrical Engineering

Alvaro H. Zumaeta T'03
Special Interest: Telecom & Consumer Goods - Digital Industries
Summer Employer: Samsung Electronics
Summer Position: Marketing Intern
Previous Employer: Black & Decker
Title: Marketing Manager
College: Pontificia Universidad Catolica Del Peru
Major: Industrial Engineering

The center offers an MBA Fellows Program for second-year students interested in digital technology and its broad impact on business today.

Fellows have unique networking opportunities with the center's visitors including executives visiting a number of technology related classes; gain a greater understanding of the issues of digital strategies by working with center faculty and events; and are able to do independent research or write a paid case in an area of interest to the student.

Please see this section for more information on our MBA Fellows Program.

First Year Associates
Emily L. O'Brien T'04
Emily worked for FreeMarkets, Inc., a provider of business-to-business auction software and services for Fortune 500 companies. Emily joined FreeMarkets in 1998 and held various customer relationship positions from startup, through public offering and profitability. Emily received her undergraduate degree in history from Georgetown University and her ESL teacher certification from the BiNational Institute in the Dominican Republic. Her MBA focus is on finance and operations.

David M. Sobie T'04
For the five years preceding Tuck, David worked for FreeMarkets, Inc., the pioneer in business-to-business internet auction software and services. David joined FreeMarkets during the summer of 1997 as the 30th employee and took on a series of ever expanding leadership roles to help manage the organization through rapid growth to become a profitable, public company with over 1000 employees. David is a graduate of Dartmouth College (1994) and is primarily interested in internet commerce models.