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Technology, Globalization and Policy at a Crossroads
Roundtable on Digital Strategies
July 28-30, 2004 - Woodstock, VT
hosted by the Center for Digital Strategies at Tuck
and sponsored by the Carnegie Bosch Institute

A conference for academics from around the world on corporate supply chain issues and their increasing interaction with technology, policy and global trends.

INTERFACES, May-June 2006 Interfaces, May-June 2006
Articles were based on this conference.

M. Eric Johnson's lead article from the special issue of Interfaces
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Roundtable Description
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As managers and management scientists have embraced many new technologies and approaches for improving supply chain competitiveness, these same initiatives have slipped into the middle of many important corporate and public debates: risk and supply chain complexity; supply chain efficiency and price discrimination; low cost sourcing and job migration.

In recognition of these developments, Tuck's Center for Digital Strategies hosted a Supply Chain Thought Leaders Roundtable. Academics from around the world joined in a two-day conference focused on:

  • China and the Global Supply Chain;
  • Supply chain complexity;
  • Economics and the supply chain - Auctions, Negotiations, and Capacity Allocation;
  • Smart Pricing - Integration of pricing technologies with supply chain planning;
  • Impact of information technologies in emerging economies like India;
  • Supply chain risk management; and
  • Impact of technologies like RFID on supply chain planning, security, and privacy.

Sponsored through generous funding from the Carnegie Bosch Institute, this roundtable explored early stage research, gaps in practice and research, and teaching innovations.

The roundtable discussions served as the jumping point for several academic papers that were later collected in a special issue of Interfaces, an international journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.

Conference Chair: M. Eric Johnson, Center for Digital Strategies, Tuck School at Dartmouth

Program Committee: Gerard Cachon, Wharton; Fangruo Chen, Columbia; Jan Hammond, Harvard; Hau Lee, Stanford; Ananth Raman, Harvard; Yossi Sheffi, MIT; David Simchi-Levi, MIT; Jay Swaminathan, University of North Carolina.

"Managing the Organizational Impact of Global Operations" - a Thought Leadership Summit on Digital Strategies
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