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Customer Experience and the Customer-Focused Organization
Roundtable on
Digital Strategies

April 23, 2010
Vevey, Switzerland

European Chapter
Members of the European Roundtable on Digital Strategies participated in a full day discussion to consider how, as we emerge from the economic downturn, companies currently face a new baseline, slower economic growth and increased uncertainty and risk. These circumstances call for continued cost-cutting yet simultaneous innovation and growth; a need for flexibility during a prolonged period of uncertainty; and a renewed focus on the customer experience and getting closer to the customer. Members will discuss the role of the CIO, digital strategies and technology to this end in the current marketplace. Nestlé hosted this Roundtable. [ more ]

(l to r) Keith Sturgill, VP and CIO, Eastman; Sam Howe, EVP and CMO, Time Warner Cable; Puneet Bhasin, SVP & CIO, Waste Management

Technology, Transformation, and Collaborative Leadership
Roundtable on
Digital Strategies

February 17, 2010
Houston, TX

The Roundtable on Digital Strategies met to discuss the role of information technology in driving and enabling corporate change. Given the availability of new technologies, participants considered opportunities for the CIO and the IT organization to play a major role in changing how corporations operate. [ more ]



(l to r) Geir Ramleth, CIO, Bechtel;
Urs Bleisch, Head of Corporate IT, Holcim Group Support, Ltd.; Dan Carroll, VP, Supply Chain Management,
Eaton Corporation

Global Supply Chain Management: Shifting Strategies
Roundtable on
Digital Strategies

October 15, 2009
Frederick, MD

Joint U.S. and
European Chapters
The economic tumult of the last two years has brought additional fragility to the many interdependencies of global supply chains. Given this backdrop, the roundtable focused on preparing for the emerging set of global supply chain challenges, with special focus on risks inherent in current low-cost country human resources, services, material, and product sourcing. Hosted by Bechtel. [ more ]

IT Future

(l to r) Martin Petry, CIO, Hilti; Olivier Gouin, SVP, Group CIO, Nestle; Karl Landert, Corporate CIO, Credit Suisse

Leading the IT Organization of the Future
Roundtable on
Digital Strategies

April 17, 2009
Schaan, Liechtenstein

European Chapter
Managing the IT organization of the future in these volatile economic times was the focus of the April 17, 2009 European Chapter Roundtable on Digital Strategies hosted by Hilti Corporation in Schaan. This roundtable examined how CIOs can respond to change and create new models for the IT organization of the future. [ more ]

Mike Krieger and Lucas Wagenaar

Mike Krieger, Deputy CIO, G-6, U.S. Army; Lucas Wagenaar, VP/IT Sysco

Leading the IT Organization of the Future
Roundtable on
Digital Strategies

February 25, 2009
Arlington, VA

U.S. Chapter
New strategies for managing corporate IT were the focus of the Feb. 25, 2009 Roundtable on Digital Strategies hosted by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DIS) in Arlington, VA. This roundtable examined the forces of change and their impact on the IT organization of the future. [ more ]

Global Mindset, Virtual Organization: The Changing Nature of Corporations
Roundtable on Digital Strategies
September 18, 2008 - Munich, Germany

Joint U.S. & European Chapters
The Joint U.S./European Chapters met on Sept. 18, 2008 at BMW headquarters in Munich to discuss how corporations with their ever-expanding global footprint face new challenges in managing far-flung and diverse partners and customers. [ more ]

Jack PenkoskeGlobal Talent and the Next Generation Workforce
Roundtable on Digital Strategies
June 17, 2008 - Cleveland, Ohio

U.S. Chapter
Members of the U.S. Roundtable Chapter will meet to discuss how a changing world economy is affecting retaining and recruiting employees. [ more ]

Business Essentials for the Information Security Professional
A CDS and Tuck Executive Education Joint Program
May 12-16, 2008 - Hanover, NH

This executive education program, sponsored in part by ISTS through a grant from the Department of Homeland Security, was designed for chief information security officers and their direct reports seeking to enhance their fundamental business skills, to complement their technical expertise and to communicate more effectively with other strategic business leaders in the company. Participants for this program included 30+ security executives from 22 companies. [ more ]

M&A and Divestitures: Integration and Disintegration (Europe)
Roundtable on Digital Strategies
April 4, 2008 - London, England

European Chapter
Members of the European Roundtable Chapter met to discuss key drivers of M&A or divestiture activity in the last couple years. They looked at the different approaches to integration depending on the type of acquisition, and considerations for disentanglement in a divestiture. [ more ]

M&A and Divestitures: Integration and Disintegration
Roundtable on Digital Strategies
February 5, 2008 - San Jose, CA

U.S. Chapter
Members of the U.S. Roundtable Chapter met to discuss best practices for M&A and divestitures in the current business environment, especially in the areas of deal-making, due diligence, and planning, as well as keys to successful integration and separation. [ more ]

European Roundtable Chapter Kickoff Meeting
Roundtable on Digital Strategies
November 2, 2007
Zurich, Switzerland

European Chapter
Members of the European Roundtable Chapter—including Haider Rashid, CIO, ABB; Martin Petry, CIO, Hilti; Urs Bleisch, CIO, Holcim; Olivier Gouin, CIO, Nestlé; and Jim Barrington, CIO, Novartis—gathered for their first organizational meeting. [ more ]

Security through Information Risk Management
An Executive Workshop for CISOs
October 5, 2007 - Hanover, NH

Protecting against economically-driven threats requires building security into the culture so that everyone can recognize the risks. This workshop looked at the role of CISOs and directors of information security in building a secure organization. [ more ]

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Eric Johnson CDS Director M. Eric Johnson recently visited Washington, DC to share a new report on cyber security with members of the Senate. The report, produced by the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection at Dartmouth College, or I3P, examined the cyber security challenges facing the economic, physical, and human infrastructures and asserted that cyber security needs to be a national priority. Read the paper presented. Read more background on Prof. Johnson's research on this topic.

Marc West, CIO, H&R Block Inc.WSJ featured H&R Block's Marc West on the changing role of the CIO.