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The following is a complete list of corporate events, roundtables and workshops, sponsored by the center. To read about current and recent events, return to the main Corporate Events page. For more information on a specific event, click on the event's title to be taken to its individual webpage. To download an article discussing an event's key learnings, click on the PDF icon in the second column.

Key: Str = Strategy, Org = Organization, Mkt = Marketing, Ops = Operations, IT = Information Technology
Corporate Event Series
( in PDF Format)
Str Org Mkt Ops IT Date
Customer Experience and the Customer-Focused Organization TLRDS X X   X 2010-04-23
Technology, Transformation, and Collaborative Leadership TLRDS   X X X 2010-02-17
Leading the IT Organizaton of the Future (Europe) TLRDS X X   X 2009-04-17
Leading the IT Organizaton of the Future (U.S.) TLRDS X X   X 2009-02-25
Global Supply Chain Management, Shifting Strategies TLRDS X X   X 2009-10-15
Global Mindset, Virtual Organization TLRDS X X X 2008-09-18
Global Talent and the Next Generation Workforce TLRDS   X X 2008-06-17
M&A and Divestitures (Europe) TLRDS X X 2008-04-04
M&A and Divestitures (U.S.) TLRDS X X 2008-02-05
European Roundtable Chapter Kickoff Meeting TLRDS X X 2007-11-02
Security through Information Risk Management Executive Workshop X X 2007-10-05
Using and Stewarding Customer Data TLRDS X X 2007-10-04
Web 2.0 and the Corporation TLRDS X X X 2007-06-19
The Agile and Resilient Enterprise TLRDS X X X 2007-02-27
Conducting Business in Emerging Markets TLRDS X X 2006-09-26
Nurturing and Executing Innovation TLRDS X 2006-06-06
The CIO as Strategic Business Partner Executive Workshop X X 2006-04-20
Embedding Information Security Risk Management into the Extended Enterprise Executive Workshop X X 2006-03-01
Strategic Partnering: Managing Joint Ventures and Alliances TLRDS X 2006-02-28
Leveraging the Enterprise through Process Transformation TLRDS X 2005-09-27
Fueling Business Strategy through IT/Finance Alignment TLSDS X 2005-07-05
Gaining Competitive Advantage through Human Resources Management TLSDS X 2005-03-01
Managing the Organizational Impact of Global Operations TLSDS X X 2004-10-04
Security and Privacy: At Odds with Speed and Collaboration? TLSDS X 2004-05-25
Making the Link between Sales and Operations Planning TLSDS X X 2004-02-17
Enabling a Customer-Focused Organization TLSDS X 2003-09-09
Collaborative Product Generation TLSDS X 2003-05-13
Service and Support: From Cost Reduction to Revenue Generation TLSDS X 2003-02-11
Channel Management Strategies: Digital Partnering TLSDS X 2002-08-06
Real-Time Profit Optimization TLSDS X X 2002-01-14