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Center for Digital Strategies Brimstone Consulting Group
The CIO as Strategic Business Partner: Leading Change and Driving Results
April 19-20, 2006 - Hanover, NH
A workshop hosted by the Center for Digital Strategies, Tuck Executive Education, and the Brimstone Consulting Group

In this workshop, CIOs from 18 Fortune 500 companies—including Eastman Chemical, Eaton, Fidelity, H&R Block, Hasbro, IBM, Pfizer, Reebok, Time Warner Cable, and Waste Management—discussed how the IT organization is leading change and increasing strategic effectiveness.

Press Release
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Overview Article
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Marc West, CIO, H&R Block Inc.WSJ features H&R Block's Marc West on the changing role of the CIO.

CIOs influence business decisions and strategy, while maintaining the network, deploying new technology, and keeping a secure environment. Their unique perspective on technologically-enabled, breakthrough approaches can have great bearing on corporate strategy and operational processes if it can be integrated into the planning process. Their experience with changing technologies and view across the organization offer a unique vantage point and experience from which to help drive positive change in the enterprise.

But there are many obstacles to overcome to get to the point of maximizing their organization's contribution to the enterprise and adding the value to help drive the company.

In this workshop (see the Overview Article for a complete summary), we looked at how CIOs can serve their companies more effectively, help drive strategy, and lead the organizational change needed to allow their company to succeed. The goal of this workshop was to further our collective knowledge about leading change and driving results. We did this through a conversation about best practices among a small group of Fortune 500 CIOs. We looked at best practices that address the following:

  • How does the CIO prepare his or her organization for the increasingly challenging role they must play?

  • How do the CIO and the IT organization partner with other senior executives in the corporation, playing the appropriate role in strategy setting, business planning and process execution internally or in the extended enterprise?

  • How does the CIO help drive change in the enterprise?

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