The Management Survey


One of our goals for MapEcos is to provide managers of industrial facilities an opportunity to tell the public (and each other) about steps they are taking to protect the environment and the good things they bring their communities.

The Harvard Business School developed a survey which asks about environmental management practices and efforts at the facility level.  We obtained a contact list for representatives of the facilities that report to the TRI, and we emailed a survey to each person on the list.  Of course, the survey is voluntary and some facilities may choose not to respond or they may choose not to disclose any information on the map. 

Facilities that disclose any survey responses will be marked with a green ring on MapEcos. This will highlight to map users which facilities are sharing information about their environmental management practices on the map. 

For Facility Representatives:

If you have received an email and are trying to find out more about the site, welcome MapEcos provides information about the site, the team, and the goals of our project.  We suggest starting at home and exploring from there. 

If you have not received an email and would like to complete the survey for your facility, please click here.  We will call you back to confirm you are a qualified representative for your facility, and then we will send you connection information about how to take the survey.

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete.  You can skip question, return and change you answers.  When you are finished, you can decide whether to disclose some (or all, or none) of your survey responses on MapEcos. Unless you choose to disclose it, the information you provide in the survey will be kept confidential and used only by the faculty associated with this project. 

As shown in the above example to the left, you simply click on the appropriate button and we do the rest.  In less than an hour, your information will appear in your facility "bubble" on the "operations" tab.

A mockup of a bubble appears below:



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