Professors Andrew King (Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth) , Michael Lenox (Fuqua School of Business), and Michael Toffel (Harvard Business School ) conceptualized MapEcos to support their academic research and to provide a public service to a variety of stakeholders: managers of the facilities depicted on MapEcos, members of the communities where these facilities are located, environmental regulators, and the general public.

MapEcos is powered by the MapMundi Mapping Platform, created by the inspired people at (principally Evan Tice, Chris Hughes, Loren Sands-Ramshaw, and Jason Reeves). Their abilities and vision helped inspire the project as a whole. Without their amazing talents, the project would never have happened. MapEcos is the first site to use the MapMundi platform, and was also developed by the MapMundi team.

Harvard Business School’s Research Computing Services (principally Toni Wegner, John Galvin, and John Sheridan) provided immense support and insight. They created the survey system that enables companies to add data to MapEcos, and provided useful and timely input on important design decisions. Their efforts improved the project enormously.

John Wallace, Richard Brittain, and the rest of the Research Computing group at Dartmouth provided their valuable knowledge and time, not to mention the hardware which powers our site. We greatly appreciate their generosity, kindness, and understanding. Thank you.

We gratefully acknowledge several sources of financial support for MapEcos, including Duke University’s Corporate Sustainability Initiative and Social Science Research Initiative, the Charlie Crane Research Fellowship (within the Allwin Initiative) at Dartmouth College, the good graces of the Tuck School at Dartmouth’s Dean Robert Hanson (thanks Bob!), and Harvard Business School’s Division of Research and Faculty Support. Andrew King also provided substantial support to the project from personal funds (thanks Andy for going through midlife crisis at just the right time).



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