The MapEcos team is eager to help you with whatever problem you may have, but we have limited resources.  Most team members have donated their time to the MapEcos project and have other responsibilities. 


If you would like to find out how to report facility information, click here, or go to the main site and click the "Report Facility Information" link.  We will confirm you are an authorized representative before we send you access information.


If you are confused about how to use the site, try the "Using the Site" page.  Or, for more immediate help try the "help" button on the main site


If you have found facility information that is inaccurate, click on the "report inaccurate information" link on that facilities point bubble and fill out the form.


If you are experiencing errors on the site, please try a different browser.  The site works best in Firefox.  Download it here.


If you want to send us money to keep us going or extend what we do, check out the "Support" page on this site or just send cash in large denominations.  Just kidding (about the cash).


For anything that can wait a few hours, email us as


If you have an absolute emergency, call us at 603-646-0846.



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