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Technology Enabling Nonprofits
Edward Granger-Happ, Chairman of NetHope, discusses how IT and Web 2.0 are changing the way relief organizations organize and deliver aid. (Interview by Deepika Chauhan T'08)

The Possibilities of RFID
Sanjay Sarma of OAT Systems and Auto-ID Labs discusses some interesting and surprising uses of RFID technology and tags, and the future impact it will have on the consumer. (Interview by Patrick Redmond T'07)

Innovation and Technology
Hasbro's CIO Doug Schwinn comments on how CIOs can contribute to innovation in their firms, through business processes, business models, and product development. (Interview by M. Eric Johnson, CDS director)

Improving the Steinway System
Bruce Stevens, president of Steinway & Sons, discusses how the company integrates technology and new processes without compromising the hallowed Steinway brand. (Interview by Patrick Redmond T'07)

Eaton, IT on the Offense
CEO Sandy Cutler T'75 discusses how Eaton looks for new markets, new ways to do business, and new offerings that blend services and products, and how IT can drive organizational change. (Interview by Michael Guido T'07)

Multi-Channel Marketing Made "Easy"
Don LeBlanc, SVP of Customer Marketing at Staples, discusses the brand-building success of the "Easy" campaign, and how technology is bridging and coordinating its retail, catalog, and website channels to provide customers a better, more seamless shopping experience. (Interview by Carlos Martinez Mozo T'06)

IT and the Environmental Footprint
Gary Smith discusses the importance of IT in managing Timberland's global supply chain, and how a technology-enabled, increasingly transparent supply chain advances the company's commitment to environmental responsibility. (Interview by Dan McGuire T'06)

IT and the Automotive Industry
Glenn Mercer discusses how IT has affected design and production in the automotive industry, in particular the idea of "build-to-order". He also addresses the future of automotive telematics, including global positioning systems and usage-based car insurance. (Interview by Darren A. Perry T'05)

Security or Visibility: Which Is IT?
Savi Technology has been a leader in emphasizing the synergies between supply chain visibility and security. Blair LaCorte, EVP, Marketing and Business Development shares his viewpoint on IT and supply chain technology management. (Interview by Julia Kidd T'04)

Climbing the Supply Chain Summit
Kevin Holian, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Management, and Don Ralph, Senior VP of Logistics, discuss the impact of Staples' highly successful Summit Supply Chain Improvement Initiative on the company's people, processes, technology, and bottom line. (Interview by Michael Gozycki T'04)

Digital Technologies: Shaping the Future of Business
Abbie Lundberg is the Editor-in-Chief of CIO Magazine and a leading expert on technology and business issues companies are facing today. Listen to her opinion of how digital technologies are shaping the future of business. (Interview by Justin Kreter T'03)

IT Transformation through Customer Focus
Bob Leach the Vice President of IT at Stora-Enso describes how creating customer focus in an IT department can revolutionize an old-line industry. (Interview by Jonathan Kwoh T'02)

The Internet: Impact on P&G
John Pepper, CEO of Procter and Gamble, reflects on how IT, the Internet, and globalization are transforming P&G's consumer products strategy. (Interview by Jonathan Kwoh T'02)

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