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Admob VP Talks about Mobile Advertising
Jason Spero is Vice President of Marketing at AdMob. He is responsible for global marketing activities in AdMob's more than 160 country markets. Jason spoke with the Center for Digital Strategies Program Manager, Jennifer Childs, and Adam Carson, T'10, a Center for Digital Strategies MBA Fellow, about the mobile advertising marketplace of today and possibilities in the future.
Interactive Marketing at Pepsi
Pepsi and Tribal DDB create unique interactive marketing campaigns that engage consumers and give them the tools to become brand ambassadors. (Interview by Vik Rana T'08)

Balancing Innovation and Risk at Facebook
Chris Kelly discusses Facebook's approach for prioritizing innovation and how that allows the company to take big risks. (Interview by Jason Freedman T'08)

L.L. Bean, Looking Forward
Leon Gorman discusses the challenges L.L. Bean faces entering the retail business, exploring international growth, and maintaining family ownership in an industry that is seeing increasing numbers of well-financed multi-nationals in the marketplace. (Interview by M. Eric Johnson)

Bean Looks for the Best Fit
Steve Fuller discusses what L.L. Bean looks for in strategic technology partnerships as well as in partners for potential co-branding efforts, such as Subaru and the Weather Channel. (Interview by Allan Hui T'07)

Research Makes a Difference
Mike Hess shares findings from a recent OMD-Yahoo! study on the four major purchase paths and looks at how enhanced search has transformed the "purchase funnel" into a "purchase tumbler". (Interview by Supreet Ahluwalia T'07)

Customer Insight at Starwood
Starwood's Global Market Research & Guest Satisfaction and Customer Insight groups marry transactional data with behavioral data to drive new brand strategies and initiatives. (Interview by David Charles T'07)

Yahoo! and You
Anke Audenart, VP of Content Optimization, talks about the growing amount of "pulled" (search- and user-generated) content on the web, and Yahoo's decision to go mobile with Yahoo! Go. (Interview by Prashanth Kamath T'07)

Marketing Intelligence at CVS
CVS ExtraCare is the single largest retail loyalty card program in the U.S. Adrian Sosa T'02 discusses the role of market research in managing this extensive member base, and how IT helps measure marketing success. (Interview by David Charles T'07)

The Future of Games
Nichol Bradford, Global Director of Strategic Growth at Vivendi Games, discusses the future of the gaming industry, including connected consoles, in-game advertising, and episodic content. (Interview by Allan Hui T'07)

Improving the Steinway System
Bruce Stevens, president of Steinway & Sons, discusses how the company integrates technology and new processes without compromising the hallowed Steinway brand. (Interview by Patrick Redmond T'07)

IT and the Pepsi Challenge
Pepsi-Cola North America CEO Dawn Hudson discusses how information technology is a critical component in successfully communicating operations standards and marketing campaigns with its franchise partners. (Interview by Supreet Ahluwalia T'07)

Marketing's New Landscape
Joe Uva, President and CEO of OMD Worldwide, stresses advertising's need for better metrics—to better analyze today's complex consumer data sets, and enable better modeling techniques. (Interview by Michael Guido T'07)

Multi-Channel Marketing Made "Easy"
Don LeBlanc, SVP of Customer Marketing at Staples, discusses the brand-building success of the "Easy" campaign, and how technology is bridging and coordinating its retail, catalog, and website channels to provide customers a better, more seamless shopping experience. (Interview by Carlos Martinez Mozo T'06)

Content Is King
With growing competition from non-CE companies, including Apple, Cisco, and Microsoft, Samsung looks to gain ground through its alliances with digital content providers such as Yahoo! and XM Radio. Jim Sanduski discusses the industry's evolution away from stand-alone devices and Samsung's stance in the Blu-ray/HD-DVD debate. (Interview by Mike Lewis T'06)

Intel Inside ... the Digital Home
As Intel moves more into the digital home space, the company is becoming more concerned with such consumer issues as ease-of-use and interoperability. Ted Odell, Strategic Planning Director for Intel's Digital Home Group, shares how his group's user-centered research is helping Intel's OEMs meet consumer needs. (Interview by Genevieve Chan, CDS Staff)

Sign In, Sports Fans!
With the increase of independently produced content, e.g., blogs and podcasts, traditional media companies such as ESPN are embracing new technologies to create new ways to deliver its branded content. Russell Wolff shares ESPN's recent success with SMS text messages and online fantasy leagues, and its new MVNO. (Interview by Navin Rajaram T'06)

Storage and Standards
With PC competitors closing the price gap, Dell turns to its longtime tenets of offering complete solutions and supporting open standards technology to keep the company ahead, particularly in the fast-growing storage market for consumers and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). (Interview by Matt Trail T'06)

Personalization Key to the Digital Home
With several new players vying for control in the digital home - service providers, content providers, software vendors, etc. - DirecTV plans to distinguish itself through its enhanced, personalized entertainment service. (Interview by Pratip Banerji T'05)

Branding, IT and Financial Services
With the acquisition of FleetBoston, Bank of America became the second-largest bank in the U.S. James Thomson, SVP, Corporate Branding, discusses how acquisitions are integrated from a brand perspective, and how data integration and data mining have affected branding efforts in the financial services industry. (Interview by Julia Kidd T'04)

L.L. Bean Online Matures: Search & Merchandising Key to E-Commerce
Bill Pond, Manager of LL Bean's website, interviewed with Radio Tuck in October, 2003. In the interview, Bill reveals how LL Bean uses the internet to complement its core catalog retail business. He also sheds light on how his pervious experience at startup,, influences how he manages LL Bean's online operations. (Interview by Brian Wallace T'04)

Digital Marketing in a Traditional Institution
Christopher Chambers is currently serving as the Managing Director for all business operations involved with "America's Army", the Army's PC-based communication effort. His interview with Radio Tuck focused on how the Army is currently using digital technologies such as the "America's Army" game to spark interest in the US Army. (Interview by Justin Kreter T'03)

Digital Technologies in the Publishing Industry
Digital technologies are shaping the future of the publishing industry both at McGraw-Hill as well as in the industry at large. Michael McLean reveals some insights. (Interview by Justin Kreter T'03)

Digital Video Media and Entertainment
Two executives from Paramount Digital and Sony Imageworks share their thoughts on how digital technologies are shaping and molding the film and visual media industries. (Interview by Justin Kreter T'03)

Bricks and Clicks
Tom Jeffery spoke with Radio Tuck about K-B Toys' recently implemented customer relations management (CRM) system and the integration of their bricks and mortar toy stores with their online web presence. (Interview by Justin Kreter T'03)

Digital Technologies: Shaping the Future of Business
Abbie Lundberg is the Editor-in-Chief of CIO Magazine and a leading expert on technology and business issues companies are facing today. Listen to her opinion of how digital technologies are shaping the future of business. (Interview by Justin Kreter T'03)

Contextual Marketing:
The Real Business of the Internet

John Marshall shares insights from his new book "Contextual Marketing: The Real Business of the Internet". The architect of the transformation strategies Digitas presents to its clients reflects on the strategies behind contextual marketing and its use to determine potential consumers.(Interview by Jonathan Kwoh T'02)

Cross-Channel Success
Kelly Mahoney, Chief Marketing Officer for, the catalog and Web division of Staples, describes the source of their success and where she anticipates cross channel selling will go. (Interview by Jonathan Kwoh T'02)

Analyze This: Web Analytic Tools for Marketing
Larry Bohn, the CEO of Net Genesis explains how web analytics solutions are created and how they aid in executing a marketing strategy. (Interview by Jonathan Kwoh T'02)

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