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Information as Strategic Asset
NewVantage's Capability Maturity Model measures information management in companies, where the most mature companies see information as a competitive weapon, manage it as a strategic asset, and use it for innovation. (Interview by Aram Donigian T'08)

Managing Information Risk
Robin Sundaram, VP, Information Security, shares how ChoicePoint is driving information risk management into the organization. (Interview by Jennifer Childs)

Consumer Advocacy at ChoicePoint
Katherine Bryant, VP of Consumer Advocacy at ChoicePoint, describes the data broker's increased efforts to build a stronger, more direct relationship with consumers. (Interview by David Charles T'07)

Getting Personal with Facebook
Chris Kelly talks about the role of the Chief Privacy Officer, particularly at social networking sites like Facebook, and how the responsible use of data builds trust with customers. (Interview by Supreet Ahluwalia T'07)

Microsoft's Privacy Strategy
As companies collect more behavioral data to create more value for customers, privacy executives and product developers must work together to find a balance between customer expectations in service and privacy. (Interview by Michael Guido T'07)

Privacy and the Digital Home
Latanya Sweeney discusses the increasing convergence of the communications, media and technology industries and its impact on the consumer. With the "digital home" close to becoming a reality, what privacy and security measures will need to be implemented for this convergence to be successful? (Interview by Craig Dixon T'05)

Security or Visibility: Which Is IT?
Savi Technology has been a leader in emphasizing the synergies between supply chain visibility and security. Blair LaCorte, EVP, Marketing and Business Development shares his viewpoint on IT and supply chain technology management. (Interview by Julia Kidd T'04)

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