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Britt Technology Impact Series

"Mobile Future" Panel
April 28, 2010
Perry LaForge T'04, Founder, Executive Director and Chairman,CDMA Development Group
Mike Mulica, CEO, FusionOne
Barry West, Strategic Advisor, Clearwire
Moderator: Mark Lowenstein, Managing Director, Mobile Ecosystem
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Perry LaForge T'84Mike MulicaBarry WestMark Lowenstein

Mary McDowell"Mobile Money" Speaker
April 21, 2010
Mary McDowell, EVP and CDO, Nokia
Moderator: Ron Adner, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Tuck
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"Mobile Advertising" Panel
March 31, 2010
Adam Cahill, Senior Vice President, Director of Digital Media, Hill Holiday
Lars Albright, Director, Publisher Partnerships & Alliances, Apple, Inc.
Moderator: Carl Howe, Director, Anywhere Consumer Research, Yankee Group

Adam Cahill Lars Albright Carl Howe
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Margot Carlson Delogne"Location-Based Services" Speaker
March 3, 2010
Margot Carson Delogne, Vice President fo Global Communications

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"Mobile TV Value Chain: Business Models and Monetizing 3G" Panel
February 24, 2010
Dan York, Executive Vice President, Content, AT&T
Jonathan Barzilay, Senior Vice President, Programming & Advertising, FLO TV/Qualcomm
Matt Murphy, Senior Vice President, Digital Video Distribution, Disney & ESPN
Media Networks
Moderator: Alva Taylor, Associate Professor, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

Dan York Jonathan Barzilay Matt Murphy Alva Taylor
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"Mobile Strategy: Technology, Entertainment and Innovation"

January 13, 2010
Industry experts, business leaders, academics and vendors gathered to discuss mobile strategy and display mobile technologies on the Tuck campus. The panel was a strategic conversation on this year's theme, “Mobile Strategy: Technology, Entertainment and Innovation” in which the following distinct vantage points were heard:

Terry Kramer, Regional President, Vodafone Americas
Mark VandenBrink, VP, Technology Solutions, Samsung Telecommunications America
Kevin Bradshaw, CEO, Buzzd
Moderator: Emily Green, CEO & President, Yankee Group
Terry Kramer Mark VandenBrink Kevin Bradshaw Emily Nagle Green
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The Britt Teck@Tuck BTIS on TwitterTechnology Impact Series (BTIS) is a program of MBA-facing initiatives including panels and conferences, Tech@Tuck events, industry speakers and academic seminars focused on a yearly theme, illuminating the impact of a technology on individuals and enterprises. At the end of each year, the Center produces an overview to summarize learning from the various events and providing students with tangible perspectives on the relevant business and technology issues.

This Year's Focus is Mobile Technology.

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This program is made possible by a generous donation from Glenn Britt, CEO & President of Time Warner Cable. Mr. Britt is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Tuck School of Business.

Special appreciation for support of this series also goes to IBM.

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