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Consumer Data

Consumer data is the lifeblood of many industries, from insurance to hospitality to retailing to banking. Using the data they collect and purchase, firms can tailor their offerings to provide compelling value to their customers. Yet, with that data comes the responsibility of protecting consumer privacy and trust.

The Center for Digital Strategies is exploring the issues of managing customer data through programs, events, and research—as shown below—each effort exploring different questions about the application of this data, customer expectations, and security and privacy concerns.

Using and Stewarding Customer Data
Thought Leadership Roundtable on Digital Strategies
October 4, 2007 - Hanover, NH

How has the view of the use of customer data changed in the last few years? What are the key enablers of and challenges to smart use and stewardship? This roundtable will look at strategies for meeting and exceeding customer expectations with data use. [ more ]
Delight or Despair Delight or Despair
M. Eric Johnson
MIT Sloan Management Review

The ability to harness customer data is proving to be a significant source of competitive advantage for service industries. Customers will readily share information when they see firms using data to enhance their experiences. But data-driven interactions can easily cross the line from customer delight into customer despair. Oftentimes this despair is caused by one of three common pitfalls.
report in PDF format (572K) ]
Tech@Tuck Executive Panel Managing Consumer Data Panel

This panel explored the business case not only for using personal data in products and services, but also for working with consumers to manage their privacy. The discussion addressed how firms decide what data to collect; how they extract value from that data; and what are some challenges they face in and applying this data? [ more ]
Tech@Tuck Information Sessions Managing Consumer Data Info Sessions

Different organizations presented on topics such as: What should consumers know about general data protection best practices? Which industries are ranked the best in terms of customer trust and customer response? What should consumers know about loyalty programs? How do companies use customer feedback to better their business? [ more ]
Robert Ellis Smith, The Privacy Journal Where's Your Personal Data?
The Use and Abuse of Consumer Information

Co-sponsored by the Dartmouth Centers Forum and the Allwin Initiative

This Ethics Fireside Chat featured Katherine Bryant, ChoicePoint's VP of Consumer Advocacy, and Robert Ellis Smith, publisher of the Privacy Journal. The discussion, moderated by Professor Richard Shreve, addressed how data is collected and processed, what protections are in place, and where there are risks of abuse. [ Fireside Chat ] [ Privacy Journal article ]
with The Hopkins Center for the Arts

With cutting-edge digital animation, video and electronic music, SUPER VISION, a new play by The Builders Association and dbox, makes the invisible "datasphere" visible, using the language and technologies of surveillance itself. [ more ]

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