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Strategic Information Management under Leakage in a Supply Chain
Technology, Innovation, and Learning
November 10, 2008

Speaker: Assistant Professor Krishnan Anand, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania
Krishnan Anand is Assistant Professor of Operations and Information Management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. His research spans the areas of Operations / Supply Chain Management as well as the economics of Information Systems, and the interface of these two disciplines.
[ Paper in PDF format (462K) ]

WEIS WEIS: Workshop on the Economics of Information Security
June 25-28, 2008

The Center for Digital Strategies, in partnership with Microsoft, the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P), and Dartmouth’s Institute for Security Technology Studies, invited a group of over 100 interdiscplinary experts in information security to discuss cybercrime and protection of digital information. [ more ]

Privacy Protection and Technology Diffusion: The Case of Electronic Medical Records
Technology, Innovation, and Learning
May 22, 2008

Speaker: Assistant Professor Catherine Tucker, Sloan School of Business, MIT
Catherine Tucker is the Douglas Drane Career Development Professor in IT and Management at the Sloan School of Business. Her research interests include network effects, marketing of platform technologies and two-sided networks, search and the internet.
[ Paper in PDF format (462K) ]

Global Competitors as Next-Door Neighbors
Technology, Innovation, and Learning
September 27, 2007

Speaker: Assistant Professor Minyuan Zhao, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
Minyuan Zhao is the Assistant Professor of strategy at the Ross School of Business. Her research interests are in the interaction between firm strategies and external environments in a global context.
[ Paper in PDF format (223K) ]

Making Waves: Market Incentives and Organizational Capabilities
Technology, Innovation, and Learning
October 20, 2006

Speaker: Professor Rebecca Henderson, Sloan School of Business, MIT
Rebecca Henderson is the Eastman Kodak Professor of management at the Sloan School of Business. She specializes in technology strategy and in the broader strategic problems faced by firms in high technology industries. Her current research focuses upon the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
[ Paper in PDF format (240K) ]

Collaboration Rules
Technology, Innovation, and Learning
April 6, 2006

Speaker: Philip Evans, SVP, The Boston Consulting Group
Today, large, complex collaborative networks—within, among, and independent of traditional economic organizations—have a greater reliance on trust, but this trust gives them competitive advantages in activities where complexity, innovation, and adaptability are key priorities.
[ Presentation in PDF format (1227K) ]

Corporate Venture Capital and the Returns to Acquiring Entrepreneurial Firms
Technology, Innovation, and Learning
March 28, 2006

Speaker: Professor Rosemarie Ziedonis, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
Firms often provide funding to start-ups to help identify potential acquisition targets. However, estimates suggest that shareholders of frequent CVC investors gain from acquisitions of entrepreneurial firms made outright, but lose from CVC-backed acquisitions. Is there a price corporations pay for "trying before they buy"?
[ Paper in PDF Format (158K) ]

Carbon Is Free?: Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Diffusion of No Regrets Innovation
Technology, Innovation, and Learning
October 6, 2005

Speaker: Professor Karl T. Ulrich, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
In this seminar, we will attempt to bring together the perspectives of economics, engineering, marketing, and operations management. We will examine the interaction between carbon-dioxide emissions reductions and firm-level productivity, and the potential consumer benefits of environmentalism.
[ Abstract in PDF format (79K) ]

Understanding Volatility of R&D Performance: When Does Success Breed Failure?
Technology, Innovation, and Learning
December 7, 2004

Speakers: Professor Gary Pisano and Francesca Gino, Post Doctoral Fellow, Harvard Business School
Can a firm affect its R&D output and R&D volatility by modifying its behavior toward risk or by changing the policy it uses to manage its projects portfolio? We explored the effect of scale, resource allocation strategies, risk preferences, and behavior towards available information.
[ Paper in PDF format (331K) ]

Selfish Designs:
What Computer Designs Need from the Economy and How They Get It

Technology, Innovation, and Learning
October 19, 2004

Speaker: Professor Carliss Baldwin, Harvard Business School
In this seminar, we looked at the world from the "designs' point of view" to understand the economic institutions and mechanisms by which new designs and new artifacts come into existence.
[ Abstract in PDF format (74K) ]
[ Presentation in PPT ]

Technology, Globalization, and Policy at a Crossroads
Supply Chain Thought Leaders Roundtable
July 28-30, 2004 - Woodstock, VT
hosted by the Center for Digital Strategies
Many of the new technologies and approaches for supply chain competitiveness have become part of corporate and public debates: risk and supply chain complexity; supply chain efficiency and price discrimination; low cost sourcing and job migration. Academics from around the world joined in a two-day conference focused on these issues. [ more ]

The Technology, Innovation, and Learning seminar series, sponsored by the Center for Digital Strategies and the Dean's Office at Tuck, promotes research and discussion related to technological innovation and organizational learning. Visiting speakers perform research at the interface of economics, operations, strategy, marketing, and organizations.

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