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2002 - 2006 In the Press Archive: The following is a list of the center's press hits in table format for easier browsing. This table is sortable. Click on a column header to sort in ascending order. Click on a column header twice to sort in descending order.

Article Title Publication Date
Battle to Make "Hot Toy" The Washington Times 2006-12
Troubleshooting Tips from HP's CEO U.S. News & World Report

PS3 Puts Shopping into the Danger Zone Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2006-11
Is That Cool or What? Valley News 2006-11
Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo Poised for Battle The Sydney Morning Herald 2006-11
Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo Get Ready to Rumble Scientific American 2006-11
PS3 Supply Woes: Which Console Wins? Sci-Tech Today.com 2006-11
Elmo's Tickled Red LA Times 2006-10
HP CEO Faces Gantlet at Hearings USA Today 2006-09
House Committee Awaits HP Documents Related to Scandal USA Today 2006-09
The HP Way? Hardly U.S. News & World Report 2006-09
At HP, a Scandal That's Good for Investors U.S. News & World Report 2006-09
Costs to the U.S. Economy of Information Infrastructure Failure U.S. News & World Report 2006-09
Ready for the Digital Future? Supply Chain Management Review 2006-07
CIOs Use Board Membership to Advance Careers SearchCIO.com (CIO Decisions) 2006-07
Microsoft's Gates to Move Out of Daily Role Dow Jones News Service 2006-06
New Sun CEO Is Unconventional, Controversial Wall Street Journal 2006-04
Sun Micro's New Chief Pledges to Revive Sales Growth Bloomberg 2006-04
American Girl Place Opens in Los Angeles Los Angeles Times 2006-04
The Road to Microsoft Concord Monitor 2006-04
Massport WiFi Dispute Bloomberg 2006-02
Just in Time for the Holidays HBR 2005-12
A Ripping Good Idea Valley News 2005-11
Opportunities and Challenges in IT/Finance Alignment Knowledge@Wharton 2005-11
Campus Precedents Inside Arts 2005-09
A Broader Context for Information Security Financial Times 2005-09
U.S. Economy to Feel Katrina's Force The Boston Globe 2005-09
The eBay eXtravaganza NHPR 2005-08
New Strategy for HP? The New York Times 2005-07
Overhauling the "HP Way" BusinessWeek.com 2005-07
Transforming HR Personnel Today 2005-05
Running a Global Company Well Poses Major Operational Challenges Knowledge@Wharton 2005-03
Questions 'R' Still Unanswered New Jersey Star-Ledger 2005-03
IBM Exit from PC Business Has Been One Long Goodbye San Francisco Chronicle 2004-12
IBM Focuses on Services, Outsourcing Units Forbes Magazine 2004-12
Upper Valley Getting Up to Speed Valley News 2004-11
A Travel Guide to Collaboration CIO Magazine 2004-11
Security Summit Network World 2004-11
Talking to Wall Street CIO Magazine 2004-10
Power of Partnerships Financial Times 2004-10
CIOs Optimistic Information Week 2004-09
Home Theaters: Now Showing Valley News 2004-09
IT Security in the Extended Enterprise Financial Times 2004-08
Creating a Buzz in Consumer Products Boston Globe 2004-05
All the World's a Stage Fortune 2004-05
Cyber Age: Offshoring Is Brain-sharing The Statesman 2004-04
Groom or Recruit? CIO Insight 2004-03
Measuring Efficiency Operations & Fulfillment 2004-01
Who Wins and Who Loses as Job Move Overseas The New York Times 2003-12
Outsourcing: The Calculus of Migrating Jobs International Herald Tribune 2003-12
Leaders of Internet Business iQ Magazine 2003-11
Trick or Treat! Now Start the Shopping Countdown The Washington Post 2003-11
The Wireless Warehouse RF Tagging–The Next Step Profit Magazine 2003-11
Lights, Camera ... Sales New Jersey Star-Ledger 2003-10
Offshore Outsourcing CIO Magazine 2003-09
Governing from the Inside Out: First Information Technology, Then Corporate, Governance Profit Magazine 2003-04
Supply Chain Risk: Deal With It Harvard Management Update 2003-03
It's Not Child's Play—Toy Fair Key Link for Buyers and Sellers in a $20 Billion Industry New Jersey Star-Ledger 2003-02
Fortune 500 CIOs Address Services as a Business Strategy Upperbusiness.com 2003-02
Tuck School Hosts Summit on Digital Strategies Connecticut Valley Spectator 2003-02
A New Phenomenon? The Washington Post 2002-12
eBay Plays Toy Industry Barometer ... The Washington Post 2002-11
The Hardware IT Market CIO Magazine 2002-10
Is Business Technology Know-How Absent on Most Boards? InfoWeek 2002-10