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In the Press Archive: The following is a list of the center's press hits in table format for easier browsing. This table is sortable. Click on a column header to sort in ascending order. Click on a column header twice to sort in descending order.
2002-2006 press archive - click here

Article Title Publication Date
Is Leo Apotheker a Good Fit as H-P's New CEO? Wall Street Journal 2010-10
New HP CEO Fails to Rouse Investors, Shares Slide Reuters 2010-10
Analysts say HP Will Become the Final Winner CNET 2010-09
3Par Excellence: Why HP and Dell May Fight to the Finish Ecommerce Times 2010-08
3Par Bidding War: Are Dell and HP Crazy? CNN Money 2010-08
Banked Billions Spark Tech Takeover Shopping Spree CNN Money 2010-08
Report: Privacy Insecurities Plague Electronic Healthcare CMIO 2010-07
Insecurities Plague Electronic Health Care Science Daily 2010-07
Global Business Information Security China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing 2010-07
Study Shows Healthcare Data Still Leaked Over P2P Networks Processor 2010-06
Four Hundred Opportunities Groups of Logistics Corriere Della Sera 2010-06
Hackers Aren't Only Threat To Privacy Wall Street Journal 2010-06
Tuck's First App Tuck Today 2010-06
Patient Data CMIO 2010-06
Disasters' Impact Hits BP, Massey, Toyota Stocks USA Today 2010-06
4 Top Leadership Programs for CIO's CIO Zone 2010-05
P2P Networks Pose Serious Risks: Study Healthcare Info Security 2010-05
P2P Networks a Treasure Trove of Leaked Health Care Data, Study Finds Computerworld 2010-05
P2P Networks a Treasure Trove of Leaked Health Care Data, Study Finds Computerworld 2010-05
Apple's Forbidden Fruit - iPad Scarcity Creates Dramatic Effect for Jobs New York Post 2010-04
Oracle to Buy Sun, Quakes to Shake Datacenters Everywhere BNET 2009-04
Loads of Sensitive Medical Records Found on P2P SoftPedia 2009-03
FTC Sounds Alarm: Data Leaking Onto P2P Networks USA Today 2010-02
FTC Issues Warnings to Plug P2P Security Holes Scientific American 2010-02
FTC Warns Nearly 100 Firms of P2P Data Leaks Computerworld 2010-02
FTC Notifies 100 Organizations about P2P Leaks SC Magazine 2010-02
Other Recalls Show Drop In Toyota Shares Might Not Last USA Today 2010-01
Zu Zu's Supply Chain Safety LA Times 2009-12
House bill seeking government P2P ban Computerworld 2009-10
Is Perfect Access Control Possible? Information Security Magazine 2009-09
SHB Workshop Schneier on Security 2009-06
Strong Medicine CFO Magazine 2009-05
Interview with M. Eric Johnson - part 3 Foley Hoag Blog 2009-05
Interview with M. Eric Johnson - part 2 Foley Hoag Blog 2009-05
Interview with M. Eric Johnson - part 1 Foley Hoag Blog 2009-04
Has IT process standardization gone too far? Computerworld 2009-03
The risk disconnect Purchasing 2009-03
Potential Fallout from an IBM and Sun Deal BNET 2009-03
Keeping Private Healthcare Data Private NHPR 2009-03
Classified data on president's helicopter leaked via P2P, found on Iranian computer Computerworld 2009-03
Medical data leakage rampant on P2P networks SC Magazine 2009-02
Hospital Workers Sharing Music? They May Also Be Sharing Your Medical Records Scientific American 2009-02
Cyber security report emphasizes cooperation The Dartmouth 2009-02
P2P networks rife with sensitive health care data, researcher warns Computerworld 2009-01
Data scams have kicked into high gear as markets tumble USA Today 2009-01
Entertainment executives discuss technology The Dartmouth 2009-01
Missing This Season: A Must-Have Toy Business Week 2008-12
U.S. Not Prepared to Deal With Cybercrime SC Magazine 2008-12
Techie Toys Top of the List Irish Times 2008-12
A Very Anxious Christmas for Toys 'R' Us Business Week 2008-12
Tuck Grad Students List Top Toys for 2008 Connecticut Valley Spectator 2008-12
2008 CIO Hall of Fame CIO 2008-12
Toys 'R' Us Racing Into Holiday Battle Chicago Tribune 2008-10
Op-Ed by Johnson Wall Street Journal 2008-10
Interview with CDS Executive Director CIO 2008-10
Young Workers, Virtual Problems Forbes.com 2008-09
Tech Companies Scramble in Financial Meltdown Reuters 2008-09
I3P teams with Senate on cyber security The Dartmouth 2008-10
P2P File-Sharing Sinks Ships eCommerce Times 2008-10
WEIS 2008 Network World 2008-10
Your Data and the P2P Peril Information Week 2008-10
Mortgages and Identity Theft Wall Street Journal 2008-10
INFORMS 2008 Annual Meeting   2008-10
Young Workers, Virtual Problems Forbes 2008-10
Tech Companies Scramble in Financial Meltdown Reuters 2008-10
Survival Training For CIOs Forbes 2008-08
WEIS 2008: Escalation and incentives for better security Network World 2008-08
P2P File-Sharing Sinks Ships Tech News World 2008-07
Workshop on the Economics of Information Security Network World 2008-05
Hewlett-Packard Deal Highlights Life in the Economy U.S. News & World Report 2008-05
Stop That Attack! CIO Magazine 2008-03
Your Data and the P2P Peril Information Week 2008-03
Low-cost Country Sourcing Purchasing.com 2008-02
Inadvertent Data Disclosure on Peer-to-Peer Networks CERT podcast 2008-01
Oracle Draws Praise for BEA Systems Deal MarketWatch 2008-01
BEA Accepts Sweetened Oracle Offer Reuters 2008-01
Oracle Buys BEA Systems After Raising Price CNNMoney.com 2008-01
One on One with Eric Johnson: Toy Safety Nightly Business Report 2007-12
China Struggles with Toy Recalls Radio Free Asia 2007-11
Toy Recalls Revive Industry Worries Wall Street Journal 2007-11
Hacker Economics 2: The Conspiracy of Apathy CSO Magazine 2007-10
Another Type of Risk Business Credit 2007-10
Dumped Mortgage Files Invite Identity Theft Wall Street Journal 2007-10
The Importance of Saying "Sorry" The Seattle Times 2007-09
Mattel Takes Its Lumps for Toxic Toys Forbes 2007-09
Mattel Seeks to Placate China with Apology Wall Street Journal 2007-09
Deaths Prompt US Recall of Cribs Made in China Associated Press 2007-09
Mattel and China Differ on Apology Washington Post 2007-09
Mattel's Apology Opens New Rift in Toy Recall Spat Straits Times 2007-09
One Million Simplicity, Graco Cribs Recalled The Columbus Dispatch 2007-09
Citi Unit Info Leaked onto P2P Network Dow Jones News Service 2007-09
The Fifth Annual Global State of Information Security CIO Magazine 2007-09
Paying a Price for Safe Toys New York Post 2007-09
Consumers Could Face Higher Toy Prices Associated Press 2007-09
Recalls Post Challenge for Mattel CEO Associated Press 2007-09
Man Charged with ID Theft Using Data Stolen from P2P Networks Computerworld 2007-09
Some Toy Companies Could See Sales Rise Associated Press 2007-09
Indictment Here Marks "New Age" of ID Theft The Seattle Times 2007-09
Growing Business Dependence on the Internet Business Roundtable 2007-09
Toy Recall Impacts How U.S. Companies Do Business in China PBS, NewsHour 2007-08
Joost's Debut Singed by Firewalls Beet.TV 2007-08
Leaky P2P: Sounding the Alarm on Peer-to-Peer Software IBM Internet Security Systems Newsletter 2007-08
Seven Questions: China’s Total Toy Recall Foreign Policy Magazine 2007-08
Wal-Mart Tightens Toy-Safety Program The Washington Post 2007-08
Meeting SOA and Web Services Security Challenges, Part 1 TechNewsWorld 2007-08
Chinese Toy Recalls Show Need for Stringent Quality Control Christian Science Monitor 2007-08
Land of Misfit Toys? CNBC 2007-08
Mattel's Recall Heightens Fears over Toxic Toys New Jersey Star-Ledger 2007-08
Recalls Widen Concerns About Chinese Products NPR, All Things Considered 2007-08
Want to Buy American-Made Toys? Good Luck ABC News 2007-08
World's Largest Toy-maker Issues Second Major Recall PBS Newshour with Jim Lehrer 2007-08
Even More Recalled Chinese-made Toys Marketplace 2007-08
Another Big Recall May Hit Mattel Wall Street Journal 2007-08
Recalls of Toys Pressure Agency Washington Post 2007-08
Daily Debriefing The Dartmouth 2007-08
P2P Slammed as "New National Security Risk" vnunet.com 2007-08
With Tools on Web, Amateurs Reshape Mapmaking The New York Times 2007-07
P2P Networks Turn Up Sensitive Corporate, Government Documents Information Week 2007-07
Toymaking in China, Mattel's Way The New York Times 2007-07
Classified U.S. Military Info, Corporate Data Available over P2P Computerworld 2007-07
Internet Sharing Exposes Secrets The Washington Times 2007-07
Advocacy Mashups Harness Power of Mapping MSNBC.com 2007-07
Is Securing Your Network Worth the Money? Network World 2007-07
Reclaiming New Orleans The New York Times 2007-07
RC2's Train Wreck The New York Times 2007-06
Download Music, Share Bank Account Info for Free on P2P Networks Computerworld 2007-06
Personal Data on 17,000 Pfizer Employees Exposed; P2P App Blamed Computerworld 2007-06
Pfizer Falls Victim to P2P Hack Dark Reading 2007-06
Secrets in "Digital Wind" Wall Street Journal 2007-06
Sharing MP3s May Mean Sharing Far More International Herald Tribune 2007-06
Recruiting Future CIOs CIO Strategy Center 2007-05
Beware P2P Networks with a Tunnel to Confidential Data Information Week 2007-05
Reading between the Lines of the Gentilly Project The Times-Picayune 2007-05
Gentilly Gets Going The Times-Picayune 2007-04
Same Factory, Different Brands NPR 2007-04
Put People Before Processes CIO.com 2007-04
If the Mirror Could Talk (It Can) The New York Times 2007-03
"Ein Name der verbindet (A Name That Connects)" Handelsblatt 2007-02
Company Digital Devices Financial Times 2007-02
Shock, Awe and a Touch of Humor Privacy Journal 2007-02
Over There: What US Executives Need to Understand about Doing Business in Europe Conference Board Review 2007-01
When Privacy Is Only a Concept Valley News 2007-01
... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Data NHPR 2007-01