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The Other Side of Innovation

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Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. Thomas Edison said it over a century ago. No one listened.

When companies launch innovation initiatives, they typically allot almost all of their time and energy on that initial one percent — the thrilling hunt for the breakthrough idea. But the much ballyhooed burst of inspiration … is merely a starting point. The real innovation challenge lies beyond the idea. It lies in a long, hard journey — from imagination to impact.

For ten years, Govindarajan and Trimble have studied one critical question, one that vexes even the best managed corporations: What are the best practices for executing an innovation initiative?

Regardless of the type of innovation, the crux of the challenge is always the same. Business organizations are not designed for innovation, they are designed for ongoing operations. And there are deep and fundamental conflicts between the two.

Drawing on examples from innovators as diverse as Allstate, BMW, Harley Davidson, IBM, Nucor, and Timberland, the authors show how to avoid the most common poisonous myths about innovation, how to build the right team for any initiative, and how ensure you learn quickly from experience as the initiative moves on.