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The following is a complete list of the center's executive publications in table format for easier browsing. For information on a specific article, click on its title to download a PDF copy or, in some cases, a webpage with more details. To read about recent articles, return to the main Executive Publications page.

Note: This table is sortable. Click on a column header to sort in ascending order. Click on a column header twice to sort in descending order.

Key: Str = Strategy, Org = Organization, Mkt = Marketing, Ops = Operations, IT = Information Technology

Article Title Publication Str Org Mkt Ops IT Date
Assessing Risk in Turbulent Times Executive Workshop X X X 2009-07
Technology, Transformation, and Collaborative Leadership TLRDS X X X 2008-05
M&A and Divestitures: Integration and Disintegration (European Chapter) TLRDS X X X 2008-05
M&A and Divestitures: Integration and Disintegration (U.S. Chapter) TLRDS X X X 2008-03
Competitive Strategy Minority Business Entrepreneur X 2008-01
Security through Information Risk Management Executive Workshop X X 2007-12
Using and Stewarding Customer Data TLRDS X X X 2007-11
Mastering the Supply Chain Minority Business Entrepreneur X X 2007-09
Delight or Despair MIT Sloan Management Review X 2007-07
Web 2.0 and the Corporation TLRDS X X X 2007-07
The Agile and Resilient Enterprise TLRDS X X X 2007-04
Developing Railroad Security ISM.com X X 2007-04
Put People Before Processes CIO.com X X X 2007-04
Conducting Business in Emerging Markets TLRDS X X 2006-11
Minority Business Enterprises Mastering the Supply Chain MEDWeek Conference Paper X X X 2006-10
Ready for the Digital Future? Supply Chain Management Review X X X X 2006-07
Nurturing and Executing Innovation TLRDS X 2006-06
The CIO as Strategic Business Partner Executive Workshop X X 2006-04
Embedding Information Security Risk Management into the Extended Enterprise Executive Workshop X X 2006-03
Strategic Partnering: Managing Joint Ventures and Alliances TLRDS X 2006-02
Just in Time for the Holidays Harvard Business Review X 2005-12
Economically Complex Cyberattacks IEEE Security and Privacy X 2005-11
Leveraging the Enterprise through Process Transformation TLSDS X 2005-09
A Broader Context for Information Security Financial Times X 2005-09
Fueling Business Strategy through IT/Finance Alignment TLSDS X 2005-06
Elusive Integration: Linking Sales and Operations Planning ASCET, Vol. 7 X 2005-06
Gaining Competitive Advantage through Human Resources Management TLSDS X 2005-03
Managing the Organizational Impact of Global Operations TLSDS X X 2004-10
Harnessing the Power of Partnerships Financial Times X 2004-10
IT Security in the Extended Enterprise Financial Times X 2004-08
Real-Time Profit Optimization ASCET, Vol. 6 X 2004-06
Information Security and Privacy TLSDS X 2004-05
Best Practices for Service Organisations Business Strategy Review X 2004-04
Elusive Integration: Making the Link between Sales and Operations Planning TLSDS X X 2004-02
Digitally Enabled Services Strategies Information Management & Consulting, Vol. 18 X 2003-12
Best Practices for Effective Mobile Sales and Service Frost & Sullivan X 2003-11
Enabling a Customer-Focused Organization TLSDS X 2003-09
Best Practices for Service Organizations iQ Magazine X 2003-07
Digitally Enabled Services Strategies ASCET, Vol. 5 X 2003-06
Collaborative Product Generation TLSDS X 2003-05
Service and Support: From Cost Reduction to Revenue Generation TLSDS X 2003-02
Finding Sanity with Game Theory strategy&business X 2003-02
Sourcing Strategy and Supplier Relationships The Practice of Supply Chain Management X 2003-02
Channel Management Strategies: Digital Partnering TLSDS X 2002-08
Linking the Demand and Supply Chains Le Nouvel Hebdo X 2002-07
Culture and the "Internet Bubble" Le Nouvel Hebdo X 2002-07
Product Design Collaboration ASCET, Vol. 4 X 2002-06
Real-Time Profit Optimization TLSDS X X 2002-01
Migrating Asia's Manufacturing Online Business Week's Asia CFO Forum Executive Briefing X 2001-10
The Application of Technology to Marketing: A Twenty Year Perspective New Vantage Partners X 2001-10
Size Still Matters Global Connection X 2001-10
Better Technology, Same Old Humans Global Connection X 2001-05
The Imminent About-Face in e-Business Priorities Global Connection X 2001-05
E-Fulfillment: It's Harder Than It Looks Supply Chain Management Review X 2001-01
Money for Nothing CIO Magazine X 2000-09
Supply Chain Synchronizing Through Web-Centric Product Content Management ASCET, Vol. 2 X 2000-06
Break It Up CIO Magazine X 2000-05