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Ordering Reprints

To request permission to reprint a case from the Vincent L. LaCorte Case Series, please complete the form below and press the "submit" button. Requests for reprint permission refer to copies you plan to make yourself from the downloaded file. There is a fee per copy, set by Tuck's Fiscal Services. Once your request has been confirmed and your fee set, please make checks payable to Dartmouth College and mail to:

Catherine Clark, Fiscal Services
Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
100 Tuck Hall, Hanover, NH 03755

All the cases and teaching materials listed below are copyrighted by the Trustees of Dartmouth College. All rights reserved. To learn more about each case, visit the main Case Study Series Library page. Click here to download a PDF of our case catalog.

For questions concerning reprint permission requests, please contact Catharine Clark by phone at (603) 646-0187 or by email at Catharine.J.Clark@dartmouth.edu. For additional information about these the cases please email digital.strategies@dartmouth.edu.

Requester Information:

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Company or Institution:
Intended Use (name and level
of course or nature of program):

Case Name Case # Industry Quantity
Agile Software - I Want My WebTV! (2002) 1-0074 Computer Hardware
Align Technology (2006) 6-0024 Medical Devices
AT&T and Comcast (2002) 6-0012 Communications
Biogen-Idec (2005) 6-0022 Biotechnology
Burger King (2007) 6-0025 Fast Food
ChemPoint and Yantra (2002) 6-0003 Chemicals
Cisco: Evolution to e-Business (2001) 1-0001 Network Hardware
Cisco: Maintaining an Edge (2001) 1-0002 Network Hardware
The Day McDonald's Blinked (2001) 1-0049 Fast Food
Do You Yahoo? (2001) 6-0005 Internet
Electronic Trading Systems (2001) 6-0006 Finance
EMC Creating a Storage-Centric World (2002) 6-0009 Computers
Experience.com (2001) 6-0001 Career Consulting
Garden.com (2002) 6-0017 Garden Supply
Grove Networks (2002) 6-0008 Communications
Hasbro Interactive (2004) 2-0021 Toys/Video Games
Learning from Mattel (2002) 1-0072 Toys
Information Risk Analysis at Jefford’s (2008) 6-0029 Electronic Controls
Mattel, Inc: Vendor Operations in Asia (2002) 1-0013 Toys
McGraw Hill (2003) 6-0018 Publishing
Microsoft's Xbox Gamble (2002) 6-0011 Video Games
NetHope (2007) 6-0026 Humanitarian Relief
New York Times Digital (2002) 2-0066 Media/News
NTT DoCoMo (2002) 6-0010 Communications
Papirius (2002) 6-0016 Office Supplies
Participate.com (2001) 6-0002 Consulting
PERI (2003) 6-0019 Construction
Polaroid: the i-Zone Brand (2001) 6-0007 Consumer Electronics
Quad Wants to Be a Savi Player (2002) 6-0015 Agribusiness
Red Cross (2004) 6-0021 Humanitarian Relief
Simon & Schuster (2001) 6-0004 Publishing
Steinway Distribution Channel (2007) 6-0027 Musical Instruments
Steinway Quality (2005) 6-0023 Musical Instruments
Stora Enso North America (2001) 2-0001 Paper
Victoria's Secret (2002) 6-0014 Apparel
Video on Demand (2001) 6-0013 Entertainment
Woolworths (2004) 6-0020 Retail