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Roundtable on Digital Strategies

ABB's Head Office
Zurich, CH

Performance by Design: People, Process and Technology
Roundtable on Digital Strategies
October 26, 2010

Members and their executive colleagues will meet to discuss the evolution of process thinking and the best practices for driving process transformation. Attendants will examine the best practices around assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of cross-functional business processes. Hosted by ABB.

Topic Statement
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Participant List
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In an environment of global change, continuing emphasis on efficient operations, and rising complexity, many organizations are finding that robust processes are essential. Process optimization is not a new idea—for years it has been viewed as an important way to reduce complexity while enabling collaboration and global consistency. Topics to be covered include, but aren't limited to:
  • Has any company made significant progress in sustaining management of an organization’s operating model/design (structure, processes, degree of standardization, technology platforms)? 
  • To what extent do companies have a group looking at people, process and technology performance to raise the company’s performance (efficiency and effectiveness) year-on-year?
  • How can we successfully apply principles scientific/engineering principles to the complex areas of knowledge, social and management processes? 
  • What practices are effective? Are we maturing our design capabilities in parallel with our monitoring/incremental improvement capabilities? 
  • Will it be possible at some point to “engineer” more aspects of corporate performance?
  • How much do the intentions to build efficiency and reliability inherently conflict with the nurturing of innovation?
  • What are the drivers of process standardization for different companies? It is an increasingly common phenomenon, but are the driving factors the same for all? Is your organization fundamentally trying to become a process-driven enterprise? 
  • What are the goals of becoming a process-driven organization? How do you define “winning”? Is it improving uniformity and predictability of product and delivery? Is it standardization that enables leveraging cross-BU resources and initiatives?
  • What is the governing paradigm for process optimization? Is it Six Sigma? Is it Customer Solutions? Is it Enabling Growth? Does it matter?

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