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There are a host of individuals and organizations that are currently conducting research on various aspects of spreadsheet engineering. The research includes investigations into the types and sources of errors, auditing and other tools, risk management and security concerns, best practices and other important topics. The Spreadsheet Engineering Research Project maintains contact with people undertaking related research and encourages the dissemination of findings among this growing field of professionals.

The European Spreadsheet Risk Group (EuSpRIG)
EuSpRIG is an active international organization that sponsors annual conferences and maintains a valuable network of spreadsheet researchers and practitioners. Last year's conference was held at Cambridge University (UK) in July, 2006, and the 7th annual conference was recently held at the University of Greenwich (UK) from July 11 to 13, 2007. Proceedings of all past conferences are available through EuSpRIG.

EUSES Consortium
EUSES Consortium is a collaboration by researchers at Oregon State University, Carnegie Mellon University, Drexel University, Penn State University, University of Nebraska and Cambridge University whose goal is to develop and investigate technologies for enabling End Users to Shape Effective Software.

Systems Modelling, Ltd.
Systems Modelling, Ltd. provides this useful site for a number of links relevant for information on spreadsheet design, other sites on ‘good practices’, spreadsheet auditing and inspection tools, mail lists, research, testing, validation and verification, and US business modeling.

Miricle Solutions Useful Links Page
Miricle Solutions offers Excel spreadsheet tools, training and processes to address the risk associated with relying on spreadsheets. They also help clients build decision models using Excel spreadsheets.