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The Barris Incubator Program is supported through a generous gift of Tuck alumnus and Center Advisory Board member Peter Barris T'77.

The Barris Incubator Program supports and facilitates the launch and development of Tuck and Dartmouth related ventures led by Tuck students.

The Barris Incubator Program draws on the expertise of Tuck's recognized faculty, who are involved in the incubator's processes and who advise entrepreneurial-minded students on selected projects. The incubator offers Tuck students entrepreneurial guidance and support, access to experts in key areas, and opportunities to present business concepts to regional investors and investors among the greater Tuck and Dartmouth alumni communities.

Incubator teams are required to compete in at least one regional or national business plan competition per academic year. The Center provides financial support and advising services to incubator teams as well as to other Tuck students competing in business plan competitions.

The Barris Incubator Program provides project teams with working space complete with communications equipment, whiteboards, filing cabinets, and Internet and intranet support. Each term, teams apply to the Center for access to incubator space. The Center's incubator is a no-cost alternative for Tuck teams (or teams with at least one Tuck student) in the earliest stages of developing their ventures.

The incubator advisors are:

Select Incubator Teams:

Novoculi, Inc. was founded to develop technologies for the management of diabetes. the company has successfully raised initial seed capital, built a strong patent portfolio, completed a preclinical feasibility study and developed robust clinical, reimbursement and regulatory strategies.

Team members include: Eugene Hsu T'10.

The board game industry is an attractive market to enter, with almost one fifth of the US adult population having bought a game in the past 12 months. The board game category has shown strong growth, with a 16% increase year over year in 2006 to an estimated $802.2 million in sales. While two toy companies hold the lion‟s share of overall sales within existing game titles, a great opportunity exists for new entrants as there are low barriers to entry and very fragmented producers in the independent arena. In the past 10 years independent game companies have shown the opportunity to be lucrative with their success in the market, including Cranium® and Apples to Apples®. Recent economic trends also work in favor of the category, as more people choose to stay home rather than go out for entertainment during a slowing economy. Finally, the extreme popularity of the Wii, and other games like Rock Band demonstrate that the US population is craving social interaction. Morphology is poised to fill this need and be the next smash board game hit.

Team members include: Kate Ryan Reiling T'09.
Stonewall Partners

Stonewall Partners is a search fund created to find, acquire and operate an existing private company with the goal of generating significant returns for a small group of private investors. Stonewall Partners was founded to take advantage of opportunities and inefficiencies in the market for small-scale private equity buyouts. Current economic and demographic trends are combining to produce a buyer’s market for small, single-owner companies in the near future as valuations decline and “Baby Boomer” owners look to retire.

Team members include: Brian Cormican T'09.

Openvote logo

People want to know what their community is thinking and they want to be heard. OPENVOTE is a website where people in any real-world community can poll each other, vote, and see what everyone else thinks. Each group or college campus has its own OPENVOTE site. Polls are user-generated, and the polls with the most votes are displayed most prominently. OPENVOTE is free for users and will generate revenue from contextual advertising, including paid content (i.e., sponsored polls), traditional display advertising, and integrated market research. The long-term vision of OPENVOTE is to change the way communities make decisions. Soon individuals in any community will demand a place where they can share their opinion and see what the rest of their community thinks.

Team members include: Jason Freedman T'08, Colin Van Ostern T'09.
webdesc logo

Webdesc provides online computers. With a Webdesc account, you can access your data and your programs anywhere with an internet connection. It does so by putting a subscriber’s entire computer—the operating system, the applications, the data, and the media—online. Subscribers access Webdesc through a plugin that runs on any standard web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox).

Team members include: Abe Gurjal T'08, Alec Robinson T'08.
Cairn Venture Group

Cairn Venture Group is a group of outdoor enthusiasts with business expertise formed with a single clear vision, to help entrepreneurs navigate the challenging landscape of outdoor retail and deliver innovative products to outdoor consumers.

Team members include: Matthew Bolduc T'08.
rule Advanced Transit Enterprises, Inc.

Advanced Transit Enterprises, Inc. (ATE) is commercializing patented tractor-trailer rear drag aerodynamics technology to reduce fleet vehicle oil consumption by over 200 million gallons annually. Rear drag generated by tractor-trailers at highway speeds causes as much fuel inefficiency as wind resistance experienced at the front of the vehicle. ATE’s patented drag reduction device reduces the negative impact of this rear drag and provides fuel efficiency gains of 6-10%.

Team members include: Andrew Smith T'07, Keith White T'07.
Instant Wirefree

Instant Wirefree creates mobile environments for people to interact with each other and the local world around them. Local events listings, user event ratings and identification of proximity of friends serve to strengthen community bonds. Instant Wirefree's software serves as a platform that facilitates interactions amongst mobile users.

Team members include: Greg Ames T'07, John Maletis T'07, Mehul Nagrani T'07, Jonathan Novita T'07, Victor Ocran T'07, Atsushi Otsuka T'07, Harsh Shetty T'07.
RamGuard Specialities, LLC

RamGuard Specialties, LLC specializes in the development of innovative products in the home security hardware industry. The company is currently exploring strategic partnerships, angel investments, and bootstrapping in order to expand its operations to a national scale.

Team members include: Scott Seiffert T'07, Ken Tittle T'07, Brian Walsh T'07, Jamie Whitticom T'07, Rodney Tittle, Charles Wigley.
Tuck Fund of Search Funds

The Fund of Search Funds Partners will provide superior capital returns to institutional and high net worth investors by facilitating access to investments in the currently inaccessible micro-cap private equity arena through the utilization of search funds. We will offer a diversified investment portfolio by investing in a series of search funds, thus gaining access to the underinvested growth opportunities and top notch management talent traditionally characterizing the funds.

Team members include: Zal Masani T'06, Daniel McGuire T'06, Karlston Nasser T'06, Elnor Rozenrot T'06, Daniil Stolyarov T'06, Irving Wang T'06.


BackDrop is developing a brand of technical and casual clothing for the telemark skiing market.

Team members include: Jeff Danley T'06, Chris Manning T'06.

Level Development Market Analysis

Level Development LLC is a residential real estate developer based in Denver, Colorado. The company builds high-end town homes in Denver's LoDo and Ballpark districts.

Chris Manning, T'06, is working with Level to refine their site selection process, using an analytical model to predict the value of potential development scenarios. The model accurately and rapidly helps Level determine if land sites are suitable for their product. In addition, Chris is helping Level with general operations and marketing activities.

Team members include: Chris Manning T'06.

GOGO Development Partners

GOGO develops brownfields properties, formerly contaminated superfund sites. Local governments benefit by having idle land returned to the stream of commerce.

Team members include: Mark Geall T'05.

Green Living

Green Living will develop and manage moderately priced, environment-friendly rental housing in major metropolitan areas.

Team members include: Ashlea Mittelstaedt T'05, Marie-Joelle Simonpietri T'05, Joshua Glick T'05.

Stone City Capital

Stone City Capital will invest in commercial real estate on behalf of institutional and high net worth clients. We will offer access to underinvested growth markets in the Heartland through a series of co-mingled funds investing in the ownership, management and development of core and value-added commercial properties.

Team members include: Christian Fong T'05, Jerry O'Connor T'05.

Laurie Weber

The mission of Laurie Weber is to offer a quality accessories product that is fresh and new, at a competitive price.

Team members include: Laurie W.H. Duarte T'04, Kathryn G. Czerepak T'04.

Nanobay wants to enter the nano-materials industry as a niche sales and marketing force that acts on the behalf of small suppliers.

Team members include: Garett Vail T'05.


By initially focusing on the foreign and independent movie market opportunity, OmniVidia intends to become a leading provider of Internet Video-on-Demand content.

Team members include: Roberto Aldworth T'04, Igor Popvic T'04.

Virtual Mechanic

Virtual Mechanic intends to revolutionize the auto repair manual industry by creating graphically-intense, multimedia manuals that utilize 3D models, animations, interactivity, and an extremely easy-to-use interface.

Team members include: Dave Mohla T'04.

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