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Alumni Ventures

While many top business schools point to their alumni networks with pride, Tuck's alumni network is among the strongest of any business school. A key indicator of the ongoing involvement of Tuck and Dartmouth graduates is their level of financial support. In the 2003 more than 60 percent of alumni contributed to the Tuck Alumni Giving campaign.

Tuck entrepreneurs provide a rich variety of industry perspectives, functional knowledge, and an informed view of what it takes to enter and be successful in diverse career fields and startups. They are passionate about Tuck and their ventures and want to give back to the school in significant ways. The community spirit forged at Tuck remains a vital force through the years.

The list of entrepreneurs below is a powerful resource for learning about selected ventures that Tuck and Dartmouth graduates have started or have been involved in starting. In addition, we have profiled several entrepreneurs, who share their experiences and tips from the field.


Bill Achtmeyer T'81, The Parthenon Group

Donald Aitken D'58, Friends of the Earth

Chris Alden D'92, Red Herring, Inc.

Peter Alduino T'82, Bridge Group Communications, LLC

Robin Allen D'92, Genentech

David Anthony T'89, Notorious Entertainment

Dwight Aspinwall D'84, Jetboil, Inc. (FKA: White Mountain Stove)

Jon Baer T'78, eBoomerang, Inc.

Seth Bakes T'80, Bakes Industries, LLC

John Ballard D'55, TH'56, T'56, Radio Propogation Services Inc

Dan Baum D'83, Shutterfly.com

Virginia Bayless T'82, Bayless & Associates

Arthur Becker T'76, BNOX, Inc.

Andy Beckstoffer T'66, Beckstoffer Vineyards

Andrew Beebe D'93, Bigstep.com

John Bello T'74, South Beach Beverage Company (SoBe)

Nancy Bello T'75, JoNa Industries

Jay Benson D'90, T'96, Geographic Data Technology

Zachary Berke D'02, Greenwave Wireless

Jerry Bird D'80, T'86, Claflin Capital

Rick Braddock D'63, Priceline

William Brandt D'67, T'70, American Woodwork

David Brewster T'02, EnerNOC, Inc. Interview

Larry Bridges T'79, Red Car, Inc.

David Brin TH'89, Metronic

Douglas K. Brockway D'88, Innovation Advisors

Graham Brooks T'02, Accentus

Jeff Buck D'95, TH'96, QuantiSense, Inc.

William Burke D'76, Former Director of Strategy & Planning, Sun Microsystems

Jim Butterworth T'91, LaunchCenter 39

Patrick Byrne D'85, Overstock.com

Matthew Calkins D'94, Appian Corporation

Dana Callow T'79, Boston Millenia Partners

Wes Chapman D'77, T'81, Medical Media Systems

Robert Chase D'87, OnDemand Capital

Lewis Cirne D'93, Wily Technology

Andy Clapp T'68, Brook Venture Fund

Ned Coletta T'03, ThermalVision, Inc.

Graham Collins D'85, Pantellos Group

Lisa Conte D'81, T'85, PS Pharmaceuticals

Alicia Cooney T'76, Monument Group

Steven Costello T'87, Blue Sky Strategies

Richard Couch D'64, TH '65, Hyperthem

Timothy Craycroft D'93, I-Drive Technologies (FKA: Anuvio Technologies, Inc.)

William Cunningham T'82, Cunningham Group

Robert Danziger D'56, T'57, Former Chairman and CEO Northland Investment Corporation

William Davidow D'57, TH'58, Mohr Davidow Ventures

Sarah Di Troia D'91, Axxon Capital

Stephen Douty D'82, Octopus.com

Don Drakeman D'75, Medarex

Janet Duchaine T'75, Orion's Belt

Theresa Ellis D'97, Harbinger Partners

Fouad El-Naggar D'93, Marketing Technology Solutions

Justine Fahey D'94, T'99, Green Sprout Yoga

Phil Ferneau D'84, T'96, Borealis Ventures Interview

Quinn Fionda T'03, WINDirector, Inc.

Ryan FitzSimmons D'96, Hippo House

Roderick Fletcher T'86, Epiphany School

Robert Fleming D'78, Prism Venture Partners

Jennifer Floren D'93, experience.com, Inc.

John Foster T'67, HealthPoint, LLC

Brent Frei D'88,, TH'89 Onyx Software

Pedro Freyre T'03, WINDirector, Inc.

Jim Furneaux T'74, Kodiak Venture Partners

Peter Georgiopoulos T'87, General Maritime Corporation Interview

Matthew Giedt D'99, TH'00, Applied Reason & Technology

Mike Gonnerman D'65, Michael Gonnerman, Inc.

Paul Gorup T'76, Cerner Corp.

Jason Gracilieri D'99, TH'99'00, Applied Reason & Technology

Dick Green D'75, Granite State Angels

Russ Greenberg T'81, Max Capital, LLC

Asheesh Gupta T'03, WINDirector, Inc.

Heather Halstead D'97, Reach the World

Ted Halstead D'90, New American Foundation

Ronald Harris D'71, Bloomberg

Bill Hart T'67, Hart Vineyard

Tim Healy D'91, T'02, EnerNOC, Inc. Interview

William Helman D'80, Greylock

Jack Herrick T'97, Luminescent Technologies

David Hodess D'84, Cooking.com

Robert Hoyt D'95, Accenture

Charles Hutchison Da'68, Glycofi

Brewster Jackson D'62, Laird & Co. LLC

Michael Jackson D'62, Houstanic Partners

Mitch Jacobs D'94, Hanover Green Card

Brian Janssen D'88, Onyx Software

Preble Jaques T'03, ThermalVision, Inc.

Rebecca Joffrey T'97, Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies (AIRS)

Andrea Reisman Johnson D'91, Petopia.com

Marc Johnson T'82, Mad River Beverages

Amol Joshi TH'97, T'98, BeVocal, Inc.

Charles Kahle T'84, Kahle Technology Systems

Edwin Kania D'79, Flagship Ventures

Daniel Kashman D'96, Precision Loyalty, Inc.

Donald Kendall T'76, K2 Capital, LP

Eugenio Kim D'79, TH'80, T'86, The Bay Group

Douglas Kingsly D'84, TH'85, Advent International

Sam Kinney D'86, T'90, FreeMarkets, Right Hand Manager Software, LLC

Ashley Korenblat D'83, T'86, Western Spirit Cylcing

Kenneth Lang D'88, Minot Capital

Steve Lazarus D'52, Arch Ventures

Christopher Lentz D'02, Greenwave Wireless

Curtis Little D'64, Cook, Little, Rosenblatt, Manson

Randall Lunn D'73, T'75, TH'75, Palomar Ventures

Barry MacLean D'60, TH'61, MacLean-Fogg Company

Mimi Macksoud T'75, Orion's Belt

Gregory Maffei D'82, 360networks

James Marciano T'93, TheSquare

Matthew Marolda T'02, StratBridge, Inc.

Rob McGrath D'82, T'92, Private Retreats

Terry McGuire TH'82, Polaris Venture Partners

Matthew McIlwain D'87, Madrona Venture Group

Roger McNamee T'82, Elevation Partners

John Meier D'86, Freshwater Software

Duarte Mineiro T'03, WINDirector, Inc.

Robert Molinari D'74, T'79, Medstars

David Morse T'67, Driving Media

Charles Moore D'65, Little Diamond Enterprises

David Mott D'86, MedImmune Inc.

Peter Neupert T'80, drugstore.com

Andrew Newton D'65, Infoseek

Sherri Oberg D'82, T'86, Acusphere

Nicholas Orem T'71, PrintCafe

Tom Ortolf T'77, Colorado Meadowlark Corporation

Scott Osman D'80, Doublespace

Andy Palmer T'94, Vertica Systems, Infiniy Pharmaceuticals, Bowstreet

Kent Parker T'90, Caribou Coffee

Simon Parmett T'94, Agile Software

Christopher Pearson T'03, Greenwave Wireless

John Pepper D'91, T'97, Boloco

Paul Perry D'85, PA Early Stage Ventures

Tracey Pettengill D'93, 4Charity.com

Jeff Phillips T'83, Renergy Capital

David Pine D'81, Handspring

John Pope D'54, F.W. Webb & Company

Kimberly T'90 and John D'86, T'90 Puckett, Caribou Coffee

Robert Ray T'62, Robert E. Ray Co

Dan Revers T'89, Archlight Capital

Jeff Richards D'94, R4 Global Solutions

Brian Roberts D'93, Acacia Partners

TJ Rogers D'70, Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

Michael Ross D'71, Schroder

Frank Ruderman T'72, Tenex Medical Investors Interview

Dwight Sargent D'72, T'74, Pompanoosuc Mills

Frank Selldorff D'83, Breakaway Systems

Jed Simmons T'87, eos Internet Ventures

Peter Sisson T'94, WineShopper.com

Ray Sozzi D'90, Student Advantage

Mark Speers D'80, Health Advances

Linc Spoor T'84, Krispy Kreme

John Stahler T'69, Tecnica USA Interview

Launny Steffens D'63, Spring Mountain Capital

Langley Steinert T'91, TripAdvisor

Bob Stockman T'81, Group Outcome

David Stone D'79, First Rate Investment Systems

Richard Tait T'88, Cranium

Steve Tran T'98, BeVocal, Inc.

Rob Utzschneider D'79, Torrent Systems

Daniel Vitis T'04, Tamaya Gourmet

Laurie Webber Higginbotham T'04, Laurie Webber Fashion

David Weld D'85, T'90, Loudeye Technologies, Inc.

Jake Winebaum D'81, eCompanies

Sam Winebaum D'79, eFavorites

Peter Wolcott D'75, T'79, Entrepreneur

Sam Zales D'86, BuyerZone.com

Note: If you are a Tuck, Dartmouth, or Thayer alum who has been involved in starting a company and would like to be included on this list, email us at pecenter@dartmouth.edu

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