Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
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The following papers have been selected for presentation at the 3rd Annual EVI Conference on "Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, and IPOs"

Paper Title


Wanna Dance? How Firms and Underwriters Choose Each Other »

Chitru S. Fernando
Vladimir A. Gatchev
Paul A. Spindt

Benchmarking the Returns to Venture »

Susan E. Woodward
Robert E. Hall

Why are IPOs Underpriced? Evidence from Japan's Hybrid Auction-Method Offerings »

Frank Kerins
Kenji Katsuna
Richard Smith

Pre-IPO Markets »

Francesca Cornelli
David Goldreich
Alexander Ljungqvist

Venture Capitalists and Cooperative Start-up Commercialization Strategy »

David H. Hsu

Paper Synopsis »
IPO Pricing with Bookbuilding and a When-Issued Market »

Wolfgang Aussenegg
Pegaret Pichler
Alex Stomper

Who Is #1? A New Approach to Ranking U.S. IPO Underwriters »

John W. Cooney, Jr.
C. Larry Hill, Jr.
Bradford D. Jordan
Ajai K. Singh

European Private Equity Funds - A Cash Flow Based Performance Analysis »

Christoph Kaserer
Christian Diller

Quid Pro Quo in IPOs: Why Book-building is Dominating Auctions »

François Degeorge
François Derrien
Kent L. Womack

Paper Synopsis »
Analyst Behavior Following IPOs: 'The Bubble Period' Evidence

Dan Bradley
Brad Jordan
Jay Ritter

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