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Entrepreneurship Opportunities

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The Tuck School offers several MBA courses in the field of private equity and entrepreneurship. Many of these courses are taught by Professors Colin Blaydon, Fred Wainwright, Michael Horvath, and Phil Ferneau.

Tuck's curriculum is integrated from course to course and refreshed with insights from the real world of business. Thanks to the school's close connections with top business leaders, many of whom are Tuck alums, our students have hands-on opportunities to apply learning. Entrepreneurs and private equity professionals are often guest lecturers in the Advanced Entrepreneurship, Private Equity Finance, and Field Studies in Private Equity and Growth Ventures courses, offering students the opportunity to shorten their learning curve and increase the breadth of their knowledge.
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The center sponsors workshops, conferences, and forums for alumni, friends, and industry experts. These events are a good opportunity to exchange ideas on important and timely topics and build skills in new areas.
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The Center for Private Equity and Entrepreneurship seeks to foster an entrepreneurial environment at Tuck. To meet this goal, the center provides qualifying student business initiatives with a wide range of services, from strategic advice, mentoring, and networking opportunities to infrastructure support and office space.
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The Maynard Entrepreneurial Internship Program helps Tuck students work with dynamic startup companies during the summer between their first and second years at Tuck. The program has two phases: (1) a meaningful on-site summer entrepreneurship experience, with a faculty advisor available on campus, and (2) a required faculty-coordinated workshop back on campus in the fall. The Maynard Entrepreneurial Internship Program helps students identify suitable internship opportunities and provides grants to help host companies pay for internships.
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Each academic year, Tuck's Center for Private Equity and Entrepreneurship selects Tuck students who demonstrate interest and achievement in the fields of private equity and entrepreneurship to serve as MBA fellows. The fellows participate in the center's numerous research projects and have the opportunity to meet and host visiting executives. The research projects include conducting industry surveys, studying current topics in the field, interviewing practitioners, and co-authoring cases and reports. The center visitors and guest lecturers include institutional investors, venture capitalists, buyout investors, corporate venturers, angel investors, entrepreneurs, attorneys, and accountants.
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The following is a list of New Hampshire and Vermont resources for entrepreneurs. These links are organized with the most helpful or most comprehensive resources at the top of the list. If you would like to recommend a link for this page or notify us of an expired link, email pecenter@dartmouth.edu.

Student-run organizations bring speakers to campus and arrange informative trips to key companies—such as the Private Equity Club's annual trip to Boston. Clubs also serve as affinity and support points for cultural groups. All students—not just club members—are welcome to participate in club events.
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The Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network (DEN) helps people in the Dartmouth community learn and implement entrepreneurship. Drawing on an extensive pool of expertise, the network offers a wide range of services, from strategic advice, mentoring, and networking opportunities to infrastructure support and office space. Since so much of the learning of entrepreneurship involves doing, the network provides faculty and students the fullest exposure possible to the practical elements of the industry. The network is currently working with business teams involving Dartmouth students, faculty, staff, alumni, and Upper Valley community members.
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Tuck Faculty and Research

Tuck's faculty members are renowned for their excellent teaching skills and leading edge research. The center plays an integral role in Tuck's process of educating future leaders in entrepreneurship and private equity investing through such courses as Private Equity Finance, Advanced Entrepreneurship, and Field Studies in Private Equity and Growth Ventures, and by supporting internships, fellowships, and independent studies.

Center faculty are thought leaders in the fields of private equity and entrepreneurship, and their work is represented in prestigious publications and industry conferences. They are regular contributors to the Venture Capital Journal, the leading industry magazine, and are often sought as authorities by top business publications, such as The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times.

Center faculty also interact with institutional investors, venture capitalists, buy-out investors, corporate venturers, angel investors, entrepreneurs, portfolio companies, industry lawyers and accountants, industry associations, and the media. Through these outreach efforts, the center promotes networking that facilitates the pursuit of venture-backed activities.

In 2002, The Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive annual business school survey of MBA recruiters ranked Tuck 4th in entrepreneurship. Also in 2002, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Tuck 4th in a faculty survey.
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A Lifelong Resource
Alumni entrepreneurs, an increasingly active constituency, have been integrated into school activities. More than 7,000 Tuck alumni from more than 50 countries work in leadership positions around the world, offering students the opportunity to create an exceptional network of contacts. Most Tuck students agree that they benefit greatly from the support and advice that graduates so readily offer.
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The Center for Private Equity and Entrepreneurship, the Private Equity Club, and the Entrepreneurship Club host the annual Private Equity and Growth Ventures Conference. This day-long event educates Tuck students, alumni and friends of the Center about issues and trends in the investment industry and among innovative rapidly growing businesses. With more than 200 attendees, the conference includes senior partners, CEOs, chief investment officers, and other executives from leading venture capital, buyout and hedge funds as well as successful growth companies and startups. ng.

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