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About the Center

The Tuck Center for Private Equity and Entrepreneurship aims to advance the understanding of private equity investing—the engine behind the entrepreneurial activity that drives global innovation and productivity. The center focuses on macro and micro issues relating to private equity: capital markets, financing structures, governance and entrepreneurship.

While an academic research center, the Tuck Center for Private Equity and Entrepreneurship is actively involved in the practitioning communities of private equity, both to gain information about current trends and challenges and to share insights and solutions. The center interacts with institutional investors, venture capitalists, buy-out investors, corporate venturers, angel investors, entrepreneurs, portfolio companies, industry lawyers and accountants, industry associations, and the media. Through these outreach efforts, the center also promotes networking that facilitates the pursuit of venture-backed activities.

A thought leader in the field of private equity, the Tuck Center for Private Equity and Entrepreneurship's work is represented in prestigious publications and industry conferences. The center is a regular contributor to the Venture Capital Journal, the leading industry magazine, and its directors are often sought out as authorities by top business publications, such as The Wall Street Journal. The center seeks to educate Tuck students in entrepreneurship and private equity investing through such courses as Private Equity Finance, Advanced Entrepreneurship, Field Studies in Private Equity and through supporting internships, fellowships and independent studies.

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