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Once, strategy was about protecting your existing competitive advantage. Today, it is about finding your next advantage. In fact, the day you create a new strategy is the day it starts to decay. Through speaking engagements and executive seminars, VG challenges CEOs and top management teams to prepare for tomorrow's business realities.

VG is available to engage an audience on:

  1. Changing the Rules of the Global Game »
  2. Organizational Capabilities for Global Leadership »
  3. Building Breakthrough Businesses Within Established Organizations »
  4. Winning in Emerging Markets Through Innovation »

VG's client engagements combine findings from his original research with those of other strategy experts. His dynamic, yet charismatic style delights members of the audience. He has addressed groups of 20 to 2000 participants, with one-hour keynote speeches, two-day executive seminars, and everything in between.

Read on to learn more about these themes and how VG presents them at leadership summits, senior management retreats, and global strategy conferences.