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Topics: Organizational Capabilities for Global Leadership

The ideas in VG's presentation on Organizational Capabilities for Global Leadership are drawn from his book, coauthored with Anil K. Gupta, The Quest for Global Dominance: Transforming Global Presence into Global Competitive Advantage. The book is an outstanding guide for executives charged with global expansion and maximizing the potential of a global organization.

Securing global presence is anything but synonymous with possessing global competitive advantage. Presence in strategically important markets is certainly a precondition for creating global competitive advantage. To convert global presence into global competitive advantage, the company must pursue three value creation opportunities: adapting to local market differences, exploiting economies of global scale, and maximizing the knowledge transfer across borders. Pursuing these value creation opportunities requires the firm to design the right type of organization (in terms of structure, systems, people, process, and culture), an organization that can simultaneously optimize local responsiveness, global scale, and knowledge transfer.

During Govindarajan's interactive presentation, participants develop an understanding of the following issues:

  1. How does global presence create three potential avenues for value creation: adapting to local markets, capturing economies of global scale,and leveraging knowledge across subsidiaries?
  2. How to design the structures, systems, incentives, people and processes to realize the three value creation opportunities?
  3. How to build a global organization that promotes a "global mindset"?

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