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IIM Bangalore Distinguished Alumnus Award Oct. 28, 2011
Click here for more on this special award

A few pictures of Professor Kopalle getting his award:

Praveen Kopalle

Praveen Kopalle

Praveen Kopalle

Praveen Kopalle

Professor Kopalle gets his name on the "Wall of Fame" at the IIM Bangalore

Wall of Fame, IIMB

Pricing and New Products, A Global View from YouTube

Is The Price Right? Click here to read a recent article in "Tuck Today" on Professor Kopalle's idea!

Praveen Kopalle on Emergent Consumers and Airline Loyalty Programs from YouTube

Roger Yu, USA Today
"The thinking is that I'd rather be something to somebody as opposed to nothing to everybody," says Praveen Kopalle, marketing professor at Dartmouth... To read more about what Roger Yu has to say, click here.

The Consumer Price Index : An interview with NHPR's Laura Knoy
At its most basic level, the CPI measures how much life costs in America and how those costs have changed. But the CPI is about politics too — and has been used and misused in debates ranging from Social Security to the cost of government. To learn more about the Consumer Price Index, what it does, how it’s used, and the problems some have with it, listen to the interview.

The Advertising Show
This week Co-Host Brad Forsythe interviews Praveen Kopalle, Associate Professor of Business Administration at the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth.

After teaching at The University of Arizona in Tucson for four years, Praveen Kopalle traded the warm, southern weather for the charming Northeast and joined the Tuck School in 1996. His teaching and research interests include marketing management, marketing research, pricing strategy, and new product development.

Praveen received his Ph.D. in marketing management from the Graduate School of Business, Columbia University in New York City. He also has an MBA in marketing management from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India, and a BS in mechanical and production engineering from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.

In addition to his awards, research, and editorial accomplishments, Praveen is also an affiliated faculty member (Internet marketing and pricing) at the Center for Digital Strategies at the Tuck School. He is a marketing adviser for BeVocal, Inc., based in Santa Clara, CA and is an avid cricket enthusiast and a HAM radio operator.

Dodging India's Karma Curse
How can businesses avoid bad karma in India? Read Professor Kopalle's BusinessWeek article!

Prasad Sangameshwaran, Economic Times, India
"A Tyre Brand Called Orion." A marketing professor from the Tuck School of Business was on one of his many visits to the country of his origin. Seeing the ads running on Indian televisions made... To read more about what Prasad Sangameshwaran has to say, click here.

Pricing Research

Professor Kopalle has done extensive research and has been quoted in many articles. Click on the following links to read a few selected articles.

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Aho, Karen, MSN Money, (May 18, 2010), "The Customer Service Hall of Shame."


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