Matthew Slaughter

Associate Dean for Faculty; Signal Companies Professor of Management


Professor Slaughter currently teaches one course in the Tuck School's MBA Program: Global Economics for Managers, a core course required for all first-year students in which the insights of international economics are applied to real-world business issues faced by top executives and investors. Professor Slaughter is also involved in various executive education programs at Tuck, including co-directing its flagship consortium program, Global Leadership 2020.

MBA Program

Leadership in the Global Economy (Elective Course)
One of the most striking developments of the World Financial Crisis has been the sharp escalation of the government’s role in business. For business leaders, government is now much more factor in strategic planning. And many CEOs and boards of directors are finding that government leaders and their citizens are often unsure of their motives and consequences. This dynamic presents a central question for LGE: how will executives lead companies when countries have so many more connections to business—connections that often spring from government wariness, not support, of the private sector? In this mini-course, each student works to develop his or her own answers to this question by developing Teachable Points of View regarding current global business topics that include the rise of the BRIC countries and support for “strategic industries.” Class sessions are structured as mock Congressional hearings in which students prepare, debate, and defend CEO testimonies. 
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Executive Education

At Tuck, Professor Slaughter is involved in a number of Executive Educationprograms. He is faculty co-director of Tuck’s flagship international program, Global Leadership 2020. In this capacity he helps oversee the curriculum and structure for this innovative consortium-company program that is spread across modules in Hanover, India, and China. He also teaches on the economics and politics of globalization in several other programs, including the Tuck Executive Program, Smith-Tuck Global Leaders Program, Leading-Edge Ideas for the Business Journalist, and Back in Business.

Global Leadership 2020

The flagship consortium program, Global Leadership 2020, takes place on three continents three times during the year. This unique program addresses the leadership challenges that high-potential executives face as they manage businesses that are global in scope. Partner company representatives actively work with Tuck on the design and structure of the curriculum. Teams of eight to ten executives from member companies focus on global leadership challenges, shared experiences, cultural immersion, and active collaboration on real-world projects.
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