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Professor Andrew A. King is a leading authority on environmental performance and innovation.  His research established whether and when firms can find ways to profitably reduce their impact on the environment.  His empirical tests of the efficacy of industry self-regulation helped change both private and public policy.  His research now explores open source innovation and knowledge sharing. 

Andy was an early advocate of a scholarship on what is now called "sustainability", and his findings and methods have influenced scholars in many disciplines. With students and colleagues, he helped found some of the most important research institutions in the field, culminating in the Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability

Andy is also an important mentor to young scholars.mapecos_small His PhD students are now distinguished scholars at leading institutions.  With Mike Lenox and Mike Toffel, Andy created  The site maps information on the sources of industrial pollution. 

Andy is also an innovator in business education.  He is the author of several teaching cases and modules.  With Bob Burnham (Tuck), he has created games to illustrate competitive game theory, cooperative game theory, technology diffusion, market signalling, and ecosystem management. Fishbanks Most recently, Andy worked with John Sterman at MIT and Forio Business Solutions to design the newest version of the Fishbanks simulation.   This online simulation allows participants to operate companies in an open access fishery.

Andy has been a Marvin Bower Fellow at the Harvard Business School, an Aspen Institute Faculty Pioneer, and an Academy of Management Journal Best Paper Award winner  His thesis won the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's  Zannetos Prize. Andy holds a BA from Brown University, an MS from the University of California, Berkeley, and a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  

Andrew King


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