Coverage in the Business Press (partial listing)

Wall Street Journal, “Import Prices May Drift Lower as Low Cost Production Picks Up”,by Louise Story 8/17/04
(also in the International Editions,,, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, The Globe and Mail)
The Economist, “Footloose firms - How mobile are global firms”, 3/27/04
CBS Marketwatch, “U.S. Manufacturing’s Bleeding is Over”, by Chris Plummer 3/18/04
U.S. News & World Report, “Stumping For Jobs”, 9/29/2003
Financial Times, “Working poor continue to walk the line” 6/26/2003
Tooling & Production, “Manufacturing survivors: capital investment is their lifeline.”, by Mike Whitney, 6/1/2003
SMARTMONEY.COM: “Consumer Action: Building A Financiall Bunker” 3/17/2003
Wall Street Journal, "Why New Plants Are Vulnerable" by Clare Ansberry 3/3/03
Boston Globe, "Dartmouth's Andrew Bernard on wars' effect on inflation" by Jeffrey Krasner 2/16/03
Gannet News Service, "College A Must for Future Blue-Collar Workers" by Raju Chebium 11/20/02
Business Week, "Why The Wage Gap Widened" by Gene Koretz 10/25/99
Business Week, "Why Exporting Nations Thrive" by Gene Koretz 10/4/99
CNNfn, "Politicizing Global Trade" by Nicole Jacoby 3/5/99
Seoul Economic Daily Interview, 3/1/99
USA Today "Cheap Imports Propel Trade Deficit Past 11 Year Record" By James Cox 2/19/99
Futures World News "Resurgent U.S. Protectionism Seen as Unlikely" By Michael S. Derby 10/14/98
ABC News Online "Chat with the Expert" 10/5/98
San Francisco Chronicle, "IMF Meets Today -- Seeks Answers", by Carolyn Lockhead, 9/30/98
Washington Post, "Misery, but Not a Meltdown?", by Ann Swardson, 9/2/98
Nikkei, "Interview with Pr. Andrew B. Bernard" 7/14/98
Fortune, "The Looming Export Slump, Thanks Asia", by Kim Clark, 7/6/98
Financial Times, "Foreign Money for U.S. Business Slows", by Richard Waters, 6/11/98
Wall Street Journal, "Exporters in U.S. Confront a New Reality", by Michael Phillips, 4/28/1998
Business Week, Economic Trends, "Will Asian Woes Tar U.S. Profits " By Mike McNamee, 4/27/1998
The Journal of Commerce, "The Virtue of Exporting", editorial, 1/19/98
National Journal, "Playing the Nubmers Game" by Bruce Stokes, commentary, 10/4/97
Business Week, "So You Think the World is Your Oyster" By Christopher Farrell, 6/9/1997
Business Week, "New key to economic survival: Coping with uncertainty" by Michael J. Mandel, 10/28/96
Fortune, "Strategies for the new export boom." by Rob Norton, 08/22/94

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