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All about the Tuck Puck

One of Tuck's longest standing traditions

Tuckies have played ice hockey since time immemorial.  In the early years when the Tuck School was all-male, many players were glad to have free time, given the heavy course load here.  Those that qualified were members of an exclusive organization, the Tuck Tycoons intramural team.  

One alum wrote to us, saying: 

"I am a T' 65.  We had a team that dominated the intramural league.  Our roster included former Division 2 & 3 college players and some strong ex-high school players.  The team existed before I entered Tuck in September of 1963.  It was a big winter thing and you had to 'make' the team.  There were 'try out' and 'cuts' which, I am sure, many would find offensive today.  I still have my game jersey (which no longer fits), that bears the team name--Tuck U Tycoons--a vision we all had and some achieved."

Another alum, who played against Tuck as a Dartmouth undergrad in the mid-50s and for Tuck in the early '60s wrote that:

"They were indeed known as the Tuck Tycoons and they had the most recognized cheer on campus which undoubtedly exists even today: Tuck U, Tuck U, Tuck U!" (admittedly, this is a chant that has long since been forgotten)

This alum told us about a very interesting piece of history:

"I was at Tuck during 1962 and 1963. There was no organized hockey.  However, like many dorms and fraternities around campus, we had a 'rink' at Tuck.  In those days there was a small triangular lawn abutting the south side of the Dinning Hall [currently Stell Hall] and Chase Hall [no longer a dorm, now houses administrative offices].  In winter, we would shovel a rink area in the snow on that lawn and then 'fill' the rink using the fire hose in the basement adjacent to the stairwell.  In the 'cool' of evening, we would tie the hose to the window grating located by the landing between floors with the nozzle aimed at the rink.  Since the nozzle was of the 'suicide' variety--no shut off valve on the nozzle--should the hose break loose we had to approach the hose station shielded by mattresses to shut off the water to the hose which would wildly gyrate in the basement hallway.  Since I lived in the basement room near the stairwell, the alternative was to climb out the window and go for a beer, leaving for someone else the task of 'taming' the hose.  The scars are probably still on the basement walls!).  Nature took care of the rest.  Games were usually of the 'pickup' variety with players mostly from Tuck.  Skates were optional, depending on the rules of that particular game."


One of the greatest clubs on campus

From its very humble beginnings, Tuck Puck has evolved to become a very different organization.  We are now a coed organization, open to players of all skill levels.  In any given year, as many as 150 men and women participate in our activities.

We currently play in various venues around town.  Thompson Arena is our main facility.  It is also home to Dartmouth's Hockey programCampion Rink is located near Sachem Village and has hosted various Tuck Puck tournaments, intramural games, and skating sessions.  In the winter, Occum Pond (near the Dartmouth Outing Club) freezes over and provides another great place spot for Tuckies to enjoy hockey (of the "pond hockey" variety).  Ice time at Thompson and Campion is generally scheduled later in the evening.  

During the year, we divide our players into different teams and levels.  The Men's A-Team is our top tier team.  They are a traveling team that hosts tournaments and competes at a high level with various business school teams around the country, including: Wharton, Harvard, Michigan, Babson, and Cornell.  

Our Men's B-Team, is comprised of various intermediate-level players that engage in various pickup games against Vermont Law School, local teams, and intramural clubs. Tuck's B Team is the current reigning 2000-2001 Dartmouth Intramural Champion. 

The Tuck Tripods comprise the majority of players on campus.  The term "Tripod" comes from the notion that a new player has his two legs, AND his stick, to keep him falling down on the ice.  Tripod enrollment is large enough to create four-five teams with two-three lines each.  Our Tripod players are generally new to the sport of ice hockey.  Clinics and practices are conducted by A Team players in the early part of the year to help new players learn about the game.  Every Tripod receives a jersey with his or her "nickname" on the back, a moniker that we find can follow a player around for a very long time.  The Tuck Hockey League (THL) was created for Tripod teams to go head-to-head.  Tuck's Tripod teams have won the Wharton Chalice for the past two consecutive years at Wharton's Annual Cheesesteak Tournament. 

We also sponsor a yearly new and used-equipment sale to help players acquire gear at bargain prices.  Tuckies can then sell their equipment back to the hockey program at the end of their Tuck careers.  

Our Women's Hockey program is also very popular. 

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