Tuck Research Computing

The research scientists of Tuck Research Computing are specialists who assist faculty in research and analysis. TRC provides assistance in research design and data analysis, statistical computing support, specialized computer programming, and financial data extractions.

Faculty research support activities of TRC are listed below by area of specialty.

Data base creation and management

Data from CRSP (Center for Research in Security Prices), Compustat, I/B/E/S, Bureau van Dijk, and Thomson Reuters can be downloaded from the WRDS system. Extracts that cannot be handled by the web page can be handled by TRC, as can requests for merging data extracted from other sources such as Bloomberg, SDC, or Standard & Poor's Executive Compensation databases. Typically, these additional data are extracted from sources in Feldberg Library by research assistants employed by individual faculty, or by Feldberg Library staff.

Data transfer, importing, and preparation

Data transfer services are also provided. For example, from Excel to SAS, SAS to Stata, text format to database, and/or across operating systems and media types. This service is usually provided on a walk-in basis. Data base importing and manipulation into a form suitable for analysis is also available.

Unix services

Access to C programs for CRSP and Compustat extracts and processing, SAS software, scripting, etc. are available. TRC will also work with other faculty requiring Unix services through Dartmouth's Kiewit Computing Center. TRC staff can answer questions about Unix, help to manage user accounts, and answer questions and solve problems encountered when using the central compute services.

PC services

Assistance is provided for a variety of statistical packages and programming languages. including:

PerlVisual Basic / VBA

The level of assistance provided may vary depending on the software package. We cannot provide ground-up training services for software, but in many cases may be able to refer you to an appropriate training provider, learning resource, or reference.

Statistical and research design consultation.

Statistical analysis and consulting services are available. Staff can:

  • Run statistical programs written by faculty.
  • Assist in writing statistical code, and examine and learn new statistical software.
  • Advise as to possible statistical analyses and assist in the interpretation of statistical analyses/results.
  • Consult regarding appropriate research designs of projects.
  • TRC also provides consultation on behavioral experiments, survey research, and instrument development.

Software and research engineering

Staff are available to write custom programs for complex data transformations, simulations, Excel add-ins, and many other areas.