Center for Leadership

Student Perspectives

Understanding and leveraging one's leadership style
Molly Prendergast T'11 describes how the assessment tools used in the leadership development activities at Tuck gave her insight into her personal leadership style. She utilized her strength as a visionary leader in her First-Year Project team and focused her career search on positions that would leverage this ability.

Balancing a focus on results with the need to delegate
Mukund Kulashekaran T'11 talks about how Tuck's focus on self-awareness allowed him to better understand how to balance a focus on results with the need to delegate.

Effective listening and personal leadership
Liam Kerr T12 discusses how the core Personal Leadership course helped him identify active listening as a key skill to work on developing. He found that working with his study group was a natural place to practice this and other skills.

Applying leadership lessons in a new setting
Christina Fanitzi T'13 describes how insights about her leadership style facilitated a transition from the military to a business environment. She also foreshadows how she will apply her leadership skills when she returns to the United States Military Academy at West Point.