Curt Welling T'77

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Visitor - Curt Welling T'77
President and CEO, AmeriCares

Speaker for the Ariel Halpern Lecture on Ethics and Social Responsiblity May, 2010 and
Keynote Speaker for Community Outreach Day, Class of 2010 Orientation Week

Mr. Welling had a career in venture capital and private equity prior to taking the leadership of AmeriCares. His Tuck visits "bookend" the Class of 2010's Tuck years. He spoke during their Orientation Week, then returned in May, 2010 to talk about perspective, commenting about the way the nonprofit world works, and the opportunities arising from changing financial and political dynamics. Click on the icon below to listen to excerpts of his 2010 speech. .

During the 2010 Orientation Week, Carolyn Maezes T'10 asked Welling to compare his current activities with those in the for-profit financial sector. He responded, "... the management skill set.. and the strategic discerning are very similar..the dynamics are similar enough so that the things that make sense in the for-profit sector generally make sense in the non-profit sector.... There’s good transferability, you just have to ......understand the difference between a market discipline and a mission discipline and how that effects the way the company works." Listen to excerpts of Carolyn's interview.