2009-'10 Student Roundtable

Carolyn Maezes T'10

Prior to Tuck: I worked for the Parthenon Group, with regular promotions signifying increased client relationship, work-plan development, and work-stream management responsibilities.

Career Interest:  Sustainable economic development


First Year Second Year
Business and Climate Change
This course presented both the scientific evidence behind climate change, its economic implications, and the strategic questions it raises for business.

Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector
This course presented examples of non-profits, NGOs, and for-profits developing organizations that address issues in the social sector. We studied the key questions and major challenges they face. It provided a great perspective on the skills and tools needed to start a social sector organization, which is definitely something I hope to do.
First Year Project
I worked on a project for a local start-up that is developing an energy storage device to be used with renewable energy technologies. It was an excellent opportunity to learn more about the energy industry.
Net Impact Case Competition
My team was sponsored by the Allwin Initiative to attend a case competition in Boulder, Colorado. We looked at Vail Resorts' sustainability initiatives. It was an excellent opportunity to apply what I had learned in the Fall Core to a real business challenge.
Business and Society Partnerships
This course looks at partnerships between for-profit and non-profit organizations-- the challenges and risks they face, the various partnership models, and the benefits they provide.
Business Strategies for Sustainability
This course focuses on the economics behind sustainability issues and the various means of addressing externalities. Group projects allowed us to dive deeper into specific sustainability questions that most interest us. In my case, I was able to link up with an alum who has recently started a sustainable tourism company, a great way to learn about the industry!
Social Marketing
This course examines marketing principles and research methods applied to social causes by for-profits and non-profits. It presents practical marketing planning frameworks and tools.
Sustainable Tourism
I'm very interested in sustainable tourism as a means of development. Through my independent study I learned more about the industry and investigated key questions about the efficiency of various partnership structures.
Tuck Sustains
I helped form Tuck Sustains with two other students. Tuck Sustains is a sustainability initiative on campus that focuses on reducing our environmental footprint while improving our wellbeing and community.
Tuck Student Consulting Service
I worked with a team of Tuckies and a local non-profit to assess partnership opportunities. It was a great chance to use my consulting skills to help a local non-profit, and it was an excellent learning opportunity. I saw the inner workings of the non-profit and the challenges they face.
Executive Environmental Sustainability Forum
I was a student moderator for the Allwin Initiative’s executive forum on sustainability. I met leaders in this field from various industries. It was an excellent networking and educational opportunity.
Allwin Initiative Interview
I had the opportunity to interview Tuck alum, Curt Welling, President and CEO of AmeriCares. It was a great chance to discuss the challenges of running a non-profit as well as how to balance our career decisions with our personal motivations.
I arrived at school a week early to participate in TuckBuilds, an Allwin Initiative sponsored event that partners with the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity and another local non-profit, COVER. It was an great way to meet students with similar interests and was a ton of fun!
Executive Environmental Sustainability Forum
I was able to attend the Allwin Initiative’s executive forum on sustainability again this year and sat in on sessions where leaders in this field discussed the ways that their businesses were saving money and generating additional revenue from instituting more sustainable practices.
Allwin Initiative Student Roundtable
I am one of the Roundtable members. We met with the administration and faculty advisors to help plan events and discuss where the initiative should be heading. Each of us also had specific projects for the Initiative. I focused on how to be more effective in our communications with prospective students about all the great opportunities for students at Tuck who are interested in the intersection of business and society.
Tuck Sustains
I continued to be in a leadership role for Tuck Sustains, which is now firmly established and doing great work on campus!
Net Impact
I was the sustainability chair for Tuck's Net Impact chapter and organized sustainability-focused events.
Net Impact Conference
I attended the national conference in Philadelphia with about 30 other Tuckies. It was an excellent opportunity to learn more about the huge range of possibilities for work in the social sector. Plus, it was a lot of fun!
Tuck GIVES Summer Internship
I had a memorable summer in Idaho working on a strategy and financial plan for a park that is jointly run by the U.S. federal government and the state of Idaho. This experience exposed me to the complexity of government partnerships as well as the difficulty of balancing numerous user groups and oftentimes conflicting interests. The summer internship reinforced for me the value that comes from applying business skills to decision-making and management in the public sector.

Career Path
After graduating from Tuck, I will work with FSG Social Impact Advisors.