2009-'10 Student Roundtable

Itamar Goldminz T'10

Prior to Tuck: Software development with several promotions which added responsibilities in managing teams.

Career Interest: I started Tuck looking for a job that balances doing well with doing good and decided to focus on the cleantech space.


First Year Second Year
Business and Climate Change
This course presented both the scientific evidence behind climate change, its economic implications, and the strategic questions it raises for business.

Corporate Responsibility
Great class for an ethical leader. The real time dilemmas that the cases brought to class were fascinating
First Year Project
Feasibilty study in the waste to energy industry. We took a deep dive into the animal waste to energy industry analyzing it for a company who considered entering that space in some capacity.
Business - Social Sector Partnerships
Though I still don't know on which side of such partnerships I will end up, this class had valuable lessons in understanding how to get them right
Business Strategies for Sustainability
This course focuses on the economics behind sustainability issues and the various means of addressing externalities. Group projects allowed us to dive deeper into specific sustainability questions that most interest us. In my case, I was able to link up with an alum who has recently started a sustainable tourism company, a great way to learn about the industry!
Independent Study
In this time of increasing interaction between business and society, my independent study explored emerging and innovative hybrid corporate governance models which incorporate elements of both for-profit and non-profit organizations
Tuck Sustains
I started Tuck Sustains with several of my classmates as a student platform aimed at supporting student-led sustainability project around campus. I was the co-chair.
Dartmouth Energy Collaborative
The Dartmouth Energy Collaborative (DEC) is a student-led organization with the mission to educate and connect the energy community at Dartmouth and throughout New England. We are 100 members strong, with students from Tuck, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College and Vermont Law School.
Business & Society Conference
I was a panel co-chair. The BSC is a great event to get involved with if you're interested in any socially responsible company
COP 15, Copenhagen
This Allwin-sponsored trip to the U.N. climate change negotiations was a great way to get deeper insights into how the issue of climate change is being dealt with on a global level. Tuck was the only U.S. business school to have a formal delegation in Copenhagen.
Dartmouth Sustainability Summit
I created this conference in collaboration with the Dartmouth Sustainability Office with the objective of sharing experiences and best practices between the Dartmouth undergraduate campus, Tuck, Dartmouth's Thayer School of Engineering and the Dartmouth Medical School.
Allwin Initiative Student Roundtable
The Student Roundtable is a group of Tuck students dedicated to furthering the mission and the vision of the Allwin Initiative for Corporate Citizenship. We meet regularly with the Initiative's directors to set goals, evaluate opportunities, and implement plans.
Tuck Sustains
I continued on in a leadership role for the initiative, which is happily established and doing great work on campus!
Dartmouth Energy Collaborative
I continued to be a member. It was a great way to share ideas as we searched for jobs in the energy field.
Business & Society Conference
I was on the planning committee for the February conference. Our topic this year was Building a New Model: Resource Constraints onthe Path to Prosperity.
Net Impact Conference
An inspiring event for anybody considering a career in a socially responsible business and a super fun event.
EnerNOC - Product Management Intern
I created a business case for entering a new market segment. For someone interested in cleantech and with a background in software this internship was ideal. It was also in the sweet spot of the intersection of marketing, operations and technology
KIPP Projects
I did some pro-bono projects for KIPP as a great way to understand the opportunities in the education space and to identify ones that were a good fit for me.
Career Path
I am employed as a senior product management planner at OPOWER in the Washington, D.C. metro area.