2009-'10 Student Roundtable

Andrea Schwartz T'10

Prior to Tuck: My experience included building public-private partnerships to augment the impact of government programs. I also volunteered for an NGO in Ghana which is devoted to supporting local female entrepreneurs.

Career Interest:  I worked in consulting and am returning to this field.


First Year Second Year
Business and Climate Change
This course presented both the scientific evidence behind climate change, its economic implications, and the strategic questions it raises for business.

Corporate Social Responsiblity
I enjoyed this case-based class where we analyzed the pressing ethical and social impact issues facing companies in an increasingly complex global economy.
First Year Project
My project was to create a business plan for opening a local organic food restaurant in the downtown Hanover area. My role on my FYP team was to create a supply chain strategy. This entailed meeting with local farmers in Vermont and New Hampshire to understand sustainable farming techniques, and understand how a local restaurant can help support their sustainable mission.
Business Strategies for Sustainability
This course explores a variety of critical issues in sustainability through the lens of economics, property rights and asymmetric information.
This course focuses on the economics behind sustainability issues and the various means of addressing externalities. Group projects allowed us to dive deeper into specific sustainability questions that most interest us. In my case, I was able to link up with an alum who has recently started a sustainable tourism company, a great way to learn about the industry!
This course examines marketing principles and research methods applied to social causes by both for-profits and non-profits. It presents practical marketing planning frameworks and tools.
Business & Society Conference
I volunteered for the BSC conference almost as soon as I stepped on campus. I had heard about the conference as an applicant to Tuck and knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. In addition to helping with the finance committee, I had the opportunity to immediately step in a leadership role as a first year Deputy Chair of the conference.
Tuck Student Consulting Service
I had the opportunity to explore the alternative energy sector by completing a consulting project for a wind energy start-up.
Executive Forum on Sustainability
I volunteered as a student facilitator during the conference, which served as a great networking opportunity with contacts in the sustainability field
Allwin Initiative Student Roundtable
I enjoyed sitting on the Roundtable with five of my classmates and serving as a liaison between the Allwin center and the students. My primary focus was student engagement and coordination across the many social impact clubs at Tuck.
Business & Society Conference
In my second year working on the conference, I enjoyed being Chair of the Finance Committee, which involved raising funds from corporate and academic sponsors as well as managing how the funds were spent.
Revers Board Fellow
As a board member of Bonnie CLAC (recently re-named More Than Wheels), I attended board meetings and worked on a project to improve customer retention for the nonprofit.
Net Impact Conference
I attended the Net Impact conference in Philadelphia during my first year, where I had the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of social issues from leaders in the field, alongside students from MBA programs across globe.
Career Path
I worked for Bain & Company as a Summer Intern and will be a consultant with this firm after graduation.