Student Roundtable

The Student Roundtable is a group of Tuck students dedicated to furthering the mission and the vision of the Allwin Initiative for Corporate Citizenship. They meet regularly with the Initiative's directors to set goals, evaluate opportunities, and implement plans. Prospective students are invited to email the Student Roundtable members with questions about the Allwin Initiative. See how a T'10 Roundtable member participated in courses and Allwin programs.

Kellie Ciofalo

Kellie Ciofalo T’12 graduated from Colgate University and spent seven years working in the social sector, to which she plans to return after Tuck. In her first year, she was active in Tuck Sustains and Net Impact, and will serve as both co-Chair of Tuck Sustains and Net Impact's Communications Chair for '11-'12. She also looks forward to being co-Chair of Tuck GIVES for ’11-’12, especially as she is a very grateful recipient of a Tuck GIVES grant for her summer internship at TechSoup Global, a nonprofit that provides innovative technology solutions for other nonprofits.

Rich King

Rich King T'12, a graduate of DePauw University, hopes to broaden the Allwin Initiative’s reach at Tuck. Prior to Tuck, Rich worked in the private debt group at Hartford Investment Management, during which time he served as a founding board member for the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Hartford Gala. He was involved in the inaugural TuckTrails program during his first year at Tuck, helping to build a wheelchair-accessible trail for residents of the Upper Valley. Rich will spend his summer internship at Morgan Stanley.

Divya Mani

Divya Mani T’12 hopes to make a long-term career in educational reform. Prior to Tuck, she graduated from Harvard College and worked as a strategy consultant with the Monitor Group. During her first year at Tuck, she helped source a First-Year Project with a Boston charter school, co-managed a Business & Society Conference panel, volunteered at a local elementary school, and was part of a Tuck team that made it to the semi-final rounds of the Yale SOM Education Business Plan competition. In the ’11-’12 academic year, she will serve as a co-chair of Tuck’s Diversity Conference and as one of the Everybody Wins! coordinators. Her summer internship is with Procter and Gamble.

Connor Quinn

Connor Quinn T’12 hopes to combine experiences in education and business to contribute to the new ideas and practices that will shape educational institutions. He is an active member in Net Impact and will serve as Net Impact’s Events Co-Chair in 2011-12. This summer, Connor will work for a venture philanthropy firm dedicated to helping educational organizations develop strategic and financial planning. Prior to Tuck, Connor worked as a teacher for Newton Country Day School and as an investment consultant at Cambridge Associates.

Megan Shackleton

Megan Shackleton T’12 is dedicated to a career in the social impact space, focused on innovative models for high impact social change. A graduate of Stanford University, Megan worked at The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research prior to coming to Tuck. At Tuck, she has been involved in Net Impact and is the current co-president. She co-managed a panel for the Business & Society Conference, worked on a Tuck Student Consulting Services project for an international non-profit, and is the president of the Women in Business club. This summer, Megan is working as a summer associate for the Blue Ridge Foundation New York.

Courtenay Stephens

Courtenay Stephens T’12 plans to pursue a career in corporate sustainability. During her first year, she participated in Tuck Student Consulting Services, Net Impact, the Dartmouth Energy Collaborative, and the Business & Society Conference. She was elected to the board of the Net Impact club and was chosen to be a Revers Board fellow. She is spending the summer as an EDF Climate Corps Fellow at Carnival Corporation where she will be working on environmental sustainability initiatives. She graduated from Clemson University in 2004 with a degree in electrical engineering. Prior to Tuck, she spent five years in management consulting at Accenture.

Gaurav Thapan-Raina

Gaurav Thapan-Raina T’12's long-term career interest is in energy. Prior to Tuck, he worked as an economic and environmental advisor to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). There, he helped develop bilateral and regional relations with the Central Asian states through cooperation in the areas of small and medium enterprise (SME) development, environmental management, and energy transit issues. Prior to that, he worked in Afghanistan on rural electrification and building electricity infrastructure on the Tajik-Afghan border. He has also worked with the World Bank on integrated natural resources management issues, focusing on Iran and the Gulf countries. He was educated at the University of Virginia and completed a Masters in International Affairs at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. He says, “I am proud to be part of the Allwin Student Roundtable.”

Abdullah Wright

Abdullah Wright T’12, a graduate of Wesleyan University, has a deep interest in education and providing underprivileged youth with the positive academic, social, and professional experiences that will facilitate success. As a trader at UBS, Abdullah found time to actively participate in Junior Achievement, coach a youth basketball team, and mentor undergraduates at Wesleyan University. He was also an active volunteer for the Black Student Fund’s leadership program, where he worked with high school students as they prepare for college. In his first year at Tuck, he participated in Tuck Student Consulting Services and led a consulting project for a non-profit client for his First Year Project. For his second year, he has been selected as a Leadership Fellow, a Tuck Admissions Associate, and a co-chair of the student group TAABA. This summer he will work in consulting for Monitor Group.