Research Faculty

Tuck faculty conduct research that applies business knowledge and theory to social needs and environmental challenges both locally and globally. You can learn more by connecting to the faculty webpages.

Professor Robert Hansen

Robert Hansen teaches courses in managerial economics, game theory, and environmental economics. He is an expert in economics, finance, and public policy and management. His research interests include the role of syndication in industries like investment banking and construction, and the efficiency of auctions in an uncertain world. His recent publications include "Auctions of Companies" in Economic Inquiry and "Megafirms" in North Carolina Law Review. Hansen is a member of the board of More Than Wheels, a nonprofit offering credit counseling and reduced interest loans to help low-income workers purchase cars. He earned his MA and PhD from UCLA. [more]

Professor Paul Argenti

Paul Argenti is an expert in management communication, with particular interests in the implementation of strategy through communication, outcome-based communication measurement, reputational risk, and corporate social responsibility. His elective for the spring term is Corporate Responsibility. He received the 2006 Pathfinder Award given by the Institute for Public Relations for his “outstanding scholarly research and contributions to professional knowledge.” [more]

Professor Margaret Hanson

Margaret Hanson is a visiting assistant professor and research scholar. Her areas of expertise include business-government relations and ethics and responsibility. Her current research topics include NGO-corporate collaboration, social movements, and global standardization. She teaches Biz-Social Sector Partnerships, one of the courses within the Ethics and Social Responsibility (ESR) requirement. She taught at INSEAD prior to Tuck. [more]


Professor Punam Keller

Professor Punam Anand Keller is the Charles Henry Jones Third Century Professor of Management. She joined Tuck in 1998 as a full professor in the marketing area. Her current research focus is designing and implementing communication programs. She has received the National Cancer Institute and Marketing Science Institute award for effective health-related communications. [more]


Professor Andrew King

Andrew A. King is professor of business administration at the Tuck School of Business. His research investigates how firms find innovative ways to protect the environment.  A recipient of many honors for his research and teaching, he also helped found several research programs and associations.  He now acts as the Chairman of the Board for the Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability.  [more]

Professor Anant Sundaram

Anant Sundaram is a visiting professor of business administration at Tuck, where he teaches two second-year electives: one titled Business and Climate Change (see syllabus), and the other, Corporate Valuation. His newest research estimates exposure of a company's market returns to changes in fossil-fuel prices. The fossil-fuel beta — or FFβ™ — developed for CFO magazine, with support from the Allwin Initiative, is a new benchmark that zeroes in on a pivotal question: To what degree do corporate policies and hedging strategies help decouple a firm's market returns from fossil-fuel price changes? [Read the CFO article] Another major focus of his research is on corporate governance and corporate objectives, in particular, their relationship to shareholder and stakeholder interests. [Read the Financial Times article] He received an MBA from IIM-Bangalore and a PhD from Yale. [more]