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Research Travel Program

An opportunity for students to experience meaningful, hands on research for their environmental or socially focused First Year Project (FYP) or independent study.


Tuck Global Consultancy: Enhancing Czech Civil Society

The Vaclav Havel library named for the former Czech president was one of the client organizations involved with the Tuck Global Consultancy in Prague. A team of 7 second-years and Allwin Initiative executive director, Pat Palmiotto, spent 3 weeks in the Czech Republic to gather data and provide recommendations on a wide range of complex philanthropic and organizational challenges aimed at rebuilding open dialogue which had been suppressed for decades under Communist rule. The team was tasked with how to efficiently provide financial and advisory services to support and drive excellence in a number of donor funded Czech NGOs. Culminating in a 90 page report and slide overview, the team will refine the final presentation during winter term and reflect on learnings they gleaned from this immersion experience using business knowledge to create a positive impact on Czech society.


Tuck Global Consultancy Project: Engaging the Community in Historic Preservation

The Sustainable Preservation Institute (SPI), a New York based nonprofit organization, asked Tuck to conduct a feasibility study and create a potential entry strategy into the country of Jordan. SPI's goal is to preserve important, historic archeological sites using economic incentives. If a local community can benefit through jobs and tourist income from a nearby site, it is more likely to protect it and not use it for other purposes (such as a soccer field—which we saw at one of the sites we visited). The Tuck team of 7 students and Professor John Vogel examined 35 archeological sites and conducted interviews with tour operators, NGOs, public officials, and tourists. The team ranked the sites via a newly created scorecard and recommended which ones SPI should pursue.


Tuck Students Attend National Net Impact Conference

Twenty five Tuck Net Impact chapter students attended the national Net Impact conference in Portland, Oregon. They spent an afternoon on a special Nike tour and talk by company officials on their corporate responsibility practices.