Business & Society Conference


Curt Welling T'77 delivered the Halpern Lecture on Ethics and Social Responsbility


Issues such as climate change, the depletion of natural resources, the impact of economic growth, and the ethical behavior of organizational leaders are frequently debated issues and the focus of recent conferences hosted by the Allwin Initiative.

Business & Society Conference

The Initiative supports the annual student-led Business & Society Conference, one of the largest Tuck conferences. Students develop the theme and bring together an array of corporate leaders, industry experts, and academic scholars to explore current practices and future opportunities as businesses engage in vexing global challenges.

The tenth annual conference was held in February 2012 with the title, Trading off: Impactful Business Strategy in Uncertain Times. Students blogged from the conference. Here's the link. Highlights of the 2012 conference included:  the Design Thinking Workshop facilitated by Andrew Waldeck T'04, partner at Innosight, and the Corporate Strategy and Social Impact Talk given by Greg Hills T'00, managing director of the consulting firm FSG.

2012 Conference website

Prior years’ themes include “Oil & Water” (2008), “Is Capitalism Sustainable” (2009), and "Building a New Model: Resource Constraints on the Path to Prosperity" (2010), add  Can We Innovate Our Way Out? The collective role of the public and private sectors in driving long-term growth (2011).

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Halpern Lecture

The annual Ariel Halpern Lecture on ethics and social responsibility is a speech by a prominent leader about the significant ways in which business knowledge and skills can be used for positive social benefit.

The May '10 speech was given by Curt Welling T'77, President and CEO of AmeriCares. He spoke about the "sea change in the nature of the relationship between society and business." He emphasized that CSR isn't separate from good performance and that all types of companies are talking about their CSR activities now. An audio excerpt of his talk is linked to the Knowledge Center - Executive Voices here.