Paul Ligon T'03 recently spoke at a Business & Society Conference. As a student, he co-founded this student-led conference.

Shruti Sehra T'06, during her Tuck GIVES internship in the country of Georgia. She worked with the National Bank of Georgia's management team to optimize the organization's structure. She also enjoyed learning about the culture. Shruti is now a partner with New Profit, Inc.


Tuck alums are active in a wide variety of socially-focused and environmental fields.

Ann Waterman Roy T’05 is Director of Capital and Strategic Planning for the Boston Public School System.

Paul Ligon T'03 was a senior scientist at the Tellus Institute prior to entering Tuck. As a second year student, he co-founded the student-led conference that is now the Business & Society Conference. He worked for Waste Management and was part of the formation of Recyclebank.

Shruti Sehra T’06, partner with New Profit, held Tuck GIVES internships over 2 consecutive summers as she graduated from Tuck, then completed a Masters of Public Administration in a dual-degree program. While at Tuck, she was active in the Business & Society Conference and, as an independent study, analyzed the delivery of medical care for a clinic in the Mexican state of Chiapas.

Members of the Allwin Initiative Advisory Board are directly engaged in socially and environmentally-focused careers.  Among those are Robert A. Searle T’96 (Partner, Bridgespan Group), Sue Dahling Sullivan T’89 (Chief Strategic Officer, Citi Performing Arts Center in Boston), Steve Voigt T’86 (President and CEO, King Arthur Flour, an ESOP and B-Corporation) and Myla Taylor Williams T’80 (Country Program Coordinator for Vietnam, World Bank).

Other alumni in socially-focused careers are Greg Hills T’00 (Managing Director, FSG); Gretchen Wallace T'01 (Founder & President, Global Grassroots); Amy Houston T’97 (Director, Robin Hood Foundation); Debbie Warner Brooks T’86 (Co-Founder and Executive Vice Chairman, Michael J. Fox Foundation); Don Clark T'73 (retired Mission Director, USAID/Nepal); Curt Welling T'77 (President and CEO, AmeriCares); and William White T’60 (President of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation).