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Blitzes, Texting, and Facebook

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  Social Media and the Dartmouth Experience

Social media is exploding in popularity among both professionals and students. Mike Lewis '11 questioned how it was changing life at Dartmouth. Working with Tuck Professor M. Eric Johnson, Lewis researched the role information technologies have played in reshaping the Dartmouth experience, changing the way students engage both socially and academically.

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Blitzes, Texting, and Facebook:
How Information Technologies Have Reshaped the Dartmouth Experience

For centuries after its establishment in 1769, the undergraduate experience at Dartmouth remained unchanged within the tight-knit community of its rural New Hampshire campus. But the emergence of information technologies such as the college e-mail system BlitzMail, mobile devices such as iPhones and BlackBerrys, and collaborative internet communities such as Facebook have reshaped both the academic and social experience at the College.

In "Blitzes, Texting, and Facebook: How Information Technologies Have Reshaped the Dartmouth Experience", Mike Lewis '11, under the guidance of Tuck Professor M. Eric Johnson, analyzes the the extent to which these innovations have changed the way students and faculty interact by comparing the lifestyles and routines of undergraduates today to their counterparts who experienced Dartmouth from the past five decades. To further illustrate this contrast, Lewis documents an attempt by two undergraduate students to go five consecutive days without accessing their mobile devices or the internet. The challenges and conflicts that arise for these students depict how integrated these information technologies are within today's Dartmouth experience.